Using Baby “Beauty” Products – Crazy or Cool?

Have you ever touched a newborn baby’s skin? My goodness, you must.

My cousin had a son over a month ago (Gareth we love you!!!) and recently at my other cousin’s wedding, I met him and I couldn’t stop stroking his cheeks because they were so ridiculously soft. And he has NO PORES. For real. Why are babies so perfect?!

Anyway, I recently read that Leighton Meester’s makeup artist, Amy Tagliamonti, knows the highly-coveted baby-skin and uses Mustela’s Hydra-Bébé Body Lotion on the star on the set of Gossip Girl. She says Leighton loves the way it makes her skin glow and smell baby fresh, not to mention it makes her skin ridiculously baby soft.

It also reminded me that last week, before meeting a friend, I was bumming around at an organic shop and was mesmerized at the baby “beauty” section (which were pretty much all bath and body products). I asked if adults can use baby products, and the owner of the store said of course, that many women use baby products. I had no idea!

That has got me wondering… do you use baby products? I use baby oil sometimes, does that count? I can imagine using baby products would be great for those with sensitive skin, as we’ve been discussing recently!

P.S. Can you guess who that bald baby is? :D

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  1. I use baby oil, baby shampoo and baby powder. At 17, I’m still such a baby!!!!! Is that you with no hair, Renee? Soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh wow Britney that’s a lot! Come to think of it I used to use baby powder as well, haha!

      Yes that’s me with no hair HAHHA :-P

  2. I totally do! I really like Johnson’s Softwashes, they are super creamy which makes them great for shaving and the calming one in particular smells lovely; their Head-to-Toe Wash is a staple when I am on the road because it can be used on both hair and body. Another one I love is the Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash. I also use baby powder instead of dry shampoo und baby oil as a body moisturizer – I make sure to use one that is made of natural ingredients though (again, Weleda make a really nice one) because most baby oils contain cheap mineral oil that does nothing for dry skin.

    • Hey Anna-Sophie, you guys are all so great! A few of you have been talking about mineral oil in baby products, thanks for informing me! :) Weleda sounds really great, I suppose it’s the brand. Johnson&Johnson seems to be the main culprit for “chemicals” – and after they ruined my eyes (from their contact lenses) I think it’s safe to say I will never be using them for my baby (in the waaaay future haha!) xx

  3. I use baby products when my skin gets super sensitive during the change of seasons.

    Oh my gosh! Look at those eyelashes!

    • Ah yeah, I can imagine the change of seasons! here in Singapore it’s: rain or shine haha. And yeah… it seems all the “hair” went to my eyelashes and not on my head LOL!

  4. i use baby wipes to remove makeup. nivea has a pura and natural one that doesn’t have any perfume, alcohol or parabens it it (i use it with olive oil). baby products are gentle which would be perfect to use esp if you have sensitive skin. :) plus they smell fresh and baby-ish!

  5. hi renee, i use weleda’s calendula baby body cream for my body, it says it is recommended for baby and sensitive skins (like mine) and i love it!creamy and delicate scented. I would not recommend you to use the jhonson baby oil though. Have a look at the ingredients: it contains nothing other than mineral oil (petrolatum) and parfum, it makes a greasy layer over the skin without moisturizing it at all and it can makes you break out. Some so called baby product still contain chemicals so i recommend to check out the ingredients of all the product we use, if not for the sake of our skin at least for our money’s sake!lots of companies sell products with really high prices and then you read the inci and what do they contains? chemicals and a tiny amounts of the working ingredients. Disclaimer: i’m a make up and beauty lover and i really tryed a lot of products…if your skin doesn’t have major problems maybe you haven’t faced big problems but my skin is very sensitive and i am very picky at what i eat and put on my face!other than that, your blog is lovely:)

    • Thanks so much Valentina for the info and for reading! :) Yeah, baby oil is so freaking greasy, I hate it! I only use it sometimes for my feet ’cause it’s so dry (and cause my mom has a bottle on her dressing table, sometimes I just steal it haha). But I’ll tell her.

      Yeah! Roxanne mentioned below too about all the chemicals in baby products… that’s so stupid! Why would they though?! Organic and natural must be best for babies then. I’ll keep that in mind if that day ever comes LOL! :)

  6. Well, Leightons skin is flawless! Sometimes I use baby shampoo if my hair needs something gentle after some seriously damaging styling!

  7. I use Aquaphor gental wash and shampoo by Eucerin on my face. I have for over a year. I have combination skin. Oily/Dry/Sensitive. There is nothing that has helped me more. Even with weather changes (I live in Ohio) my skin remains as perfect as can be all year around. It is fragrance free so it doesn’t brake my face out and is full of chamomile and B5. Plus it’s tear free so it’s great for removing eye makeup. I’m a new mother. And I have cursed my poor Anna with sensitive skin so I have been using Aquaphor on her face and hair and her cradle cap and baby acne are completely gone!

    • Awww, congrats on your baby. <3 What wonderful news! I like fragrance free products too, I think that’s one of the best “features” a product can have. Aquaphor sounds amazing, I have heard lots of great things about it, but we do not have the brand here in Asia. :(

  8. No, not really. I’d rather use Lush, LOL! By the way, did you know babies are extremely susceptible up till 10 days of age? Their skin is basically SUPERclean when they’re born and then us, adults, come in and ruin it with hugs. Maybe if my Mom didn’t love me so much I would have had perfect skin, damn you, Mom ;-)

    But I don’t really approve of a lot of baby products because they still contain perfume, mineral oil, etc. People seem to think they’re harmless because it’s “meant” for babies or children. (For example, the shampoos that don’t irritate your eyes actually have chemicals PUT IN to assure no itchiness, red eyes, etc. How weird is that?) Mineral oil makes me break out like hella, so I’d rather skip!

    • Hahah omg! Yeah, children have perfect skin as well. My OTHER cousin (I have a lot of cousins haha) came over yesterday with her 3 year old son and his skin is flawless… damn! Hahahah!

      Oh gross… you are right now that I think about it. That is awful. Yeah, I suppose it’s even worse – all drugstore products are made with all sorts of chemicals. I think natural/organic would be the best for babies.

  9. I did use a baby moisturising lotion a wee while ago, and it was great! Smelt really nice, felt great putting on against the skin! Too bad I was allergic to some of their ingredients :/

    • Oh wow, I would’ve thought baby moisturizer would be completely allergy free :O Sorry to hear that :(

      And I agree with the smell! Something about baby products just smell so lovely…

  10. I totally do- not baby oil though. The biggest one I can think of- I use a “Baby Badger Balm” to heal my tattoos. Works well every time. (:

    • Awww tattoos!!! What tattoos do you have? :)

      • I have four. One is a line from my favorite poem that’s just below my bra, one is a Totoro on my shoulder blade, number three is a heart-shaped design from Scotland called a Luckenbooth, and number four is the letters “LHOOQ” on my lower back, which is an art history reference. :D They’re all fairly small though, so nothing was too horrifically painful.

  11. Aw is that you?! Cute :D

    It makes sense though, I don’t really use any baby products besides oil and sometimes powder. But I’ve heard of a few people using this too since the ingredients (depending on which products I supposed) aren’t supposed to be as harsh because they’re intended for precious little babies..hmm I’m going to have to look into this now haha.

  12. i think it’s a great idea! especially because baby products have hardly any chemicals in them and would be very forgiving on our skin unlike all the other products we use!

  13. Oh, Renee! Your eyelashes – so lush! My friend (male) has eyelashes that are SOOOO perfect they make me weep. If only I could transfer his eyelashes onto mine… Joking, but yours are just perfect. :)
    You know how much I love Sudocrem for spots – it’s utterly brilliant. Definitely my holy grail spot treatment, especially for dry skin.
    Another thing I adore is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – I don’t actually use conditioner or blowdry anymore, only that. It just makes my hair feel so silky and soft; all my friends commented on how my hair is so shiny as well – what a plus! It doesn’t strip my hair of oils, so it doesn’t need replenishing with conditioner. I have Asian straight hair – not REALLY straight, just straight with a few slight waves that frame the face (it sounds a lot nicer than it actually is, I swear) and before I used to have a problem with those little face-framing bits of hair, they’d always flick out rather than in and do their own thing which was so frustrating. NOW though – it just does what I want it to – HUZZAH! I have a theory that it’s because my hair doesn’t have conditioner to weigh it down, so it’s a lot easier to dry naturally. It also decreases the showering time by about 10 minutes – 10 more minutes to sleep or not to be late in!

  14. I used baby lotion and baby wash- the ones from Bud’s with the blue label. I think they’re pretty good for sensitive skin! But I’m generally quite picky, I don’t really like the scents of conventional baby products (Too “powdery”) so Bud’s were the only ones I used, but they ran out too fast :(

  15. I have sworn by Johnsons baby oil & baby gel & their colonges …the baby oil is my solve-it-all- must have product ..i use it to condition my hair before i wash it , my skin after a facial , on my legs after a shave , on my eyes at night , on my body , as a make -up remover – it really removes evvvverything and doesnt have any weird side effects on ur skin !! pimples- use the prickly heat baby powder on them . If the oil is too greasy for you , the gel’s great and there are scented versions too ! Heavily treated hair – the shampoo is great !

  16. I use A&D ointment on my face as a night cream. It’s usually used for diaper rash. It also prevent me from getting pimples which is a plus!

  17. my mom has told me countless times about this. and i agree. it’s amazing to use.
    some people use nappy rash creams on their face…gets rid of pimples.
    i guess baby products really are the best to use.

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