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The Best Type of Bangs for Your Face Shape

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Bangs, without a doubt, have come back with quite the vengeance these two years! Regardless if it’s ‘in fashion’ or not, bangs are a great way to change your look without getting too drastic.

The trick with bangs though, is that they are such a statement piece, it’s vital to get the right kind – and it all depends on your face shape, says famed hairstylist Antonio Prieto.

Antonio Prieto has very kindly gave us all tips on choosing the best bang for your face shape, here they are:

  • Oblong: With long and narrow faces, the object is to always make the face look wider. This means creating more width and volume at the side of the face. A longer, side-swept bang is perfect for your face shape. Be careful about the length of the bang though, because that also makes a difference. In fact, the length of this type of bang is the most important factor, says the stylist. Make sure your bangs fall on or near your cheekbone.
  • Triangle: Bangs are a great idea for this face shape, as this face shape consists of a narrow forehead and a wider jawline. Bangs create width on the forehead to balance out this face shape. Try any type of bang you want!
  • Round: Unfortunately those with round faces will not suit bangs – it’s best to avoid them, as they just draw more attention to the fullness of the face. When round face shapes get bangs, the eye will see less face and will be cut off to show a shorter, fuller, rounder face.
  • Diamond: This face shape is basically a more angular oval face shape. A short, side swept bang works well on this face shape to soften up the angular areas. The length for the bang doesn’t matter; though don’t keep it too long!
  • Heart: Heart face shapes consists of a narrow chin and a wide forehead. Because bangs create width in the forehead area, it is quite tough as this face shape already has width. As long as the bang is cut narrow and doesn’t past the outside the eye (meaning it’s kept to the center of the forehead), bangs can look beautiful with this face shape.
  • Oval: And as always – oval face shapes are considered the ‘ideal’ face shape, so lucky you, you suit anything!

Set on having bangs? Whether it’s pixie, blunt, side-swept or choppy, take a picture to your hairstylist when asking for bangs – describing them won’t suffice, visuals are everything with stylists. And don’t ever try cutting your own bangs. I speak from experience when I say they always end up horrible and the growing out period is long and painful. (If you do get bangs and they go wrong, check out my post, How to Grow Out Your Bangs.)

What do you think of the stylists’ tips? Do you have bangs? What type do you have, and do you feel it suits your face shape? I’d love to hear all your stories. Personally I have tried many times but I find bangs just don’t suit me.

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