Tame Messy Brows, the Easy, Inexpensive Way

Another week, another beauty tip. ;) This week: tame messy, unruly eyebrows with items you already have somewhere in your beauty closet! Brow gels are great, but most of them are just brands that slap on their name, pretty packaging and mark up the price by about 400%… it’s way too expensive if you just need a quick fix now and again in between brow tweezing sessions.

For this quick fix, grab a toothbrush and some hairspray. Next, hold your hairspray about a foot away from the toothbrush and spray the bristles of the toothbrush. Then run the toothbrush up and across your brows to secure that all hair is in place. Voila, groomed brows!

(Oh yes, and this goes without saying, but use a separate toothbrush, not the one you use in your mouth everyday. Do not ever put a toothbrush full of hairspray in your mouth!)

What do you think – have you ever tried this beauty tip? It’s one of the more ‘famous’ ones!

14 responses to “Tame Messy Brows, the Easy, Inexpensive Way

  1. vaseline works great too

  2. I think that big eye brows are cute and a little edgey!! (srryy cant spell) but if you out to much hairspary on yur eye brows they can fall out! agh

  3. I use rosebud salve for my eyebrows, but sometimes that means when they get bumped they stay in the messy place! I’ll def try this, but with my eyebrow brush because I don’t have an extra toothbrush.

  4. yup this works allright…i have been doing this since forever…instead of a tooth brush i just use my brow brush…once i dint have hair spray and i dabbed it in a bit of mousse and it was the same like hairspray. stayed in place :D

    • Oh wow, that’s cool! And yep, I suppose a sample mascara brush would work well too! Why didn’t I think of the other options, haha… time to edit, maybe!

  5. hey also i wanted to ask, have you seen anna sui’s makeup collection? and what do you think of it?

    • Hey Dip!

      Oh those look really good… I’ve never tried any Anna Sui products though, so unfortunately I can’t say too much. Ask for a sample, maybe? I know London deparrment stores are very generous with samples! Unlike Singapore, cough cough!

  6. woah! this is cool !!! i should try it! i’ve got such messy brows!

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