Shaving one side of your head – Crazy or cool?

half shaved head

I love a good hair trend. The crazier the better! However – I’m a total coward and I’d rather look at the wild looks than sport it on myself.

Nevertheless, as much as I love crazy do’s, (remember we spoke previously about two toned hair color that I loved?) I did spot a new trend that I’m a little shocked at – shaving one side of your head. Kudos to the ladies above who dare to try out this wild style, but talk about commitment… I can only imagine that a truckload of extensions for a few years would do if these girls decide to grow their hair out.

What do you think about shaving one side of your head – cool or crazy? Like I said; as much as I love crazy styles, this may just be too crazy for my taste – only because I pity the grow-out time.

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  1. i love this look, its gives a much edgier look to a girly face. i shaved half my head once, and loved it, but i kept it shaved for a long time which was a lot of maintenance. and now im growing it out and i’m so impatient, so i kinda regret it, haha.

  2. Three words: Do Not Want.

  3. Not cute! It seems more like a cry for attention than an actual style. Definitely a don’t.

  4. I don’t like it, it looks a bit mannish I think ^-^

    • That’s sad… I’m doing it… as a tribute to all the women who had no choice but to loose all their hair undergoing chemotherapy… I’m not nearly as brave as some that shaved there whole head, but I will do some to show some support… reading all these comments make me glad I’m me and not conceded. I’m glad some do like it though.. rock on lady’s <3

  5. CRAZY! I think it’s edgy, and if you have the attitude to match, then work it, girl! However, I would never ever even consider it. I shudder to think about how unfierce growing that cut out would be. Eesh.

  6. Definitely punk, and definitely daring – not something I’m bold enough to try!
    These girls look fierce, but they’ll be stuck with that look for a while, it must take forever to grow back!

  7. Not cool for me :) It’s really not my style….people would look strange at me on the street :)

  8. love it!!! did it before and the hair rocked!!
    growing out isnt much of a pain. once it grows till about 1″, the hair usually stays flat (if u have straight or wavy hair) and still looks good and not too out of place when u tie a pony.
    and ever if u wanna cover up just let the hair down and nobody will know. shh!

    • I have had this style for 4 weeks now and guess what I love it an people love it an long as it love it I’m good and happy with GIRL I ROCK….

  9. I have my hair shaved on one side. I adore it . TBH somedays i wish i had my long hair back but then i just adore my hair ahah . mine grows back kinda quick. i’ve had it done for like a goos 4 months now and i keeo shaving itt. no more long hairr! :) dont know what style to go niext though! :) haha if i can go any style lmao

    • Girl you to ! I have been rocking this style now for about 4 weeks as well an I love it …It rocks! Long as you are happy with it that’s what matter right? Because Im surely happy with the new look it makes me feel sexy and she got that swag. Girls who shave one side of their hair no they are pretty. I no I can wear it well….. lol I have stars on my shave side fly………

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  11. I’m actually thinking of taking the electric razor to my head right now. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and it must finally be time!

    • Hairdressingboy says:

      Well jodie just get a guy to shave it off im 21 male hairdresser an i have number 1 all over long on top my hue is pastel purple i rock itjust go for it babe take care xo :)

  12. i have had it done and iam glad that i did it looks amazing xx

  13. I love this look very much! Like you do, I do not dare to go for it, but sometimes I feel like want too, but then I had a long thought and makes me to not proceed with it.

  14. Hi all, I had my hair shaved short on one side about four weeks ago and can say without doubt that it’s the best hairstyle I’ve ever had! It’s completely different from anything I’ve had done before, but it looks so trendy and is really easy to style. I’ve been approached by so many strangers in the street who tell me they love it too!!! I’m going to the hairdresser tomorrow to get it cut in again, and I think I’m going to go even shorter than I did the first time!

  15. I have recently had my hair shaved on one side & it is immense :). I don’t appreciate that Tammy z that it is a cry for attention ?? Why would you think that. Its stylish, easy 2 manage and always looks well no matter what. Mayb u r just a bit boring and havent got it in you to go a bit crazy with ur hair. Its only hair it grows back … Live a little !!! Cant wait until next time to get it a little shorter. Hats off to the girls who have got it done .. We know style haha

    • Wow. I am getting it done tomorrow and after reading the negative comments I was scared that people would think it is a cry for attention even though it’s not, just a latest style craze. So after reading the comment from Dd and all the others I am definitely encouraged but still scared!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeep. I will love it but I think there will be people out there that don’t, but if it looks good then I am sure they will just be jealous they dont have the guts to do it :p

      • Yep, Im in toooo.. myself and a frend were tempted to do it our selves…. but we have booked our appointment tomorrow. We think best to watch the professional first then we can handle it from then on !!! What do you girls think?

        • do it. not only does it look great but its got other benefits to it too. its very easy to manage, my hair is really thick so overall its easier to look after and drys really quickly when i wash it. there is also a sense of empowerment when you cut your long hair off. kind of a two fingers up at traditional standards of what feminate is. i have had both sides shaved (i went for 2/3 if you want to hide it at times such as at work this length is ideal) i have had both sides shaved and i have no regrets at all. best thing i did

  16. ahhh. godd, im getting this done tomorroww. i had my hair cut into a short pixie crop and it’s finally up to my shoulders so it’s definitley time to do it, im only shaving it a little past my ear though. wish me luck:D!

  17. Ddid this yesterday, still kinda scared since I will be the only one in my school sporing half one inch buzzed and half naturally curly bouncy hair.. What a mix :) the only issue I have with it is I have sortof a boyish look from a certain angle :p oh wells, it looks awesome.

    • I know you postedthis a long ass time ago! but I’ve been wanting to do this for YEARS. Honestly! I have naturally curly hair (not wave, i mean CURl) but i rock it ;) and i want to do this cut so bad but i’m worried about the grow out stage, what does your hair look like as it is growing back?? is it frizzy or easily hideable?

  18. johnagosbee says:

    I did this about 2 weeks ago. Just before school started. I was so scared too but im so so glad i did. I love it, &when i did mine, I shaved 2 lines into it (think of the 80’s).
    It’s my senior year in school and I think its a great way to go out with a bang.
    I love it!
    Im just waiting to see who else in my school will get the guts to do it too :]

  19. I completely adore this trend. It’s so edgy-cool. I thoroughly plan on doing it to myself, I just have to grow a pair of balls first.

    • Omg same! I really want to do this style, but I’m scared of it not working out for me… Plus, since it stands for edginess and what not, if I’m concerned of what other people think of me then that must mean I shouldn’t be able to do it haha…

  20. I LOVE this style i got my right side buzzed off just over a month ago, people stopped me at the bus stop and said it looked ‘gorgeous and it suited me well’ made my day ;)

    I think it is a brave style to go for, as other have said do what YOU want to do, not what others say or think, you only live once & its only hair it will grow back that is if you want it to ;)

    Big up to all the ladies with a side shave style xxx

  21. I love this style, but i don’t know if i shud do it! i really wanna, but i have curly hair and idk if it will look okay. any suggestions? =D

  22. Giselle C says:

    I adore the half shaved look, iv been thinking about doin it for soooooo long ima hair dresser and iv never had the guts to do it. Butttt my birthdays this Friday and u kno what fukkkk it I need n want sumthing new different, I just made an appointment for thursday night ima go do it , but it’ll be less then what cassie has in that top picture and with a design. My home girl has it done n when she flips her hair to the shaved side it covers it up. Ahhhh I’m so excited!

  23. Hi, I loveeeee the look.! I actually have an appointment tomorrow, and I wanted to know which side was best. I was thinking since I’am a “righty” that I should get it on my right side… idk?? Please answeerrr .. !! Thanks(:

    • Khae

      Ive got it on my right side, it feels fine, im a righty too. ;)

      good luck with your appointment, have fun and video it thats what i forgot to do for mine.

      Giselle C ive got curly hair too, it looks good coz we have so much volume it looks cool :)

  24. I think this look is right on with the current trends i.e. androgeny. It has the femininity of long hair but also the masculinity with the shaved side. I think Jethro caves shaved side is one of the best I’ve seen as he actually continues the shave on a sharp angle into the side of his fringe which gives a really edgy effect. I love this look on girls too, my friend had it a while ago and for those worried that you are stuck with the style, thats not true because you can just do a centre part or allow the hair to fall over and cover the shaved side. If you have reasonable thickness in your remaining hair it will look as if you never shaved it which is the best part. Kudos to those brave enough to attempt this sleek look.

  25. hey guys ^^
    my hair is long just above my waist I havent noticed hoe it got long coz i havenrt had much time to pay attention to it, but now on the 1st of jan I think its time for change Ima shave about 4cm above my ear not the whole side and maybe get a pattern into it as soon as I scrap some money YAAAY
    p.s i am doubting my decision, butI think im just gona get it done ^^

  26. I have a half shaved head, and I love it. I also have two toned hair, I’m blonde with brown underneath. People say that my look is “punk” although I do not catorgorize myself, I think it depends on if you have the guts to do it, but I love it alot although growing it out will be very unsetteling. I think you should do It if you want because I absolutley adore it. It’s a bit scary to do at first I almost cried because it’s suc a drastic look. And you don’t have to literally shave half, but I did. Some peiple just do a little patch in the front. I get lots of good compliments on it. My boyfriend shaved both sides, and when we walk together we probably look a bit like two looneys.

  27. I have naturally black hair, but have died it orange so it gradually fades into bright orange at the tips. My shaved part is black, and currently with a leopard print on it. Oh so pleased, and looks lovely, if I must say so myself ^_^
    If you’re feeling for a change, and consider yourself brave enough.. Then why not?!
    You only live once after all XD

    Love, Laugh & Chocolate<3

  28. I know this an old post but I had to include my 2 cents anyway…. I just recently shaved off one side (and the back of my head) and I love it, I just gotta figure out different styles to do other than curly or straight. I also feel like it brings out a lot of my features!!!

  29. Michiling001 says:

    Hmmm… Ive been thinkin of getting it. But ive been really afraid deciding cuz i wasnt sure i might like it wen i actually get it. But all these posts are encouraging :) i guess im going to go for it xD
    But i still have doubts. Ive seen different types of these.. There is one that is a square by the ear, other ones are longer along the ear or there is the really big one like the whole half of the head.

    I definately dont want the whole half cuz im scared for the big change. I want a little one, like long along the ear. Does anybody have a picture? i want to see please.
    N also what do i tell the haircutter person, will she/he know what im talkin about?

  30. Hey, I just wanted to say that I read this thing before I got my side shave last week. It really helped me decide to go for it. I went to a tattoo parlor that also has a hair stylist, they refused! Two guys, because my hair was “too nice” and I would “regret it”. So that was pretty discouraging, The tattoo guy called down the street to a hair salon and sent me there. It was all women except for the guy who did my shave. EVERYONE in the salon were gasping and freaking out. (I have longgggg barbie blonde, naturally straight hair) WHen he made the first cut I started crying and screaming, while my friend laughed and took pictures. Then as he finished the shaving part I fell it love. SO BADASS. All my guy friends who tried to talk me out of it now think it is super sexy. No one expected me to shave my head, and im so glad i went through with it. Im surprised how many guys are into it hahaha. Ive had lots of compliments and props to my bravery.
    its just hair, and you only live once!
    (wish i knew how to post a picture for you )

  31. Krishenkanovicha!!! says:

    Im doing it tonyt LOL!!!

  32. i’m thinking about shaving half my head after i graduate high school… my hair is semi-thick and wavy/curly, dirty blond. but my part is reaaaally to the side. should i shave half my head UNDER the main part of my hair? or on the side with the less hair?? i really want to shave the lesser half cause my face looks better on that side (haha) but idk if this is a good idea cause i wouldn’t be able to hide it as much as compared to the other side. advice?!

  33. I shaved both sides kept growing back quick was shaving it every 2 weeks everyone liked it I normally wear it over the right side rhianna style been a year still keep shaving cos it looked so cool- want to grow it out now – not that bad cos the hair in the top covers it so it looks like a posh bob can’t see the undercut so eventually one side will b like Frankie Saturdays – so always will be a cool style – cut it it’s hair it grows – I just can’t wait for it to grow cos my hair is curly so top straight and when sides start growing it waves… But it’s a style u can rock with anything -

  34. I still love this style but now im growing it back, my hair is curly so im lucky i can cover the growth up, its gonna take about 4 years to fully grow back which is a bit of a bummer, but i just gotta wait it out.

  35. Have it, and love it! Best thing I’ve ever done. <3

  36. Angelica says:

    I went for a different approach, I shaved the right side, not as large a portion, and incur it short in the back and on he left to skip up and left the front part long over my right eye. And I absolutely LOVE it! Im 17, I figure I should do it while instill have the guts.

  37. don’t do this if you aren’t a badass. for every guy i meet who thinks I’ve got to be gay or an asshole for this hairstyle, there are a handful more who think it’s awesome. color the shaved side to make it pop! I dyed mine turquoise for a long ass time. My hair was only to my ears so there was minimal mental scarring. fuck long blonde hair that shit’s boring.

  38. Emmag4565 says:

    I have had half of my head shaved and I would not recommend it. Before I had very long hair in a middle parting and absoulutley loved it. I shaved half my hair and cut it shorter because I got bored. And now I have to have my hair shaved all the time like once a week, and I cant just tie it up because it looks stupid. I really want to grow it out but am training to be a hairdresser and will not find it ideal to be working in a salon and having hair that looks a mess. Bad idea dont do it!

  39. I have mine shaved and designed on one side and people go absolutely nuts when they see it. I get constant compliments everywhere that I go! By far the best style I’ve ever had.

  40. I think it looks absolutely disgusting! I’m a 14 year old boy in high school and so many girls at my school have started doing this. They look so horrible!

    Some girls that I used to think were so beautiful have done this and now they just look unbelievably ugly! I love the look of a girl with long, flowing, natural coloured hair. If i put my fingers over the shaved side of the darker skinned woman’s head in the picture at the top of this page she looks so pretty. Then I remove my fingers and she looks gross!

    So many of my friends agree with me too. They all say that they either look horrible and they look like ugly lesbians.

    • Kevinski says:

      I agree. I was guessing that it was advertisement for either the girl being bisexual or lesbian, since why would any man think that look is sexy? It was probably all started by an accident when removing damage after hair extensions. F. U. G. L. Y.

      • ^ Yeah because the only important thing in life is to try and look attractive for guys lmao, so glad most 14 year olds eventually grow up into adults with expanded minds.

  41. Honestly ,
    people are stupid and think its ugly because they dont have the balls to think outside of the ordinary
    most of the pople love it (:
    i know i look good .
    they just need to get a life and get outta mine i lovee it !
    So if you want it go ahead


  43. i have short hair probably upto like the top of my shoulders ,my hair takes FOREVER to grow and its super curly ,but im DYING to do this cute however im super nervous and so many people are telling me to just let it grow long but i simply adore this(and the women who did this:thumbs up!)
    so im deciding if i should or not… i dont want no negative feedbacks and regret it … if i do this im going saturday so HELP :|

  44. Andreea says:

    I love this trend. I Just did my hair right now, I took it a step further and shaved the other side too. So I am rocking a true mohawk, not a faux, but the real thing! I have the face and the bone structure to pull it off, I am not afraid of what other people think. I love it!! When I am ready to grow it out, I will transition into a pixie hair cut.

  45. i wudd so do it. dhiz hairstyle is for ppl wif major attitude and kan take on dha world. as yuu kan c wif dha women whu tried it. but lyk i wudd do dhiz kinda haircut and it aint dhat am skared its dhat am still under legal age so mha ma wont let me do it..

  46. chelsea says:

    ive had my hair shaved and i LOVE it.
    its so different and im getting loads of compliments to be honest. People are telling me to shave most my hair like picture1 but thats to extreme. im happy with my little bit and it following down around the back of my ear to my neck. its just so unique and vintage:’]

  47. It’s part cool alright, but mostly crazy. I mean as long as you’re into it, but it can take away a pretty girl look, I don’t mean girly, but I think it makes a girl look really mean and somewhat manly. And same with everybody else, the growing out part would most probably be dreadful of a wait, because I’m sure those who shaved it, regretted it, especially if they’ve got long, real hair to begin with.

  48. shuld i get this done or not?? … ??

    • Only do it if you are sure but let me tell you. Getting the buzzer on your head for the first time is an adrenaline rush!

      • I just got mine half shaved yesterday. OMG I was crying because I had been growing out my hair for years, so my hair is pretty long. Now I’m just going to let it grow out but its going to look weird considering that half it going to be long and the other is going to be short. My brother cut my hair and I loved it, but every now and then I will look at it and cry. I’m trying to pull this look off, since my hair is kinda thin, but the other good thing about it is that hopefully that side will grow thicker. I’m never cutting my hair again o_o

  49. I love this new trend, I prefer it on colored girls, but I am going to do it just cuz I can :)

  50. MissQuote says:

    I had shaved the left side of my head in January, and adore it. It’s a very versatile look – when you want to look edgy you part it so you can see the whole side, or if you want to be Gorky but still punk rock you can curl it and part it toward the middle. It looks neat when put up (side ponytails!) and it is easy to hide if you need to be fancy or have a family function or whatnot… just part the other way! If you are afraid to shave too close, just have your hairstylist start out with it short, then keep taking some off. You can always shave it down more later on your own. I am a natural ashy blond but dye my hair a bright red, and the shaved side looked awesome both natural and dyed. I am now in the process of growing the shaved side out, and it isn’t awkward, surprisingly… I just wet it and slick it down with gel or hairspray. Once the shaved side grows out considerably more, I plan on just having it blended with my other hair into an asymmetrical cut. My advice to anyone who is thinking of doing it – do it! You only live once!

  51. Caitlin says:

    I have been considering doing this for some time! I just need to be swayed one way or the other!

  52. Lesbian-looking

  53. attention-seeking hair style for the insecure.

    @ Jess
    You know the truth, your friend told you and you told yourself. Don’t try to justify it by saying all that other bullsh!t. You already know the truth:
    Quote you: “I started crying and screaming, while my friend laughed and took pictures.”

    • That’s funny…why would INSECURE people want ATTENTION-looking hair? People who are insecure wouldn’t do this. They would try to anything BUT this. I think it seems sexy and a lot of women who did it-kudos to them-have more balls then you’ll ever have to do something like this.

  54. I’ve always loved this looked and the same as you – I love to look at the crazy look but could never actually do it myself until now! I’ve booked an appt with my hair dresser and I’m going to JUST DO IT!!!!! I’m scared but what the hell hair is hair and life is lived once and if not why not!
    P.S but is it outdated or always in, do you think? What is in at the moment??

    • If you really want it, do it, or else you might regret it. But at the same time, the moment it becomes out of trend will be the same moment as when part of your head is shaved. That’s just what I think.

  55. victoria says:

    I did this last year, it’s incredibly easy to grow out, if you side part your hair on the other side (EVEN WHEN IT IS SHAVED) it is impossible to see that it is shaved. It is a looong grow out process the part that was shaved is now like about an inch and a half below my chin and I shaved it like a bit over a year ago.

  56. Radiant Sunset says:

    I did a search because Sasha, a contestant on SYTYCD, has her head partially shaved, as does choreographer Sonya Taye. I really hate the look. HATE it. I don’t understand why someone who can grow hair would want to do that to themselves. It makes me jump to the conclusion that they were in an accident and had to have their heads shaved for brain surgery because it’s just not a good look, not something someone would do on purpose to themselves. Sorry, but that’s my honest opinion.

    This blog was written 1-1/2 years ago, so the trend isn’t new, but it’s still being followed. :-p

    • victoria says:

      Plenty of cultures don’t understand what kind of make up we wear, our parents don’t understand piercings or tattoos half the time. You probably don’t get why women in other cultures wear neck rings, and some don’t get why women used to wear corsets to chance their body shape. You don’t have to get it at all, you’re entitled to your opinion, but be wary of other peoples self image when you explain why you don’t like it. That’s just my two cents.

  57. Sweet lol so I shaved half my head Ive had it for half a year it been bright red ginger purple and my natural hair colour, dark brown. I LOVE IT Im growing it out now, my hair grows fast so I dont regret it I loved it It made me stand out from the crowd I was the first one in my small town to do it n then all of a sudden everyone had it lol its really popular I need something NEWWWWW I love outragous and crazy things and I love the woman above that have done this and they look GREAT!

  58. Miranda Rae says:

    I’m getting it done in a couple of days, but I’m still not sure of some things. I only want about one inch above my ear, and I want a pattern shaved in it, maybe a star or a cute heart. But how far to the back of my head do I tell the lady to cut it? And my hair usually parts in the middle by itself, and I just go with it, so will it be hard to have my hair flip to the other side once I get half shaved? Thanks a billion!

    • you can do it so that it goes to just at the back of your ear, like before the hairline starts curving down OR you could do it so that it curves w/ your hairline and take it all the way down to the bottom. most people choose option #1 tho….. but i shaved mine al the way to about 2/3 of the way to the top of my head, so i can do a deep part and expose it all, or i can do a semi-deep side part and let about a 1/2 inch strip of hair to fall over it and let it peek through.
      ps- my middle name is Rae too! haha

  59. i love this look!! i’ve seen it a few times where i just didn’t think it suited that person, but, i love the look so much, on most people, that i did it myself. i started shaving mine about 2 months ago and, yeah, i have to keep trimming it, but it takes a bout 2 mins and it’s not a big bother for me. i can hide it pretty easily when i feel like it, but that’s rare because i love it so much! :D i think it might be a pain when i grow it out, but i’m thinking of cutting ALL of my hair pretty short so that it doesn’t look too weird when it gets a bit longer. i’ve never been one to worry about a style or color being to “risky” because, there’s usually SOME way to fix it if you don’t like it … and, if not, HAIR GROWS. ;)

  60. tikitiki01 says:

    honestly i love it
    ive had it done by my aunt in her beauty shop and was like you only live once
    nd that i would look really cute (i have super round face, lil chunky ish too -.-) so i went for it
    tho i got yelled at by my dad (he only likes long hair) it was amazing nd i loved it
    growing it out tho made it look really weird tho haha but im cutting it today again :]
    you only live young once
    so if i can do it with my round face nd pull it off, n e one can :]

  61. I’m so going for it!
    I’ve been wanting to do this sooo bad for well over a year. I did let it go for a little while though cuz my parents didn’t want me to. Now, I’m going into my senior year of high school and I don’t care what my parents think! Plus, I think it would be a great look to surprise my friends with to start out my last year. I’m so excited to do it! If I could, I would do it right now. But i’m probably gonna wait about a couple weeks after my senior portrait cuz I think I should at least give my parents my senior portrait with all of my hair. but after that picture is done..the hair is gone! Haha, I hope to have it before the first day of school on the 22nd. eeeek! So excited! I literally cannot wait :D

  62. Crazy Cool! I just recently cut off my butt-length hair into a pixie cut with one side shaven off. It is a major confidence booster and really easy to style. The main reason I shaved on side off because it was the side of my head that kept disobeying my every attempt to tame it. Some days I can just roll out of bed and sport a look that Rhianna just sported.

  63. WAYYYY to many girls have this. i mean at my school the first time i saw it on a girl..she was pretty and it suit her…but then one after another girls started doing this and it just looked like a attention seeking thing after. and eventually the girl who had it done grew her hair out now but girls are still doing it. idk its nice at first but after seeing it on many girls heads its like “what was unique about it again..?”

  64. Personally not a fan, but I did have a mohawk earlier this year and that is definitely harder to grow out. At least with this look you can put is all over to the side that you’re growing out, but with a short mo I just wore hats until about a month ago (I got it done in April)

  65. i am going to do this <3 i can't wait

  66. hi! i did this a few weeks ago not usually my style i have realy curly hair, love loved it at first but sorta regretin it now cos cnt do nank wiv it! fil lyk shavin ma head n strtin agen cos my hairs ruind from dyin it so much, wndrin if any1s dun this n will it take years 2 gro bak? n wil it come bk curly? duno how stupid il luk cos cnt wear a wig so stuck!!!! help!

    • well, that’s one way to do it. ;) yes, it will take years (tho how many depends on how fast your hair grows and how long you’re growing it back out to). it will probably come back curly because cutting/shaving your hair can’t change the texture of it, only time and hormones can do that, so, unless your hair decides to change in that time on it’s own, or has started to already, it will grow back the same texture it is now. the other option is to just let that part grow out a bit, then, when it gets an inch or 2 long, get your hair cut into a pixie cut…… in the meantime, you can just part your hair further over so you have some hair covering the patch. good luck and i’m sorry that you ended up not liking it. :/

  67. hi all. i am deciding to shave my side for a few days now, after searching for pictures and after reading most of the positive comments here, am going for it. my boyfriend will shave it today evening, or tomorrow. so excited!!!!!!!

  68. There is nothing sexier than a full head of hair on a woman and this look ruins it. Kudos to those brave enough to try it but for me, no thank you.

  69. I am only 14, nd I shaved a side of my head. At first i didnt like it tht much. Bt nw I love it more than evr, itz really different, nd it makes me look unique as well! Trust me if u r thinkng abt shaving it, DO IT! Ima get a design n it maybe nxt week, Im so excited! Bt tha only reason I cut it, is bcuz I knew it wuld grow back. I mean come on, itz only hair. Yes it may take a while 2 grow bakk, but I like it.. And thtz all tht matters!!!

  70. im a guy and have done this and i like it

  71. so, i’ve had mine shaved for a few months now and i’ve been wearing my hair over it a lot of the time (not that i don’t love it, just tired of it…. i need a change), so, to avoid the difficult grow-out phase, i’m thinking of just cutting my hair into more of a fauxhawk/mohawk deal. :D at least it should be easier to manage while growing out….. i can just gradually change the way i wear it and blend it as it grows out. :)

  72. Six words: Look At Me I Am Ugly

    Ladies, please don’t do this

  73. I have this style to and some of my friends have it to. But now what the fuck do i see!? Fucking RIHANNA with this style? Fucking hell man i am following a trend without knowing it! I’m gonna let my hair grow ASAP

  74. you only live once, if you want your hair cut get it. regret the things you do not the things you dont.

  75. This has definitely helped me decide whether to go balls to the wall or be boring…. I’m doing it this week FINALLY after long contemplating. Just how many of the above have said, you have to have TRUE SWAGGER to pull this off. People can hate on it if they’d like, everyone is entitled to their opinion…but for me, I think it’s fierce! And honestly I think it takes a REAL WOMAN, some real confidence in your sexuality & femininity to rock this badass steez…”the only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” with that said, I’m gonna rock this hair like it’s nobody’s business & cheers to everyone else doing the same. Jus Liv <3

  76. Really …want ….. to do it …. !!!
    I like things …. that … little amout … of people …would dare to do …!!!!!!!!!!!
    will get shaved … on Saturday …. and am really …excited …. just because … i have long curly …hair …..
    :-) and in my country … will be only 2 women having …this ….. wwwwwwwwwwwoohhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo

  77. I did the bottom half of my head and put a shooting star design in it. My hair was so long and I LOVE my hair but no one thought I would really do it so me and a friend went and got it done! I dont regret it at all. I didnt like it at first but its different and easily hidden.

  78. I love, love it!! I wish I had the guts to do it. I call it the “voices carry” hairstyle. Remember that video?? She was all dainty and then threw her hat off in the opera and she was rocking that awesome hairstyle. I would do it if I hadn’t already committed to my locs and growing my hair super long.

  79. I done mine about 7months ago now.. I got bored of my old hair so I cut it myself, Abit scared at the begining to be honest but after about a week I got used to it. DON’T shave it all the way down, leave about 2-3inches otherwise it won’t look right. It’s the new trend in my school, aha. It’s an amazing look but you’ve got to have the attitude an the confidence to rock it!
    GOOD LUCK! :3

  80. paige marie says:

    I shaved half if my hair off recently, and I loved it. It goes great with fitted caps and is really comfortable, I would suggest you put half of your hair to the side before you decide to do so though, because it might not go so well with your facial structure..

  81. I’ve done this before! c: Mine took about two weeks before it started to grow back enough :s then it just kinda stopped now I’m still waiting for the hair to grow back

  82. tiannnaaaa ! says:

    sooo, im 16 about to be 17 & i love this, there are a couple girls at my school that have it, and everyones hair is different. but i’m really considering it, but my mom wont let me. i think im going to just ask to get a hair cut, and have her drop me off, then me tell the lady, should i?! and if i do, whar kind of designs should i do? i was thinking stars or something, but that seems soo plain ! i wanna POP!! if im going to do it!

  83. i shaved my hair like this two months ago and i love it. Not to mention i have long wavy hair and yet im still amazingly pretty. For those of you with the negative comments your just jealous because we are women who are courageous, unique, beautiful and daring. And to those who want to try it Go For It and dont worry abt what people think they’re goin to hate rather your bald on both sides or have long hair like Rapunzel. Im 16 and everyone loves it <3

  84. Wow…amazed at all the ignorant comments on here. Firstly, a word to the menfolk: your opinion on a woman’ s hair does. Not. Matter. It’s incredibly arrogant to assume that women would only have their hair in such a style as to make them attractive to men. Women cut or do not cut their hair for all sorts of reasons- for personal expression, because it fits their lifestyle, because it suits their personal style, because they want to be part of a particular scene. The only person who has a say in what your hair “should” look like is you.

    As for the “attention seeking” comments…what a load of rubbish! If you look at things this way, every facet of this blog is catering to “attention seekers.” Everyone who wears make up, blow dries their hair, wears high heels or bodycon dresses could be accused of “seeking attention.” There is nothing wrong with people wanting to make a statement with their look, and whether that statement is “look how pretty I am” or “look how trendy I am” it’s all the same.

    I personally would not shave my head, because my look is very classic and simple, so it just wouldn’t look right! But for those working a more flamboyant style, I think shaved heads and Mohawks can look amazing! Like any short cut, if they’re done right they do an amazing job of bringing out cheekbones and making faces look more structured. They do require guts, because some people will never be able to think anything other than “lesbian hair,” but these are people I generally prefer to call “bigots,” so they really aren’t worth paying attention to anyway.

  85. the thing is that my hair is really really looong. Rapunzel-like :p ,straight and dark-red .. it looks good but in a boring way i think that the best thing to make it look more.. interesting,it would be to shave one side,but just a bit . I want it sooo bad , lately i have been thinking about it non-stop ,it’s like an obsession,really . But then I start to think about the fact that nobody would like it,especially the teachers,parents,those blonde long haired princesses ..and 4 yeaaars ? ohmygodnessss! So my question is,obviously.. Do you think that I should do it ? How can I tell if this thing is just an ‘obsession’ or I really want it with all my heart and soul ? p.s. I’m 16 . oh, and i have blemishes and my face is not so girly.

    • Sweetheart, no-one here can or should tell you if this is something you should or should not do. It’s your hair, you are the one who has to live with it, so this needs to be something you decide for yourself. But I would suggest you need to really think about why you want this; does it fit in with your general style, are you just bored with your hair, do you just want to try something “different?”

      If you’re looking to reinvent yourself a bit, try to do so in less permanent ways first, in case it doesn’t feel right. There are lots of things you can do with your long hair that would be less dramatic but make it more interesting- you could try some blunt bangs, add layers, do highlights/lowlights. You might want to look at some of those too before you make up your mind. If you still find yourself drawn to this style, try looking around on Google at all the different variations of it. Some of them are so slight that you could easily cover it up by changing your parting, so you could tone down your look for school and cover it up when it’s growing. Bear in mind that once you do this, your styling options will be limited; braiding, doing “up dos” etc. is much more difficult with an undercut section because it’s sort of a style all to itself. If you like fiddling with your hair and trying new things with it, I wouldn’t recommend this. If it’s any help, I can tell you four years is not an absolute estimate of how long it would take to grow out. I’ve had my hair cut pretty much every length under the sun, and it takes me about two years to go from pixie to shoulder-length; my sister took three years to do the same. It varies from person to person.

      Don’t worry too much about your parents, mine have been appalled to hear of some of the things I’ve done with my hair, but they always say things along the lines of “actually, that looks quite nice!” afterwards! As long as you don’t shave a swear in there and behave well in class, your teachers shouldn’t let your hair decide how they view/treat you, and as for the “princesses”… well, it doesn’t sound as if you care much for them anyway! The most important thing is that you are happy and comfortable with your look, not what other people think.

  86. I did this for starting college and i pulled it off nicely it got me lots of attentsion which was to be expected but was annoying. i really want to do the other side and have a mohawk, but its my aunties wedding next september and im bridesmaid. what hair i do have is pink just now and i am starting to let it grow in, how long will this take??
    what hair stlyes can i do with what i have?? Xx

  87. I just shaved the underneath of my hair, and I need a design in it . I loove it thoughh.

  88. Im getting it done on Wensday. Im scared to get it. There are two other girls that have it at my highschool.
    I want to get this REALLY bad but what if it doesnt look good.. and What if people make fun of me?..

  89. it’s stuiped! simple as that.. the fact is girls do it because they think oh I know I’l shave one side of my head and be original… well this is awkward look around everybodys doing it and it looks ugly! like on one side your half man and the next your a woman, besides that it’s not new trend they’ve been doing that sence the 80’s. dude my aunt had her hair like that when she was young. and look funny! XD It doesn’t suit woman end of!

  90. i actually have this hair cut for about 1 month and i still love it! i didn’t shave on one side for attention as some ppl here said. i did it because i liked it and i feel like it represents myself. that’s all.

  91. @Denver, ppl that will make fun of you are jealous of you because they didn’t had the ballz to do it :)))

  92. I shaved the side of my head about a month ago and i love it. Sometimes I do look in the mirror and have regrets but other days i love it. I have extensions that I wear most of the time so the thickness is still there. I like looking different than others! :) Would recommend it if you are SURE. Not looking forward to growing it out though! x

  93. i want to do the vanilla ice shave on the side of my head! because i think it looks sooo COOL! BUT im scared to do it myself D: maybe a guy should do it for me??..

  94. Absolutely stupid looking. Why the f— would you do this to yourself? You look like an idiot

    • MangakaPoof says:

      TBH you sound like an idiot to me.The girls can do what they want to their body and you’re no one to decide.

  95. who are you guys to tell the girls they look stupid, its their body their decision, im getting it done, so adorable and edgy at the same time. get over it.

  96. I’m not a fan. I’d much rather see a girl just go for the mohawk or totally bald than this way. Tends to look too much like they have mange with a creepy 80’s vibe. I’d still rate it higher than Bonnie Tyler hair, which is about as disgusting as high waisted pants and frogs eating each other.

  97. I got my hair done like this the other day, and I absolutely love it. It’s soo easy to style, and it looks great with my bright red hair :) haha..

    As for the people who say its attention seeking, are looking for attention themselves, they don’t have the balls do to something different with their hair, or clothes, or makeup. I say if your bold enough, do what you want, go bald, die your hair purple, it just tells somebody that you are the person you want to be, not just another trend follower.

  98. I saw this awesome one and it’s this girl and when her hair was down it looked normal. Then he put her hair in a ponytail and from bottom of her hair was shaved with a cool design. I loved it! It’s not as dramatic as the side of your head.

  99. i don’t think I can do this. the most i’ll go is for a boy cut which I’d already done once.

    besides, i don’t think my oily scalp would be an attractive sight for me and the people around me, lol.

  100. i shaved the side of my hair today & i love my new look! i don’t really care what other people think about having this kind of hairstyle because hair will grow quickly. just live life to the fullest!

    wish i could upload my pic here.=)

  101. Wow! A really awesome hair cut!

  102. I’ve been debating getting this cut for several months now. I got my hair cut a month ago, took off four or five inches, and its now around my shoulders. I’d like my hair (which is brown, a bit thick and wavy) to be a couple of inches longer before I try this, so I’d likely get it done this spring.

    The one issue I have is that I’m a big girl, and I have naturally chubby cheeks. I’m a bit concerned it won’t look good because of that. Thoughts, anyone?

  103. just a guy from cali says:


    I think the haircut is cool and unfortunately the haircut is not for all people and also the haircut style is nothing new since it originally evolved from the early 80’s during the begining of the new wave, punk rock and hip hop movement. It’s a statement that says I don’t give a F****! It’s no different than men shaving their head bald or shaving into a mohawk but since its only hair and it will eventually grow back so go for it. Thank god for originality and not worring about what other people think because its about how the haircut makes you feel! Have fun while you can before its too late and you end up growing up and getting stuck with the normal society trend because tomorrow is not promised to anyone!

    just guy from Cali

  104. I know the truth says:

    It’s nice, for the fist three days. Then you just want to cry because you wish your hair looked like something else. Then you realize that it’ll take months to grow back, and transitioning into a pixie won’t be as easy as you thought. It’ll take a lot of product and will be irritating socially. People react to shaved heads, if it’s drastic (on both sides, very short, a large section). It makes me feel not as feminine, personally. I have both sides buzzed very, very short with black hair in the middle. The biggest thing i regret about this is that it no longer matches the “style” of my clothes (i wear a lot of floral things, simple items, and feminine clothes–it doesn’t “go” with this hair). I had a mohawk once before, but i wore more “punk” esque items that flowed better with the hair.

    Anyways, my experience. please think about more than just your head when you’re getting it done. i know styles can give you hair-tunnel-vision, but try to look past it if you REALLY are not sure.

  105. I’m 16 and I’ve had mine shaved for about half a year now, it is a lot of fuss but now I wouldn’t want it any other way. :) A few people in my college have it, but not as many as you’d think. Keeping up with it is a pain, mine’s getting a bit too long even now but I wouldn’t consider growing it out again for at least another year! :)

    I’ve always been kind of edgy with my style, and it looked even better when my hair was blue (it’s red now) So it definitely fits, and can look adorable. c:

  106. I just shaved my head yesterday evening after reading this blog – man I love this cut!!

  107. Coming from a guy – This is ugly as hell.
    A major turn-off

  108. I have uber short hair and when I get longer hair I’m thinking about doing this. I absolutely love it, it’s so freaking cute and very edgy.

  109. I shaved the side of my head like 3 months ago and ooo man I LOVE It
    My mom didnt believe me when I said it I Came home like bammk baby
    It took sum gettin used to for her but she loves it now. My friend that took
    Me to the barber shop didn’t want me to do it because I have awesome hair
    But I was like what the hell lets just do it and my hair grows quick gotta get a hair cut
    Every week

  110. brittany says:

    i have one side of my hair shaved and I love it plus my hair is really long on the other so I can just flip my hair over and hide it if I want.

  111. I have both sides shaved so I can flip my chin length hair over in either direction. I love it! I have a pretty feminine style and lots of vintage incorporated, so the floral prints and dresses are perfect for a balancing this out. I’ve read some of the posts that say too many girls are doing this. I haven’t seen this style a great deal, but I am in my early 30’s so I guess I am just not exposed to it as much as the younger crowd. This cut works with my bone structure and my thick hair. My boyfriend thinks it is great that I take chances with my look and he loves the edgy look! I will agree that you need confidence to pull this off. I will also throw in that it takes some fashion sense to know how to balance this look as well. Lately, I’ve been playing around the beach curls from the Spring 2012 runway shows. Looks great! :)

  112. I got the idea from Skrillex. Did it myself, best haircut I’ve ever gotten

  113. Dan Ricks says:

    I vote cool in most cases… These celebrities can pull it off at least –

  114. I just shaved the side of my head yesterday I love it ! It gives more face appearance but unfortunately I shaved it too much and I can’t do a design on it I have to let it grow a bit before I can do any design to it

  115. Also my hair is naturally curly if it gets wet it does get curly but the side shave looks good either way it can work on both types of hair straight or curly.

  116. I did this in Febuary, and the trick to growing it out is switching the side you’ve parted it on, so your other hair covers the shaved part. It looks awesome though, and I have really thick hair so it makes my hair a lot lighter :)

  117. UGLY BI-SEXUAL MANNISH and UGGGLLYYYYYYYY. Black people can pull it off. Anyone else tryin to do it look absolutely rediculas

  118. I’m getting it done on Thursday, everyone is telling me not to but I figure if I don’t end up liking it I can always buy extensions to fill in the missing space. I really want to do it, and am currently in beauty school for hair styling so can definitely deal with the upkeep. I’m a brunette and have naturally wavy hair. My main issue is that I am girly – I love designer clothing and am a fashion nut. I don’t want this hair style to make me look ‘hard core’ or something in any way. Still have a week to think about it but am 99.9% certain I’m doing it (:

  119. I’ve always wanted to shave my head. I’m thinking about doing both sides and leaving some in the middle.

  120. I love this look! Im getting it done on saturday, but im cutting the rest of my hair short, so it dosent look too weird

  121. Bountiful Grail says:

    it looks stupid. It doesn’t look punky, it looks like a freak accident occurred at your last haircut or your a hipster and you intentionally want to look like a stupid jerk.

  122. Quolfie Willz says:

    Looks like Skrillex <3
    Would totally do this except im lazy.

  123. Shantayemariah says:

    I done it, I feel a whole lot better after shaving my side,
    I mean it’s like a drug, I am a big girl I have been called pretty, beautiful, and sexy by guys,
    And boom, it totally stopped right after. I did my hair. It really show you who really likes u for u. Not what you look like. I have been wanting to do a mohawk for 3 years, I guess this is the start of something new. Why I shaved my hair is a meaning it self, struggles, abandon, fear, lost, sorrow,loneliness, pain. Love, joy, hope, everything I feel is in my hair. If people can’t respect it. When keep your mouth shut.

  124. I just shaved the sides ( right above my ear, leaving the sideburns) all the way back and under for the first time. It feels SO weird and the back of my head kinda feels like a dudes. but it looks pretty bad ass. my only regret is shaving the under too, instead of just the sides. it kinda makes me feel naked, ya know? I’m just 16 and I’ve never really tried something so daring with my hair before, especially because i love my hair so much and now i just lopped most of it off. But hey, if i start missing my luscious lox too much, i’ll just get some extensions. contrary to popular belief ( at least in my small Arkansas town) you do NOT have to be well off to get quality extensions, though it does help to know someone in the field. To any other girl that wanna do this, i say go for it. i loved my hair like it was my child, but it’ll grow back, and if you do it right when you get it, if you part your hair a certain way you wont even be able to tell it’s shaved. good luck and much love <3

  125. VeroBeach says:

    I love it just went through a failed attempt on love and wanted to do something bold. It was this, get a tattoo or jump out of a plane. I did the skydiving once already. Tattoos can’t be washed away. Besides, it’s just hair. It will grow back. Idk how to post a pic. But I work the cut. Its sexy.

  126. I think I’m getting this tmr! I have been asking my friends and its interesting how all of my girl friends like it but half of the guys don’t like it, my brother even said the side shaved on a girl is disgusting -.-
    I want the look so badly simply because it looks cool as u called EDGY , and I kinda wanna be crazy, do something other don’t do
    After all its just hair eh?
    Most importantly, seeing all these positive comment rly push me to make my decision : ) hopefully it will turns out good tmr<3

  127. JohnnyTurbo says:

    I’m a sophmore in high school, 15, male… I saw the half shave look in alot of 80’s movies and then once I saw it on a guy in the modern day (2012) I kind of just had to do it. In fact I did it yesterday. My dad says I look like Road Warrior. My mom flipped out but says its retro… Lol.., I mean it’s buzzed on the left, length is half inch on right, 1 inch on top. Teased and big on top complete with bangs… The guy was Ashlep Purdy, bass player from Black Veil Brides. Only band that I’ll listen that’s not from 1979-1992. Lol, Keep on Rocking America!

  128. It is not my style. Ugly. However,some women do pull off the FULLY bald look…still looking feminine and attractive. Like my sister did,she had cancer. But having long silky beautiful hair and then one side shaved is just tacky. It doesn’t go together. Either shave it all off,cut your hair,or leave it all on. But shaving one side and having the other with hair……just… Now I can see if they had it like alicia keys. Hair in the middle and braids on the side.

  129. This hair cut is neither a cry for attention or “mannish”. I have had the side of my head shaved for about 5 years or so now, and I love it. You can do tons with it, and it make for some seriously adorable up-do’s. the main thing to watch is how far over you shave. If you keep it closer to 1/3rd as opposed to half you have the ability to part your hair to cover it. Eventually I got bored and even took it further by sweeping it all the way around my head (I kept it slimmer on the other side though, only about an inch and a half). This style given you much more potential to rock all sorts of looks. It is definatly my fab style I’ve done, and though it does take a long time to grow out, it can be easily hidden.

  130. olderthandirt says:

    It looks to me to be a hairstyle whose main purpose it to get ‘shock value’ and have people stare at you and wonder WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DESTROY your beautiful head of hair. Sorry – this is a very stupid style – and yes, I am older. And, hopefully, wiser. Think YEARS FOR IT TO GROW OUT or else you are stuck with short hair and growing the whole thing out. WHY would anyone who didn’t feel the NEED FOR ATTENTION do this? Just makes me shake my head in disbelief. Some fads should be ignored and this is one of them.

    • It represents who you are? Its a sign of individuality. Who cares if people gawk and stare? We want people to think we are different. The sides of my head are shaved and sure I hear people talk and say, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT?? but I honestly don’t care. I love being different.

      • Kevinski says:

        If it’a a sign of individuality, then why imitate someone else’s look? I’m glad that you are happy, being gawked and made fun of. Why don’t you get a big nose ring piercing to complete the look? Maybe a tattoo of Rocky and Bullwinkle on your forehead?

    • Kevinski says:

      I suppose if a woman has confidence in herself, and doesn’t mind weeding-out the good guys that can’t stand that look, she can be happy to end up with the edgy-not-so-normal guys left over. Good luck with that.

      • Kevinski says:

        Each of the women’s photos above should be over-stamped with FAIL.

        • Josephine Legare says:

          Honestly why should their photos be as a fail. They are beautiful in there own way. Just respect it. They have the guts thay most dont have and are willing to show it. Just remebet its not you. Its there bodys to express with not yours so just let them with out the judgement. Lastly they will find someone who is non judgemental and wont go after them for how they look.

  131. This style is a side step for those cannot face a full blown head shave.
    Is it cool?
    Well, in the sense that any latest trend is likely to be controversial, then yes it is cool.
    Be aware though, you WILL have to have a very short haircut all over your head at some point in the future to achieve a new style. The only other way is to live with this hair style as an asymmetric look for a realistic minimum of 3-4 years, dependent on the speed your hair grows at, the comments you will have when it’s no longer cool & the amount of patience you have as it grows out.
    It is NOT a low maintenance cut, it will need frequent clipping or shaving to keep it looking as cool as it was the day it was done.
    So if you are really up for it, shave right down to the skin straight out, then you’ll have time to think about the length you want to keep until your next style comes around – just hope & pray the next cool style isn’t a long one or you’ll seriously miss out!

  132. Dylandobermann says:

    I have been considering this recently, simply because I am losing my hair, due to health problems. (funnily?enough the right side more than the left) so, if I do get the right side shaved (probably end up with the whole lot off which makes me a little sad, it used to be so long and thick) I shall take control of my situation, wear it shaved and get my head tattooed to join the rest of my body art…. just as well my work will allow me to wear this ‘look’…. ho hum… I guess we really are here only once after all :)

  133. I just had my Half-shaved. I love it. At first my mom got mad for doing it. Most boys in my school compliment me. They find it cute. :))

  134. My advantage is I am too confident showing it off. I’m the first college girl who did this in my school. I express myself through my hair though it’s too thick. I dye it and finally I shaved the left side of my head. I rock! :) :D

  135. Hi :D
    I’ve always loved this hairstyle and so I decided to get it for myself. I’m going to get it cut this coming Monday and I am so excited! I’ve always loved trying new and different styles and cuts. When I decide I like something, I get it done.
    It’s weird cuz I’m actually a pretty shy an quiet person mostly but I’ve always been super adventurous with my hair :P
    I also recently dyed it red because I’ve always wanted to. I really hope it looks good on me :]

  136. Josephine Legare says:

    Honestly I have been hearing alot of mixed comments on shaved and half shaved heads. I have had my head shaved for a while now and I really makes me mad that people judge others on there apperance. I dont go telling everyone to shave their heads so please dont tell me that I shouldnt have. I love my hair, two of my aunts are hair dressers and they have shaved theres at one point or another. I think a half shaved head is beautiful. What ive told evryone i have met each to there own so mind you own business! Tkz for taking the time to read my rant have a good one, cheers!

  137. Splendorlei says:

    I just did my half shaved hair 2 days ago and it is amazing on the responses that I have gotten from others. I chose to do this in support of a dear friend of mines who is going through chemotherapy and radiation. She is my hero, despite being diagnosed with this illness, I admire her courage to suit up and do what she needs to do to help others. I admire her strength and spunk for life. As for the hair, I love it, something different and I plan to commit to this do for as long as her therapy lasts, I will deal with the maintenance or when it starts to grow when i cross that bridge. As for now, I am enjoying this new look.

  138. I googled why in the hell girls are doing this. As a guy I can assure you ladies it is hideous. It turns the hottest chicks into side show circus freaks. If you want attention whether positive or negative I guess this is defiantly how to get it and I may be a dick but if you aren’t above shaving your head (unless it is to support a loved one battling cancer) then don’t be upset when I see you in public and literally point at you and laugh in your face for being a stupid broad. By the way if you don’t wanna get laid you don’t have to shave your head just become a nun. Last but not least, any “ladies” reading this who have this hairstyle and by some miracle of God has a man and if he says it looks good on you is either lying to make you feel better about your poor choice in beauty or he has conflicts with his sexuality, this being that your profile with the shaved head makes you look like a teenage boy no matter how pretty you normally would be. So please ladies grow your damn hair back out. I’d much rather look at you and think damn she’s hot instead of cracking up and making you cry because I can’t stop laughing at you.

    • Anybody who would laugh at someone over a haircut is not the person I want to sleep with lol. Rather be a nun than ever sleep with a boy like you (I say boy because real men are more real and want women to express themselves versus looking like something out of a picture for them)…ha I’ve been married for a long time now and glad I picked my husband instead of a douchebag boy like yourself :)

  139. Does anyone know who the girl in the plaid shirt in the middle picture is?

  140. Alicel Dellal

  141. jekamarie says:

    I was scare, but my husband do it for me & I looooovvveeee it. Sexy & edgy :-)


  143. Hannah says:

    Love it! I am getting it done sometime soon. I am hoping I wont get tired of it….but even so, extensions are an option, too. (: so very excited to get it done. <3

  144. Hi everyone… I’ve been thinking about getting this done for a while now. I have a few doubts about it though… So I want to put this question out: when you have it, do you get judged for it? ‘Cause I think this look totally rocks, but I’m worried about the judging (i know, how petty, but still… Haha). Please help :)

  145. I’ve been rocking this look for almost a year. I actually started with both sides shaved, got the top cut into a full messy side-swooped fringe and the back was down to my shoulder blades. I’ve let one side grow out since then and the grow out time for me hasn’t been bad. It’s been growing out for about 6 months and its already past my ear (that’s coming from it being less than half an inch). Its very easy to manage and the only maintenance is keeping it short, which can be done at home.

    It’s probably been one of the best styles I’ve ever done. However, you have to have the personality and lifestyle to pull off as it is still not a “traditional” hair cut.

  146. I love this hairstyle so much!!! I really want to do it but i’m just scared that I can’t pull it off. Does this hairstyle work for most women?


  1. […] like the Mohawk or shave your whole head that way you will not have to worry about trimming it or treating it a certain way for your hair to […]

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