Foundation For Pale Skin

Hi Renee! I have very pale skin, and I’m looking for foundations that suit me. I find it really hard to find good foundations for my pale skin; they are normally too dark for me. Any suggestions? – Tina

Pale skin celebrities

I’ve actually got a lot of suggestions! I am a fellow pale skinned girl, although I am usually #2 in the foundation spectrum of colors, so shopping for foundation has always been fine for me. However, I have a ton of experience shopping for really light foundation colors as my BFF is super fair and I’ve gone shopping with her lots… and I mean lots. We tried everything, guys! On one particular shopping trip, we swatched colors on her arms, my arms, tissue paper, you name it.

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Clarins Beauty Chat Event + Final Thoughts on Double Serum


As you know from my last post on Clarins, I had a fun giveaway where the prize was an invitation to an exclusive beauty event hosted by me and some great anti aging goodies.

Well, last Thursday was the big event! At the Clarins SkinSpa at Wheelock Place, I co-hosted the Beauty Chat: The Secret to Younger Skin workshop and I think it was a big success! It was a full house (10 readers showed up); and it was a nice intimate evening of learning about our skin.

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Are BB Creams Worth the Hype?

Ah, BB creams. Loved by so many… giving confused looks to so many. And now with CC creams, the apparent “new generation” of BB creams, these BB creams, a huge fad in Asia, are now all over the world.

In my post, What Are BB Creams, I interviewed an expert about it, and as we probably know by now, stands for Blemish Balm. They are, in a nut-shell, a makeup foundation with a countless skin-care benefits; so it’s touted as a makeup and skincare all at one. They include whitening properties, sunscreen, anti-aging ingredients, skin soothing properties… you name it.

BB Creams worth the hype

But are BB creams worth the hype? Personally, I’d say yes. A huge, fat YES.

I love tinted moisturizers, so if I can get one with a very high SPF, and other anti-aging benefits and skin benefits, why the heck not? Some of the very first BB creams were ashy and gray, giving skin a mask-like, dull appearance (especially for those with darker skin tones), but today, BB creams have come leaps and bounds and are, in my opinion, a superstar product. Today, there are creams for every skintone, every skin concern, and every SPF imaginable.

So I want to ask – are BB cream worth all the hype? Do you use BB creams, and which ones are your favorites? Let me know your thoughts.

7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Beauty

If there is one beauty “secret” I can vouch for 1000%, it would be coconut oil. You cannot even begin to imagine how it has turned my hair around – my hair, which has suffered a horrible digital perm, years of back combing (since I always tie my hair up; or at least I used to). Still, nothing was as bad as the digital perm, which, just left my hair broken, frail, brittle, dry and absolultey damaged. Nothing worked except my favorite coconut oil.

Coconut oil isn’t just great for hair, though. What makes it such a good “beauty oil” is its small molecular structure – this allows for complete absorption into the skin. For example, what sold me on coconut oil for my hair was that coconut oil was the only oil proven to actually penetrate the hair shaft and go into it, as opposed to other oils that just sit on the top, which only moisturizes it – no inner repair.

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Back to Basics: Clean, Fresh Fragrances

So. This summer was pretty much the summer of fragrance for me, and I think my full on fragrance obsession started when I tried the latest Kim Kardashian fragrance; where it opened me up to a whole new world of sweet scents.

Well ladies, I think we can that a phase. A major phase. Originally, when I first got into perfume, I had been more into fresh, clean fragrances. Like my first ever fragrance - Dolce & Gabanna’s Light Blue, which I’m gonna get again; because that is one helluva signature scent. But still, I want to try them all! Here are some fresh, clean scents that are on my radar right now that I have been Googling, researching and obsessing about…

1. Balenciaga L’Essence Cristobel. Balenciaga has always been on my radar, fashion-wise, but when I saw the news of their new fragrance, Florabotanica, I went crazy – I LOVED the packaging and the ad campaign – the cut out, weird, freaky looking flowers are amazing. but while I am waiting patiently for that release, I popped over to the other Balenciaga fragrances and when I saw L’Essence Cristobel, I gasped. Is this not the most beautiful perfume bottle you’ve ever seen? My two favorite colors – black and green. I fell in love. It is perfection. I was also pleasantly surprised how much I loved the scent - so green and fresh, like you got out of a shower (an expensive shower, mind you). But I just love it.

2. Abercrombie & Fitch 8. You remember this post about the Abercrombie drama? WHERE ARE THE BOYS NOW? I don’t see them anymore. Granted, I’ve only been there like twice, but still. It’s not my favorite shop to go in because of this “night club” thing they have going on (I can barely see or hear anything!) but gosh do their shops smell good. One of the times I was there I managed to mouthed “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!” to a sales assistant and I believe he pointed me to this perfume. And I remember sniffing it and thinking, oh, very nice. A very nice, everyday scent.

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