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MyFatPocket’s Prada Doctor Luxury Bag Giveaway – Last Chance to WIN!

My friends at MyFatPocket are currently having a giveaway that I know – KNOW! – you will not be able to resist.

All month (and next month too) they’ve been having a “Best friends” Luxury Designer Bag contest hosted by top bloggers in Singapore – where if you win, you friend wins ones too! The last bag was a Mulberry Bayswater bag by OneSixtyNotepad, and the one now is none other than the Prada Doctor Bag, the giveaway hosted by Miyake.

So what makes the Doctor Bag so special? Well, for one thing, it’s made to order and is not available… at all. And it’s worth $4,400. The bag serves as the perfect briefcase for work, the perfect going out bag, the perfect carry all for flights… you name it.

Want one? Why not try your luck in the giveaway? And ask your friends as well, because it they win, you’ll win a bag too! And vice versa. Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Visit this link
  • Do the 3 steps; which is answering a question, adding your email address, and then adding your best friends.

That’s it! Simple, no? I’ve already entered myself, muahaha! The contest ends on October 30th (yes, TOMORROW) so hurry! And after that, yours truly will be the next one hosting a luxury bag giveaway! Stay tuned, I KNOW you’ll love it… I wonder if I can enter my own giveaway?!

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