Pastel Colored Hair – Crazy or Cool?

pastel colored hair

Anyone who grew up playing with My Little Pony will know that pastel colors were the it thing, baby.

And it seems now, a decade later, we are no longer playing with them, but rather getting fashion inspiration from them. (I don’t mind, they are super cute, no?)

Pastel colored hair is all the rage right now and has shown up on the runways of Chanel and fashion mags like Nylon, and a certain blogger (aka me) is fully loving it – but I want to know what you think.

Personally, I love it so much. It’s so girly yet punk. I am not the most daring when it comes to hair (I’ve had too many hair disasters back in high school, and I can safetly say my wild days are over), but this almost makes me want to go out and get some pastel colored streaks.

(By the way, I have a feeling these “Crazy or Cool” posts should become a permanent fixture, do you enjoy them?)

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  • I absolutely love pastel colored hair! If I had lighter hair I’d definitely get some streaks or something. Unfortunately I have brown hair and my eyebrows are super dark so dying it doesn’t seem like a fun option ;

    • So true, Luana – dying seems way too harsh for darker hair, you’d def need to bleach your hair first which is extremely damaging. I wish they would make clip in streaks of it, could be a fun idea!

  • Luana me too!, i think they look cool, but i also have dark brown hair and eyebrows

  • I love it! But not for me… i have olive skin, super dark eyes, ever darker hair and ever darker brows… Same as Luana!

    • I am loving all my brunette readers! :D I do agree now that us darker hair girls might look a bit weird with the colors, but I guess you never know until you try … it will def stand out way more on our hair than on a blonde’s, which might be too much.

      Should I be the guinea pig for us all and see how it goes?! :-P

  • Love it!! I love any hair that is a bit different. Mine is bright red and it’s awesome. Hard to maintain though!

    I like the idea of the Crazy or Cool series too :-D

    • Your hair IS awesome. :D I love red hair, I had it once ages ago but it looks terrible on me, but I appreciate it on others!

      Thanks, Esz – I think I will add it as a series, I love all your comments and thoughts! :D

  • I really like it especially the greyish blue on blonde hair shown above.
    It’s different and it can look so cool!
    But alas, i am a brunette like Luana and i feel random pastel blue streaks in my hair would look a bit…odd haha
    love the blog, keep it coming :)

    • hey Sadhbh, thanks for your comment and visiting! I’m glad to have you here and to meet you!

      I love this look too, but I really didn’t think about my hair color. I was thinking pastel pink against dark brown might look nice; that was my original thought, but the more I’m reading all your comments and all my brunette readers, I’m starting to think again. (You guys are so smart!) I think it def will look better with in a blonde, since it’ll blend in more.

      Hm… I need to find a hair trend for dark haired girls! :-P

  • to be honest, if you have pastel coloured hair you would look like a bogan – maybe it is just in australia.

    • Haha omg I love the term bogan! :D

      Is Australia less accepting to self expression? ‘Cause I’ve been there and from what I can tell they have all kind of trends there. (Unless they are all known as bogans secretly and I don’t know about it?! :-P)

  • I think it’s looks gorgeous on models, celebs and such but i think few “real” people could get away with it, still, i do love the look!

    • Those damn models, make everything look good! I think it’s def takes a certain attitude, too – you need to be confident of this look. A good hair stylist to make it look fab is also a must :-P

  • i think its pretty rad but it takes a certain look to pull it off without looking tween-agey.
    its such a big trend in fashion right now!

  • PS you should do a “crazy or cool” on the bleached eyebrows trend!

  • this could work for light colored skin and hair like the one pictured above, but this wouldn’t work for me…

  • I love it, it looks so fun! I wouldn’t do it on my hair, though, since it’s black and having to bleach it would be a huge pain (I’ve done it before, it wasn’t fun).

  • For blonde hair, it looks awesome. I have a friend with blonde hair and she has lavender streaks that are really subtle but really pretty. For darker hair, I don’t think pastels would work well, they’d wash out your natural color as well as the dye.

  • I absolutely love this! Edgy and girly all at once. But sadly, I am also brunette. :(

  • Well I never tried it, but I like the first photo. She looks really good with her pastel hair color. I think depends very much on your skin and it’s great if your skin is pale. :)

  • Not sure if I like it… looks very unnatural, and not many women can pull off un-natural looks

  • Hi,
    I really wanted to try this pastel look, and I am a 21 year old female with dark brown hair. So I went to 2 stylists all of which said everything everyone else is saying that it won’t work and after almost giving up this one stylist said were gunna try. So we did it and here’s the results some may think I don’t pull it off but its really about how YOU feel and what YOU want to do:

    • sorry for those who want to see it just copy the link and paste it ahah I dont know how the HTML works on this.

      • and sorry for the weird expression too! lol it was the only pic I could find that showed the hair better!!!!

      • Fixed your image for you, Geri. It looks really good! I think your stylist did a great job. :D I’m tempted as well but I think I’d rather try clip in first to see how it suits me. I REALLY love the purple though, I think it looks really good with your dark hair. :) I think it looks even better than the model above with the blue streaks :)

  • all u fashion whores are so lame – i was rocking this a year and a half ago. Cant you ever think of something yourselves? or dare to try something before its on the runways / on a celeb? Geez live a little.

  • I’m sorry but that was very uncalled for. If we bother you so much why do you bother reading and looking at this blogs. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Renee doesn’t deserve a rude comment like that.

  • I totally agree with Lola. Why are you reading and looking at this blogs in the first place? What were you hoping to find from ‘all you fashion whores’? YOU PHONY! Calling people you don’t know as ‘whores’ just shows how ‘classy’ you are.
    Seriously, if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. NOW YOU GO LIVE A LTTLE.

  • Thanks Lola and Ruth – Sara, really don’t appreciate you calling me or anyone else reading “whores”; it’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? We’re talking about hair?!

  • Hi Renee!
    Personally, I love this look! To me, it gives off a innocent, cutesy style. I’ve got natural dirty blonde hair, and I was thinking like, a soft pink or light lavendar would look adorable, right?! But, I’m waaaaay too much of a chicken, I don’t think I’d do it. Anyway, you have an amazing blog, Renee, and your a super sweet, successful woman. Don’t believe any haters trying to put you down :) xoxo Briana

  • Im totally pro this trend! On my way to gettin it done myself.

  • @Renee >>>>ULTA beauty store have colored strips extentions…. i got in pink and blue look really cool…. u shud go to Ulta beauty store……its called ( pop … colorstrips . 10o% fine human hair ) only $8:00

  • i would love to try it but i’m scared to since my skin is tan and i have brown hair…im just worried cuz i think it should also suit my skin, hair cut etc. i’m trying to find pics of tan girls with pastel hair but i can’t.. :(

  • So i’ve been actively searching for hair extensions int he pastel family but NOTHING! i cant seen to find and hair extension that isn’t neon of florescent. Short of buying dyes and using a toner on them to lighten them up. If anyone has them or know where to get them Please??? also someone is not seeing the ever genius cash cow that is the pastel hair extension just saying

  • COOL! i have really fair natural blonde and never dyed my hair so i though i would just starrt with so a pale, pastel shade so i dicided on lilac highlights, hope it goes to plan and look alright! x

  • i have platinum white blonde hair. I have had an aray of colors positioned I’n my bangs. My favorite has has always been when they faded, and looked pastel so i strews doing a pastel peekaboo to with my platinum. Lavender looks the best light pink looks great too. Now graduated from college and industrial sales, not a fashion world at all. I would love to do the look again, a slight lavender or light pastel pink I’n the under part peekaboo of a flip out bang, but I’m not sure how professional that would be. What do you think? I’n the real world for non fashion career jobs?


  • heyy, I think that this will help everyone…I don’t know if you can click on it but otherwise copy and paste it :)

    You can colour your hair without having to colour it permanently,, it’s perfect!

  • i have dark brown hair and i bought the pastels but i have a wedding to be in this week. how long does it take to come out? one washing or several? or does it fade?

  • Hi!
    I was wondering if just regular chalk pastels would work with red hair. Like if its safe for red heads? :)

  • P.S. Im a red head :)

  • I am dying to dye all of my hair pastel purple. The only thing is, I really like my natural hair color and I don’t know if I would get it back or not after bleaching it?

  • I have dark hair, and dark features as well but i think colors like green and blue will look good with our over-all look as long as we keep some dark peekaboo’s randomly throughout our hair. It’s almost like a person with dark hair, dark skin, but light eyes! very intriguing! Just because you don’t have blonde hair doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it!

  • Hey guys i’m naturally a very dark brunette with dark eyebrows but dont let that put you off going pastel crazy! You can easily get some slices put through your hair and colour it however you want. OK OK the bleach isnt great but you can use directions colour which conditions and stains without harsh chemicals which is what i use, it definitely reduces damage! That way you dont have to worry about all of your hair!

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