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SaferSkin Campaign + Great Natural and Organic Beauty Picks

When Olivia, co-founder of non-profit group Green Drinks contacted me about her new campaign she’s working on, SaferSkin, I knew I had to write about it. SaferSkin is a Singapore-wide online campaign to spread awareness about the ingredients in skincare and cosmetics, and to educate you on ingredients and help you make better choices.

And before anyone starts panicking, we know there are chemicals everywhere – you pretty much can’t escape it! But if you’re concerned about it in skincare and beauty products, I have some alternatives that Olivia and the SaferSkin campaign recommends.

SaferSkin - Natural organic beauty singapore

1. dr. Alkaitis Holistic Skincare Facial Cleanser: Mama dearest tried this out for me… I am not sure if I can do a full on organic skincare regime… yet. Stay tuned! Mom said it smelled lovely and did it’s job: clean the face. If you have normal to dry skin, this is something to check out.

2. Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Leave-In Conditioner: This light brown, watery lotion contains every type of oil imaginable! On the ingredients list I see everything from Lavender oil, Red Grape Seed oil, to Pumpkin seed oil. The product applies easily and sinks into hair, not leaving any greasy reside. The smell is something else, though – think rustic spa heaven in the middle of the woods – very woody, very Earthy… very nice!

3. Tallulah Jane Natural Perfumes in Misae: So you all know I love citrus scents, and this is THE organic citrus scent. As they say, it’ “a breath of Spring on the Cote d’Azur.” The scent is made of citrus and white and green florals, finished off with “hints of wood and balsam”. I smell more of the wood, so it’s not really my taste, but it’s still very nice – and very strong, a little goes a long way. If you like smelling “Earthy”; this is it.

4. Max and Me Organic Body Oil Blend: Body oil is very new to me, but if you’re looking for something super moisturizing and something your skin will love, check out this line. There are many scents, which make it a great aromatherapy piece, too.

5. Ai-Funan Fragipani Natural handmade Soap: This beauty sits nicely on my soap dish in my bathroom, and what can I say? it smells amazing, I have no complaints. Great for every bathroom in the house, not to mention it would be a lovely gift.

6. Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil: I wrote about my love for coconut oil and all its beauty benefits recently; and mentioned that argan is a big “competitor” but I hadn’t tried it yet. Well, now I have! I am using this on my hair right now, and I can see why it’s so loved. Reminds me of a less smelly version of coconut oil, and I can’t wait to find out more. If you’re an argan oil lover, Kahina’s is 100% organic and is from “Morocco – New York”.

7. Mukti Floral hydrating Mist Toner: Stick, hot and humid Singapore needed this product badly! Spray it on your face for a quick pick-me-up. It not only freshen the face, it also hydrates it (thanks to ingredients such as Rose oil and Grapeseed oil) and uplifts the sense with its light floral scent. (Use this up fast, though – I can see it getting bad – and smelly – very quickly.)

What do you think? Is using natural and organic products a priority for you? Are you concerned about the chemicals in everyday beauty products today?

Personally, over the years of running this beauty blog, I’ve slowly but surely educated myself on ingredients used in beauty. And because of that, I have quite a few organic and natural products I use in my life, and plan to continue to find more. Some of my personal, everyday favorites (that you’ve heard me talk a lot about!) include Lemongrass House body lotionsAvalon Organics ShampooSukin Organics Botanical Body Wash (and Hydrating Body Lotion), Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil and Aubrey Organics Silken Earth Translucent Base Powder… phew!

Let me know your thoughts on this issue. Also, if you have any natural and organic must-haves, please tell us too!

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  • wasmachtheli October 20, 2012, 6:48 pm

    Very nice picks. The Intelligent Nutrients Conditioner is one of my favourites.
    I use organic skincare most of the time. Sometimes, alcohol is used in organic skincare as a preservative and I usually try to stay away from too much alcohol in lotions, because of my dry skin.

    I’m not sure if Dr. Hauschka is available in your country, if it is, the lipbalm is lovely.

  • Kassia October 20, 2012, 10:01 pm

    100% important for me! Though I’m not as picky with makeup (because finish and formula are more important to me there), for my skin and hair care I definitely lean towards using predominantly natural products. Again, not everything is natural – my limp fine hair + Delhi heat do need a bit of chemical help – but my body wash, deodorant, facial cleanser, moisturizers, body oils, toothpaste, perfumes, etc. are all organic or natural! And you should give a natural skin regime a go – you might be surprised. REN makes really amazing natural skin care products that I find super effective!

  • Joanne October 23, 2012, 10:59 am

    Totally echo your feelings on Kahina Argan Oil for hair….I used this a LOT when i was “recovering” from a very harsh hair tinting that left my fine hair super frizzy. Basically it’s like a leave in conditioner but one of the things I loved was it has this natural aroma that didn’t give me a headache like a lot of the “fragrance” that most brands try to put in their hair products which pretty much give me a headache half the time. Since I couldn’t find Kahina when I moved back to Taiwan, I did temporarily try the Josie Maran brand at Sephora but did not give the same effect at all.

    • Renee October 24, 2012, 4:31 pm

      Hey Joanne, ooh cool! What I wrote above are just my general thoughts on everything / first impression, I wanna do an in depth review of the Argan oil, esp a comparison against my beloved coconut oil. Have you tried coconut oil? It’s much cheaper and it really transformed my hair. x

  • Joanne October 24, 2012, 5:46 pm

    would be great to hear what u think after ur indepth review!! I have never tried coconut oil as I was always a bit scared of the whole process of leaving in overnight, covering my pillow, and worrying about mess…..that’s why I was happy with the argan, cos i can just comb through with a really small amount, just 4-5 drops was enough for me, then i usually just blow dry halfway and sleep :) cost wise, 50ml for argan oil is around 40+USD and lasts almost 2 months if i use 2-3 times per week. just be careful u r not using oil from argan that is passed through the bowels of a goat, definitely will notice a smell difference ;)

  • Jonas December 14, 2012, 5:28 am

    Very interesting post. I know of the SaferSkin campaign in Singapore which I think is great. However, I think there are quite a few other very good organic brands that are worth exploring. Especially in Europe many good producers are available since the trend for organic products in skin care exists for many years. Being able to call themselves organic producers requires to follow many regulations that are strictly controlled, as well es receiving certificates.

    I would definitely would be looking forward if you would write more about organic skin care products or do more reviews.

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