Two-Toned Hair Color – Crazy or Cool?

What are your thoughts on two toned hair color? I’m highly jealous of Kristen Stewart’s peek-a-boo black hair underneath her brown – I sported this exact look for awhile in high school but it did not look nowhere as cool as Kristen’s. The other – more obvious two-tone I’m not a fan of though. At least not right now.

What do you think?

28 responses to “Two-Toned Hair Color – Crazy or Cool?

  1. I agree with you! Kristen’s hair looks great but I don’t think the other two styles are flattering at all…

  2. I agree on Kristen’s hair also. It’s subtle and flattering. The other two look completely unflattering and immature. Their ends also look fried. Not cute.

  3. Yeah it doesn’t look too flattering, does it? Kinda looks like it was done by accident :-P Oh well, I am still eyeing Kristen’s color even more now, the 16 year old in me is highly jealous! :-P

  4. I like Kristen’s, because it’s subtle. But the blonde/black combo is a little harsh, in my opinion. I remember trying out Christina’s blonde/red/black situation in Junior High. I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

  5. Traaashhyyyyy. I never really saw the whole appeal of Kristin Stewart’s hair in general. It always looks like she didn’t wash it and was too lazy to do anything about it. Her hair looks more like low lights and highlights though now, so it’s not as bad as the two others’.

    • Yeah not as bad as the others, though I really like it. I think the other two looks weird too, but Christina’s whole ensemble there looks a little trashy to me too :(

  6. I like Kristen’s two-tone do. Maybe because the shade’s aren’t so striking and contrasting? As for Drew, I saw her on the new Jay Leno show and it actually looks cute and quirky WHEN it’s styled. That pic looks like her hair’s wind-blown hehe :)

  7. It seems awful to me :/ I’m two-toned right now but not of my free will. I can’t wait till my hair is back to normal ^^

  8. I like Kristen’s hair, it’s subtle and beautiful. But the other two look awful!

  9. I had a friend that dyed her hair in platinum blonde and black and the combination was awesome, but I must admit she went to a professional hair stylist and she was gorgeous. Not everyone looks great when they are mixing colors :D. I’m a natural blonde, I never dyed my hair so….what do I know:)

  10. I think it looks funny. Not my cup of tea.

  11. I LOVE Kristens Hair!!!!
    but Drews yak :0

  12. I LOVE kristen’s two toned hair, so much that i got it done haha. i get load of compliments! i dont like drew and christnas hair though too crazy for me.

  13. I really like Kirsten’s do, it’s very subtle, almost beachy looking. I quite like Drew’s as well, but that may be because I like her so much.
    I really think this comes down to personality. Drew has the attitude to pull off this look- in that photo in particular she looks like she’s almost daring you to make fun of her. But Christina (or Xtina, as she was when she had that hair- anyone else feel old for remembering that?) always seemed to be trying a bit too hard to shock people.

  14. I have two tone hair but it looks way better than Drew’s. Mine is bleached blonde on top and light black underneath. I love it because it’s become “my thing.”

    • Totally agree with Emy, I have the bleached top/almost black underneath & I still get compliments about my hair almost every week. I think the secret with this colour combination is the cut itself, if it’s styled well with long layers at the back – it looks fantastic & adds another dimension that is lacking in a monotone colour.

  15. When I was in my early 20’s I would do blood red on top and black underneath. It was fun but kinda took a while to do and I fried my hair a lot because of it.

  16. OMG! this is crazily cool esp Kirsten’s. I wish I could have a two tone color like that!!!!!

  17. The hair is funky in both matters, in fact I am making my hair two tone tonight but not too horrendous, like alexa chung. I was interested to see what brands people thought would be good to dye my hair the ‘two tone look’, I have dark brown hair and have warm skin so what colour would be good? Thanks Izzie.

  18. Kirsten’s hair is so original…!

  19. i had mine done like kristens a year ago, it was fabulous and i loved it, of course after a while it looked ergh coz my hair does thAt but i would love to grow it all out again and do the same thing

  20. I love this when the roots are different ;-) x

  21. Drew’s hair looks terrible :c

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