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Webcam Beauty Tips: How to Look Great Online

Whether you’re Skyping with friends or family overseas, having “deep and meaningfuls” with LonelyBoy15, or having important business conference calls… there is no escaping the webcam! And while the quality of webcams have definitely gotten better over the years, there is no denying that they can still make us look like total crap – no thanks to their unflattering angles and really bad lightning, especially at night.

Case in point, my photo above: what I look like at 2am, not following any of the tips I’m about to write. My makeup, I thought, looked fine in person. But online? Eh. Here are some makeup tips to look somewhat presentable on screen with those unforgiving webcams:


Skip the skin illumintors and highlighters for now!

1. Go matte. Shimmery shadows, dewy foundations, highlighters – this will all amplify online and make you look tres oily. Just wear your usual foundation and concealers but don’t forget a dust of loose powder on top to keep all the oiliness at bay.

2. Skip the blush. Bronzers will warm up the skin and, like in real life, make you look a bit more warm and healthy. Peach blush works fine too, but try to skip on the pink and coral blushes that can make you appear really red and blotchy onscreen. Also, make sure to pick the right bronzer as a lot of them can make you turn orange. Some great ones I love is Benefit’s Hoola, Bobbi Browns and any bronzer from MAC.

3. Add Some Color. That being said, if you’re not a fan of bronzer, just make sure to add some color on your cheeks so you don’t look completely washed out like I do above. Also make sure to have some kind of color on your lips – even if it’s a swipe of tinted lip balm – so your lips don’t disappears and look like it melted into your face. My favorite tinted lipbalm are the cult favorites Chubby Sticks by Clinique.

4. Don’t forget the brows. It’s weird, but one of the number 1 things that disappear on camera are your eyebrows! Since the hairs on your brows are so thin, the harsh lightning tend to “blow them out” and make them disappear. So remember to frame your face and fill your eyebrows in.

5. Get some lighting. Lightning is crucial. In the day, sit near a window, but don’t face towards it as it will be too bright. At night, move your desk lamp behind your laptop, slightly facing you but not all the way. Make sure you’re not back lit, or light from underneath and look like you’re in a horror movie!

6. Work those angles. Most webcams have a wide angle lens so don’t get too close – because the closer your face is to the camera, the bigger your face looks, especially the center of your face… and what is in the center? Your nose! Nobody wants their nose to look bigger than it is, right? Also make sure you don’t look down on to your camera, because hello double chin! Make sure your laptop is either at eye level to you (stack it on a few books) or slightly higher than you; always look straight into the camera.

7. Keep it natural. And lastly, for important business conference calls, keep the makeup natural. Any smokey eyes will amplify onscreen, looking even more darker and dramatic than in person. Remember; the focus should be on what you;re talking about, not your makeup! You don’t want to appear onscreen and everyone going WHOA (in a bad way).

Et voila! Those are my personal tips for looking your best online, and those dodgy webcams. I know some of them might be “controversial”, so the two main things I would take from this is to get good lightning that is lit beside your laptop/computer screen. Do you have any other tips? I’d love to hear!

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  • Ronja August 2, 2013, 4:07 pm

    I´ll be moving to Italy soon, so this is just what I needed. :D


  • Mabel August 3, 2013, 2:13 pm

    Thanks for these tips,Renee. Just the other day, my girlfriend asked if my nose has gotten bigger! So rude! I just didn’t put on my contacts and peered too close to the webcam.

  • Kiss & Make-up August 3, 2013, 10:56 pm

    I never really thought about this, this is great! :-)

  • Jessica August 3, 2013, 10:56 pm

    Haha! I Skype regularly with my mom and she always likes to make comments on my appearance over the webcam. Having these tips at hand will help. Thank you :)

  • Mei Lee August 4, 2013, 9:07 am

    These are very helpful tips, thanks.

  • Defense Soap August 7, 2013, 1:28 pm

    Wow! Its really of great help!. My friend mostly asked me to chat on webcam, but just because of my appearance on it I used to avoid it. But now I will try your tips, hope it will help me out. Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Renee August 9, 2013, 7:06 pm

    Hey everyone, thanks for your comments! I’m really glad you like the post. :)

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