Men Wearing Makeup – Crazy or Cool?

Yes, this is a man wearing fake eyelashes. And yes, I too am jealous of his perfectly applied eye makeup – it looks amazing!

Anyway, we last discussed what you thought about ‘Guyliner’ (men wearing eyeliner) and it had mixed responses, which I love – I love hearing all of your opinions! However, I need to take it further. What if the man in your life had a more perfectly applied smokey eye than you? What if he’s also wearing your foundation, stealing your lip balm, or worse – secretly trying on your expensive Shu Uemura fake eyelashes?

I’m sure we are all very aware that actors, TV presenters and musicians all wear makeup for TV appearances and photo shoots. But how much is too much for you? What’s your limit, if any? What I’m talking about those not in front of the camera – should they really leave the house with a face full of foundation, bronzer, colored lip balms and mascara filled lashes? What do you think?

Generally I think to each their own, but for my significant other I really don’t mind too much, as long as he doesn’t look like this.

89 responses to “Men Wearing Makeup – Crazy or Cool?

  1. I agree with what you said above beautiful. To each their own, it is someones life we do not need to make comments but i also agree foundation on men is weird! men normally have beautiful skin and jawlines, why need bronzers to emphaise that? it will look even weirder. and mascara is just pushing it, thats insane!

    • I agree, mascara is a bit much… especially when they have such long eyelashes to begin with! Has anyone noticed that men seem to have crazy long eyelashes?! Jealous …

      • I know I won’t get a response but I am a 17 year old male and I wear mascara because it blends with my eyelashes so it looks fine and I wear it every day but when I was 12 I got bullied by being called “GAY” all the time until everyone got used to it and wasn’t bothered anymore so yeah I don’t care if a male or female wears it

  2. ooh…
    man, look at that pic… pretty isnt it?
    but the question here is, is that a guy or a girl?

  3. I am okay with guys wearing makeup for photoshoots and nightspots. But on normal days, to work and all, it just screams gay to me… …

    • Haha, I once saw a man in a suit with full makeup on, I wonder what that was about… But to each their own I guess, he did stand out (and had very nice eyeliner so I kept staring haha). :-P

    • … and probably “”gay” means something bad and ridiculous to you. Because I’ve never seen an American saying something screams “straight”, and never in a bad way. The way someone looks or acts has nothing to do with sexuality anyway.
      Americans and their homophobia and sexism. Please guys, evolve. You guys totally scream IDIOTS when thinking like that.

    • Gay men don’t wear makeup or try to look feminine… in fact it’s just the opposite.

  4. i like it, i think men should be able to have fun with their look as much as girls do. i don’t necessarily find it attractive for a guy to be all smokey eyed out but i still think its cool :)

    • I agree it is cool! Guys should be allowed to have fun with their looks without someone screaming “GAYY!!!” in their face. It’s only your outside anyway, it’s the inside that counts! (So cheesy haha). :-P

  5. I don’t mind lipbalm but I say no to any other makeup-related stuff. I love very manly men with beards and stuff so..^^

    • Oh I didn’t know that about you! That’s interesting. I have to say I like pretty boys, very feminine and sensitive :-P (But not too sensitive, I don’t like crybabies!!!) :-P

  6. I think it’s only crazy because of our society I suppose, like in ancient Egypt both men and women wore makeup and it was fine. Somehow now it’s mostly associated to women, unless it’s very light/natural makeup for retouching in a photo shoot or TV. So I guess that’s the reason why I am not particularly keen on men wearing eyeliner/eye shadow and nail polish; I don’t know how I’d react if my boyfriend did it.
    Also how is it that all of my male friends have significantly longer and fuller lashes than I do?! My boyfriend included.

    • Omg I completely agree on the eyelashes, it’s like it was meant not for them to wear mascara ’cause they’re naturally ridiculously long. So jealous :( I used to play guinea pig on my poor ex and I’d do his hair and put makeup on, haha. It was totally as a joke and I always remember how he had so long eyelashes and I was of course jealous! :-P

      And I agree on society, men used to wear makeup as well as women waaay back then.

  7. Personally, I don’t mind if a man uses concealer or foundation to hide flaws. After all, women use these products to cover imperfections as well, so why shouldn’t men, if they wanted to? If it made them feel better, that’s good. But other than, I’m not keen on men wearing makeup. Hiding your flaws is one thing but wearing lipstick or eyeshadow, for example, is another. I like men to look like men and if they wear more makeup than me, I’d be very put off.

    • Agree, there is a point where it passes over being creative/ or hiding flaws to looking looking a little strange! I asked my male friend what guys do when they get a zit since they don’t have makeup and he said they just grow a beard to hide it, haha. I guess they have their own little “beauty” tips as well! :-P

    • Men still look like men when wearing make-up. They look like how men look like when wearing make-up! (Get it? uh? lol)

  8. I don’t think I’d mind that much. If the BF is wearing it for photo shoots and media outings (that’s if he has one =P), I think it’s perfectly fine. If it’s just any other day, I don’t mind some concealer and powder to set the concealer. Anything more than concealer and lip balm, for normal days, would be too much for me.

    • I hear ya! Aw your poor BF, does he not get invited out to media outings? Haha so cute! :-P

      PS. I totally think they should wear lipbalm, too!

  9. If i could, I really would! Lashes are just one step too far for me personally now though, would love to try rimmed eyeliner if only I could get it done properly.

    • Agreed Chris, fluttery eyelashes are for ladies! I’m sure you already have nice ones, like we were saying above men seem to have such naturally long eyelashes and we women are all jealous!

      And I could teach you how to apply eyeliner, it’s very simple! :D

      • hi Renee, great! i need a good teacher for this look i’m hopefully looking to wear to a dinner event. so how do you do eyeliner properly?

        • Hey Chris!

          OK, basically eyeliner is meant to mimic your natural lash line, making it look thicker. So just grab a freshly sharpened eyeliner, tilt your head a bit up so you can see your whole lid probably, and trace your lash line.’Drawing’ on a line might be too hard for the first few times, so you can try short strokes ’til it makes up a whole line. Repeat on your bottom lash line.

          Takes a bit of practice but you’ll get it soon, promise! To give it a bit of a rocker look, take a Q tip and gently smudge your eyeliner to make it look less harsh of a line.

          Hope this helped, Chris… Let me know how it goes for you! :D

      • why are people putting gender to make up 1st off make was worn by men and women throw out time , why are people so closed minded we are all just human make up is a way to improve one self, or express themselves

        • Because people are trained a certain way, thus they have their head in the sand. Make-up is for everyone, my pastor got onto me for wearing nail polish. I wear pumps all the time, I wore a skidrt in public several times. People say men suppose to wear pants, well Jesus did not weart pants, neither did men for over 6,000 years, plus at one time women was not permitted to wear pants and look now that it about all you see women abandoning of wearing skirts and dresses for the wearing of of pants.

          It seems women could wear anything they want even if it is “mens clothes”, yet if a man wears “womens clothes” it is like the world came to an end.

          Clothes nor make up is a gender indicator.

          We live in a culture socialistic society and men are under complete socialism.

          It is time to break that socialism today.

          I do not care what society says, MEN ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR MAKEUP PERIOD……………………………

          • I agree men should b allowed to wear makeup and do all femnine things and wear fem clothes. But society dictates to us all a bit communistic I would say. I want to b beautiful as a woman and b loved by woman as myself a women –lesbian woman

  10. I forgor the name of this guy from Tokio Hotel. But i always like his make up. And also Adam Lambert, it´s amazing, and it makes sense, for him.
    My ex boyfriend had long hair for a while, and i used to hate it so much!
    Because he always tried to blow out to keep it straight, and i told him “dont ask me to finish, blow out is difficult and u r not gonna make it.” But he always did anyway AND ALWAYS ASKED ME TO FINISH, because he got tired of doing, bc he had so much hair!
    I thought that was SO GAY! I mean SUPER GAY!I hated that! AND ONCE he insisted on using my eye pencil! AND HE DID!!!
    I mean, now im obviously traumatized, i cant NEVER accept a boyfriend doing anything like that at all, MAYBE getting pedicure once in a while, but maybe.
    But if the guy is gay, is perfectly fine!

    • His name is Bill! I like his makeup too, I think I also have a very unnatural crush on him. Like you said, for some guys it makes sense, like makeup suits Adam Lambert very well too! :D

      HAHA to the long hair! How long was it? I think long hair can be kinda nice on men though, like shoulder length.

      My ex once saw I bought new nail polish and then he grabbed the bottle and started painting his nails in front of me. Thought that was a little odd but it kinda suited him/his style!

      • It was shoulder lenght, but he had a lot of hair,very curly and gross! So it was not pretty at all!!!!hahahaha
        I have a friend who paints his nails of black!!! But he plays drumms and he has long hair too, shoulder lenght! I think it matches his style, he is such a rock star u know, so he can!

      • I appreciate your candor on this subject… I am an intersexed lady who lives fulltime as a woman and appreciates your comments.

  11. I always try to force my bf into wearing some of my lip balm while he is driving. :S
    It drives him nuts; though he is totally understanding and supportive for all my girls wants and needs he would never actually try it out. And actually I like it that way.

    Men=rough and tough.

    But interestingly enough my brother does wear foundation to cover some of his pimples and stuff and my home made facial masks (even though i stopped using them cos i was too lazy). His girlfriend even buys him his favourite foundation when he runs out cos he is too embarrassed to get it himself.
    SO really i think u love him then u jus have to love ur bf the way he is.. with or without foundation! ;)

    • I’m glad you put up a picture Nish, that’s a really great photo. :)

      I would have to support your stance on men wearing lipbalm! They really do need it sometimes, haha.

      And your brother sounds sweet! If he’s embarrassed he could always just pretend he’s buying if for his gf? :-P And yes, at the end of the day you gotta just love them for who they are; makeup or not. What a lovely comment Nish, thank you :D

  12. Thank you sweetie!

  13. LOL. Im perfectly jealous his perfectly applied eye make-up too.

    I think make-up is best left for women. For everyday vital use I mean.

    I can perhaps excuse the celebrities appearing on red carpets, or movie/photo shoot.
    But for something to use everyday, that’s perhaps a lil too much.
    However, men practising proper skin care (cleanse, tone, mosturize) is fine, coz it just shows they put in some effort in taking care of themselves.

    • Hey Vanessa :)

      I totally agree on the skincare part. Nice skin is such a blessing, for both men and women. All my guy friends don’t do anything – just wash with water – and their skin is perfect. Grrr, how envious I am! :-P

  14. i’m ok with men wearing makeup if they’re entertainers *looks to korean & japanese singers for reference*. i think they look good and pretty on stage. but if guys get obsessed (like peering into the mirror all the time to check if their makeup smudged, for eg), it gets a little creepy.

    don’t you think?

    • Def creepy, Daphne! I think that’s where I draw the line. If my boyfriend checks on his makeup (or wears) more than me then I do think that’s a bit too much! :-P

  15. Hello everyone and Happy Easter. I don’t wear makeup but I do wear nail polish and have contributed to posts on this site regarding men wearing nail polish. I am straight and I am married for many years and I wear nail polish in all colors on my toes. My favorite color is OPI Big Apple Red. I usually wear women’s low heel sandals because they have style while men’s sandals look like truck tires and make my feet look larger. I find the comments very interesting that folks here judge a person to be gay because they wear makeup! How many gay men do you really know, and how many of those gay men wear makeup? The answer is that you probably don’t know many gay men and at least 90 percent of gay men don’t wear makeup! It is simply a stereotype. Most gay men are attracted to men that wear Armani suite rather than men who have a more effeminate appearance. It is also an established fact that 80 percent of men that crossdress or experiment with makeup or women’s clothing are straight and half of those men are married. There are a lot of women who are TomBoys and they are accepted and even encourage by other women and by society. Why do we jump to conclusions about men that exhibit a feminine side? Why are males that exhibit a feminine side ostracized and ridiculed? In reality, some women are a little more masculine and some men are a little more feminine and this gender identity is not connected to the person’s sexuality. Sexuality and Gender Identity are two separate things. I believe that society needs to lose the double standard regarding gender identity and realize that people should be allowed to express themselves without judgment regardless if they are a TomBoy or a male with a strong feminine side.



    • Dear Jamie
      I read you statement that was very interesting and absolutely agree with your both attitude and point of view.
      Whenever possible during summer time, I also polish my toe nails with clear varnish and walk with women’s flat sandals. It is a very good feeling and, besides, a better looking taking into consideration tha t men’s sandals are huge and even worst than a tractor a truck or what so ever.
      Thanks for all

    • I love girls sandals of all type. I wear many thong sandals that are girls. I have many other girl type too. I wear ones that have a heel. Lots are weg type but some are skinny heels. I love thongs sandals most but the staph kind look good to and I have a good amount of them too. I love my nails polished. I get them in silver or French tip as well as and mostly lite pink. I love my legs shaved in summer. I wear girls longer shorts they fit my body better since I am thin and my in seem is short. I hate baggy shorts with a lots of big pockets. So I am straight and get lots of complements. In some of my dress men think I got men close on. I not dressing to look like a girl just dressing to look good. So I would have to say I love your style. I think it must look good or you stop wearing it.

  16. I think it all depends on what context the question/opinion is asked, if your asking it in the context of girls how do you feel about your man wearing full makeup I would assume most responses would be against their man in full makeup, now if your asking it as guys in general not husbands or boyfriends I would say more girls would not have a problem with it. A lot of girls would in my opinion feel it was cool as fashion and trends evolve and continue to push boundaries. In my opinion as a male I say to each is own life is to short not to do what you want and enjoy yourself, having said that I can’t help but think the majority of guys wearing makeup are doing so in a rebellious statement or following a trend. I have to believe the majority of guys that are wearing makeup are not wearing it for the same reasons women wear makeup sure there are exceptions but as I said the majority of guys in makeup are doing so out of rebellion and current trend.

    • Totally agree with everything you said, James. LIke you said, all women will have an opinion for their preference for their boyfriend/husband, but in general will probably have no problem with it. Either way, life is short – men should be allowed to wear makeup if they want to. I personally love it!

  17. Renee, I love your blog and found it while looking for inspirations for a photo shoot I’m working on. This post is especially hopeful. I’m a guy with uneven complexion and some acne scars. I’ve noticed girls using concealer or foundation and the incredible difference it makes on them. I even considered using it myself but quickly decided it was inappropriate for men. This post really threw those misconceptions out the door.

    • Great to hear, Johnny. Thanks for visiting! :) You should def not care what others think, many men wear makeup; I guess no one really talks about it too much? You should go for a concealer, really makes a difference and if you blend it very well no one would even notice ;)

  18. Hey, Im a 17 year old guy and I wear foundation pretty much as often as a girl would. Most times I go out I’l put a little on and if it’s a party or a date or an event where I want to look my best I will put on quite a bit of foundation and concealer to make my skin look flawless. I started wearing foundation about a year ago when i started getting spots and an uneaven skin tone and i found it gave me so much more confidence. Now my skin is getting better so I wear less however it makes me feel better about myself as I couldn’t help my skin (as it is I got medication which has cleared my spots up) and I felt envious of my friends who had perfect skin. My girlfriends in the past have never had a problem with me wearing makeup in fact they have said they like it, and I feel it is very masculine for a straight man to wear makeup (as long as it doesn’t look feminine – fake eyelashes!) as it shows he is comfortable with his sexuality and is strong enough to be different and stand out from the crowd.

  19. I am into the metalcore genre and alot of the bands wear eyeliner and I thought it looked pretty cool and so one day at my gf’s house I asked her to put a little on me and it looked pretty sweet and I want some of my own but I’m just a teenager soooo I don’t think my parents would let me look like that, they already dont like the way I look now and I just don’t know what to do.

  20. Oh yeah but only like a really light color or very light amount out. So if you guys could help me out it would mean alot.


  21. *squeals* BILL!!!! XD He is such a pretty boy! :) I love his smokey eyes. :D

    Personally, I agree. To each their own. ^^ Though it’d kinda freak me out a bit if my boyfriend started wearing make-up. >.<;; But some guys look so hott with guyliner and make-up(for example Adam Lambert).

  22. Aww, Bill Kaulitz is adorable! And an excellent example of male beauty, rarer than the female variety. His twin, Tom, is cute, too. I like Tokio Hotel, so that’s what drew me to your site Renee, haha. I’ve seen photos of Bill without makeup, so I’m thinking it’s more for stage persona/going incognito. But he’s cute either way. ;) Lol, I had a little crush on him, too. I took a friend with me to one of their concerts & admired the band after we squished/fought our way to the second row–The twins look less feminine than in their photos, but the whole band has a massive, exciting stage presence. Very interesting.

    Anyway, the main reason why “girls should/can & guys shouldn’t/can’t” wear makeup is that’s what is generally socially acceptable. I’m not saying that’s right (social rules like this annoy me), but that’s how it is right now. Personally, I think I’d be okay with eyeliner if it looks good, & lip balm for an everyday day look. And maybe concealer if needed. As for nail polish, that depends. Clear or black look fine on guy hands. Yes, someone did make a point about Egyptians. It’s kinda like how pale skin used to be associated with aristocracy & tan skin, the poor labor worker. Today, overly pale skin is sickly & tan is healthy (though that’s arguable if it’s unnatural–tanning salon baked). Trends & what is socially acceptable change. So, maybe we’ll go back to men & women being able to wear makeup if they so choose. Who knows?

    On a slightly less pensive note, yes guys seem to have naturally thicker, darker, longer lashes than girls. Why is this? Is it evolutionary, to help attract mates?

    • I saw them live too and I have to agree, their stage presence is amazing – my friends who don’t even like them say they were very impressed! :)

      I’m not sure if there is an actual reason why guys seem to have longer and thicker lashes than us, but I’m very jealous, haha! Perhaps there is a scientific/environmental reason behind it but I’m really not sure – it would be very interesting to find out, though.

  23. I’ve been wearing makeup for some time, including lipstick (my favorite for going out at night, to a club or on a date, is Mac Red). Completing my look is eyeliner, bronzer and foundation …dark shades and a cigar. I put on a thin bklack cashmere sweater that shows a lot of tit, black pants and dress boots and I am ready for anything. I am sure I am not alone.

  24. Okay so I know this blog was like almost a year ago but oh well I have an input. … I am a 20 year old young man who is in college and definately NOT gay. I believe mens cosmetics is great!!! How ever its not for every man.. its for men who aren’t afraid to be sexy, likes to have fun and apreciates luxury. Its for those who are leaders in everything they do and understands that grooming and appearance are sooo important to not only his personal life but his profesional life as well..I have read some of the comments below and I will say it would be weird for a guy to wear his girls make up. however that is wear MENS cosmetics come into play. It is much different then womens make up. Mens cosmetics are applyed much thinner then womens cosmetics. Also they contain ingredients and colors that provide a more natrual look. Mens make up is also disigned to enhance a masculane appearance while remaining undetectable. Womens make up is obviously disigned to inhance a fiminine look and the products are usualy really evident on the skin. I believe that typical products for woman like bright eye shaddow mascara, and lip color should never be used by men and you won’t find them in mens make up lines. So if your man is wearing mary kay, herbal essence, or some of those other womans make up lines you might suggest he uses some like: 4v00 , studio5I’ve

  25. Adding on to my post above…those are just two lines that I know of. They both really focus on the masculine man and being sexy too. If your guy is not willing to work with anything and you really feel he should do to like acne or anything of the sort. Bums , spots , ect. Then the men pen is Fantastic!! For all guys. And verry easy to use. ….also about the picture above he is the lead singer of tokyo hotel and although he may pull off the look the everyday man should not attempt that. Its two fiminine. Infact before I knew who he was a few years ago me and my friend was sitting on the sofa and were talking about how hot she was and come to find out later she was a he. Ow well. Haha..


  27. I too have a very unnatural attraction to this guy. Doesn’t hurt that besides being drop dead gorgeous he is really talented. I am a huge fan of Tokio Hotel. Adam Lambert soooo stole his look from Bill. Bill’s been doing it a lot longer and Adam has admitted more than once to having a celebrity crush on him. I think as women we can surely appreciate beauty in other women and in this case….a man!! I wish my makeup looked as good as his!!

  28. I agree — not all men should or can wear makeup. Only those who want to look sexy and can pull it off. I know because I do. Nothing is sexier than a guy going back to his date’s house or apartment, excusing himself while he freshens his lipstick and makeup, and comes out in his lingerie and polished black boots. I love going down on another guy with my lipstick on.

  29. It’s ok for me. The man on the picture is wearing make up only in public places and photo shoots. In the normal life he doesn’t. I mean.. look for some video or pictures. He’s very different there. But the make up makes him special. That’s his style and that doesn’t mean that he’s a gay or something…

  30. You go, Aaron. Looking good is the ultimate aim and it sounds like what you describe give you great style and make you feel sexy. I wear lingerie for many of the same reasons. I love how sheer stockings cling to my shaved legs and my bubble butt.

  31. I believe men have the same right as Women wearing nice things, I am married to a women and it will be twelve years, I wear womens pumps low heels (1.25 inches) to high heels (2.5 inches) and knee high stockings with them, I wear bell bottoms to hide them in public, yet I have worn regular dress pants were people can see my pumps. I wear skirts at home and when we are out of town I would wear my skirt in the hotel parking lot. I wear nail polish on my toes (bubble gum pink), clear polish usually on my finger nails. I do wear foundation occvasionally. I wear my pumps all day long, they are very comfortable to me. I have been wearing pumps since the late 1980 when I was a mid teen and now I am 34. I do not even own a pair of male shoes.
    Men have a right to look beautiful and enjoy like. Clothing styles have placed men in a cultral prision, that they only permitted to wear pants and business suits, when women could wear anything without anything being said to them. One day I will wear a skirt in a public place, I am eager for that day, my wife is not ready for it, yet she will. Men wore skirts, stocking and pumps hundreds of years ago and we are still men so let not that ever change, so lets dress up for the occasion that we live in a free country. Clothes does not make the man, man makes the clothes.
    Only thing keeping men from wearing skirts is the fear that people think they are homogenderals, yet how many of them have you ever see wearing a skirt. Skirts are for both genders. Until men get out of cultral prision, they will allow themselves be defeated by their own pride.
    Men’s skin does not have to look rough, their arms and legs does not have to look like a dog, their hair should not be all one style. Stop the monoteny and let you imagination flurish, petend there is no such thing as a gender wall in clothing, dress in what looks good to you and not society say how you need to dress. It is about you and not them!!!

  32. most guys look stupid with it,Bill being the exception.his face just naturally is feminine in a non-gay way & makes it work o_O
    Everyone else,no.he has an unusual face.

  33. umm im okay with BILL kaulitz wearin it cuz he loosk gooood it it or should i say HAWTTT in it but if other ppl do it i thinkt its just wrooongg!

  34. hi i,m masoome i think make up is good for women but it depends to situation

  35. Is it creepy that I find this sexy? :P

  36. Adrogynous guys are beautiful. that’s all I’m gonna say 8)

  37. That is Bill Kaulitz, from the German band Tokio Hotel. I personally think that he looks incredibly sexy with makeup. I think there is no problem with guys wearing makeup. But because he is famous, he has a stylist who probably does his makeup, I think his stylists name is Natalie. But he does look perfect, so no I have no problem at all with guys in makeup.

  38. I LOVE men with makeup! It dosent scream gay at all, cuz its a known fact that makeup started in the land of Egypt and with MEN, Women stole it later :P Also, MANY guys who are completely straight Like Bill kaulitz right there, [who is becoming manlier by the day but has kept his makeup up] Wear makeup! But i also believe that a guy needs to have the right kind of looks or has to know what KINd of and to what extent he should be applying the makeup! :)

  39. Nothing speaks more to a guy’s care about his own appearance than his careful selection and application of bronzer, eyeliner and lipstick. It is so sexy. My favorite lipstick is Mac Red, which I wear when I go clubbing or go to his house or apartment for an evening of hot intimate contact. I also smoke a cigar when I go out.

  40. hi….. that is bill kaulitz my all time idol from tokio hotel….. i honestly think it takes more balls for a guy to wear make up out.. and i think it is nice that guys are wearing make-up who cares what others think if you enjoy it why let others stop you…..:)

  41. Ladies who think seeing your man with make-up would be fun…….careful what you wish for. That was my fun idea two years ago, now my ex-bf looks is basically a “queen.” I begged my boyfriend for the longest time to let me apply a little make-up on him, and he never let me. Then he came to the beauty salon while I got my hair done and while he was sitting in the chair next to me, I asked my hairdresser if she thought he would look good with a little make-up (just some foundation, a little mascara, and some blush), and she said “absolutely!” and asked him if he wanted to try it. I almost fell on the floor when he said he would! (I’m sure part of it had to do with the fact that my hairdresser is a gorgeous woman!). So I went to go get gas in the car while he had his make-up applied. When I came back and saw him, my jaw dropped, he looked a little androgynous (she applied eyeliner, a little heavy on the mascara, and a light shade of lipstick), but it was kind of sexy. We had great sex that night btw! Well, that broke the ice for him….he actually started to apply it himself using my make-up. I went out and bought him his own cosmetics (never thought I would be buying my bf his own make-up!) About two months later I came home and he had gotten his eyebrows done like a woman, and for the first time he was wearing eye shadow! He tried to act like it was no big deal, but the arched eyebrows, and charcoal eye shadow was a little over the androgyny line. I didn’t freak out, and I just kind of let it go, afterall, this whole make-up thing was my idea. Well, a few weeks later I found a bag in his closet with a wig, dresses, stockings, heels, women’s jewelry, and even women’s Virginia Slims cigarettes. What I had done. I confronted him, and he said he liked looking feminine and was experimenting. Well, after I discovered (yes, I followed him) that he had been going out to a gay bar in total drag, I called it quits. Long story short…….about a year ago, a girlfriend of mine saw him at her beauty parlor, having his hair done in curlers with his mother, and she said he looked like he was living as a woman. They talked for a couple of minutes and she said he acted VERY feminine. He had, long nails, full make-up, in a skirt & blouse. That whole day I just kept thinking “OMG, my ex-bf is a drag queen!” Anyhoo, if you open pandora’s box, know that you may not be able to close it.

    • Yes anything like this could transpire, yet I have been wearing skirts knee high stalkings, pumps (I have 50 pairs) and nail polish sometime foundation, I am married to my wife for 12 years and I never consider myself as a women, I am a male 100% no matter what cloths I have on the outside. I love weraring these things does not make me the opposite gender. I hate to hear about you boyfried going off the deep end. Yet people are volunrable to become perverted. If a male dresses in what culture considered a womenlike garment and still considered himself as a male then there is nothing wrong, yet if he changes gender that is where it becomes wrong. Women dress in blue jeans t shirts athetic shoes, yet nothing feminie about that so it is not clothing that is a gender indicator it is the body parts.
      Men for over 6,000 years never wore pants, men were the forst ones to wear skirts, stalkings and high heels before women, do you consider all these men for the past 6,000 years as being feminie?
      Remember even a males dresssed in blue jeans and t shirts can act as feminie as one in what cultures calls “women like” attire. Statics say only less than 10% of all men who wears “women like attire” are actually homogenderals, so setreotyping a men wearing skirts is wrong. So next time you see a male is jeans on him he maybe a homogenderal and one with a skirt maybe happily married to a women.

      Lastly clothing and makeup is just a covering yet not a gender indicator. If I painted a lemon with orange paint does it make it an orange of coarse not, what is on the outside is just a vanear.

  42. Hello,I’m mainly leaving this comment for Renee to reply too. I am a 17 year old boy who has a girlfriend who does not mind that I am into makeup she was acctually the first person to ask to do mine and ever since she did I have loved it I’m not gay but I just believe men should wear make up I don’t always do my make up but when I do if its not my girlfriend going all out to see how pretty she can make me I will usally just wear eyeliner and eyeshadow I love. Smokey eyes its the only thing I will do but I just wanted to ask if you think I should take it to the next level and wear it to school I am a senior and only have 3 classes but I have never wore makeup to school I don’t know if I should or not? But everyone who has seen my makeup has said I have a face for makeup and should be happy I can rock my stuff and I always get complements on how pretty my eyelashes are :P I know your jealous.

  43. Hello,I’m mainly leaving this comment for Renee to reply too. I am a 17 year old boy who has a girlfriend who does.not mind that I am into makeup she was acctually the first person to ask to do mine and ever since she did I have loved it I’m not gay but I just believe men should wear make up I don’t always do my make up but when I do if its not my girlfriend going all out to see how pretty she can make me I will usally just wear eyeliner and eyeshadow Smokey eyes its the only thing I will do but I just wanted to ask if you think I should take it to the next level and wear it to school I am a senior and only have 3 classes but I have never wore makeup to school I don’t know if I should or not? But everyone who has makeup has said I have a face for makeup and should be happy I can rock my stuff and I always get complements on how.pretty my eyelashes are :P I know your jealous.. I have hair down to my ears but it used to go shoulders id love to grow it out some is there any styles you could picture for guys my girlfriend used to scrunch it when it was about 3in above my should ers but that was just for fun also you should know my hair is very curly but I take very nice care of it I would love to give you my email and for use to make me a bigger cutie :) thanks lots.

  44. We’ve come so far in the last 25 years, I don’t think it’s a big deal anymore, but I guess it is to some people. Why does there have to be this black/white, if you wear make-up your automatically gay stance??? My boyfriend likes to be feminine, and I (yes, I’m a girl/woman) tend to be on the maculine side. He had his hair cut in a woman’s bob, and although it does make him look very girly, he is not gay. What someone wants to look like does not automatically translate to what gendered person they want to have sex with. My mom saw my boyfriend after he had his hair bobbed and she freaked out! (the fact that he had a french manicure probably didn’t help much either) OMG! Heck, maybe I’m the one who is subconciously gay!!!!!!

  45. @Sandy K.
    A male like to be faminie is not a homogenderal, just look at most women they wear jeans and t shirts and many females now days do not even look feminine. People have the right to look the way they desire to. As long as the clothing is modest. Remember Jesus did not wear jeans noe did he have short hair. Men wore skirts/dersses for over 6,000 years it was only for the last 200 they wore pants. Plus read your history men were the first to wear skirts, stocking, high heels and pumps (see footwear history). In fact men wore pumps with bows and rines stones on them in the 1400 and 1500. Even Christopher Columbus the one discovered America only wore skirts. It is just people now days a brainwashed from birth that men only alowed to wear pants while girls, the sky is the limit. Plus pink is anyones colour. If pink is for girls and blue isd for boye, them women need to dispense with their bluye clothing especially blue jeans. Lastly a males have just the same right to wear makup and nail polish like women, men have the right to makes them selves good, it is there body they have the right.

  46. I think its cool. I wish it was alright for guys to wear full makeup and earrings. Id dress up every day. I just adore wearing makeup

  47. BILL! I love Tokio Hotel! Which is what drew me to this thread as well…Personally, I think the whole men wearing make up being gay, is just stereotyping. I think it was Aristophanes who said that homosexual males tend to show more masculine characteristics by nature lol And I don’t think I’d mind if my boyfriend was effeminate, as long as he had a good personality (my parents would, but that’s another story lol), I know that certain women feel insecure when their fiancés, boy friends etc where make up…but then again, I’m a bit of Tom boy myself and like hell I’d give a shit about what other people think about it :) But true, make up only looks good on certain people and it doesn’t just apply for guys either. I’ve seen plenty of women look hideous with several tons of cosmetics plastered on to themselves lmao. Though Bill’s face looks gorgeous with eye shadow…though he’s not the only one, you can look up the Swedish Triplets ( their band concrete animals or snake of Eden) or Andrej Pejic the newest androgynous model material lol and to me, they just look fab! <3

  48. As a straight male who would love nothing more than to look as good as he! I believe men if they desire, should be able to wear makeup and feminine fashion if they choose without the jeers and judgments that seem to always be provided! Like “Gay”. Not all men are gay or want to be when dressed feminine or wearing makeup! My wife doesn’t mind my wearing clothes and some makeup in private. I know I may never see the day where it will be accepted but I believe it will be and should be! About 1 in 10 women enjoy a male that expresses his feminine side blatantly and not flamboyantly! In my case I look too masculine and broad shouldered from playing sports! I have a truly peaceful side of me that manifests itself when I am feminine! I know women want “Manly Men!” yet if they discovered their “Manly Man” was wearing panties to work or even more they would shun him, divorce him! He no longer is worthy of their marriage! That is a shame! Men don’t tend to throw their women to the gutter if they shave their heads and wear pants! Double Standards! My wife understands the dynamics and knows I am still the same in whatever I am wearing! I think he looks amazing! I envy him!

    • Eric, I’m with you on this. Well, mostly. I’ll wear what I want, be it a little bit of eye makeup, toe nail polish, a skirt, open-toed sandals, whatever and society be damned. But I know that saying “women want manly men” is something of a sweeping generalisation; not all do. In fact, many women have tried the macho types and found them lacking. Some women prefer manly men; some prefer girly men, heck, some even prefer manly women. My point is, there’s someone for everyone without everyone feeling they have to conform to some mythical ideal.

  49. Bill your are only cute when you have & don’t have makeup on ……… I love you bill your are hot & it is cool when you have pretty eyes …..

  50. Just FYI, Those eyelashes aren’t fake
    both he and his twin brother have super long eyelashes

    Also he’s not gay :3

  51. I think it is super hot

  52. Why should women have all the fun? Men should have the same choices as women and it should not matter if you were born male or female when it comes to wearing makeup, clothing, shoes, earrings, short or long hairstyles as long as it makes you happy. Not everyone needs to wear makeup, or even looks good wearing skirts, jeans, earrings or even long hair. So if makeup makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself, Just Wear It :) but remember the number one rule with makeup whether your are male or female, is less is more. “People laugh at me, because I’m different, I laugh because their all the same”

  53. I’m a 19 years old guy and I have a very feminine body, I let my hair grow, shave my body and like my body the way it is now. Despite my family being completely aware that I’m not gay I was still rejected countless times by them, been called a fag, a queer (By my own uncle even) just because they had a different trend back in their days, and can’t tolerate mine or anyone’s that is not how they believe it’s the way for a man and a woman to behave and dress. Heck, now I’m feeling curious to try out makeup to cover up some skin marks/stains I have from scars and ingrown hairs, but am too afraid for how my family would take it, surely they tell me I will get bad faces around me for doing this but they aren’t exceptions in the matter. I honestly don’t give a damn about what other people think about me but when it’s the family and people I live with, it gets stressful and tense having to deal with it everyday.

  54. Maybe a bit crazy but definitely cool. In my opinion the really crazy part of it all is that so many people get bent out of shape because someone dares to step out of the box. As a young boy I was a huge Elvis fan and loved the way his eyes looked. It appeared as if he wore eyeliner and very simply I wanted to emulate his look so I was continually borrowing my sisters eyeliner (with her consent). Today I am still fascinated with makeup and wear it openly as I go about in my daily routine. Yes I get stares and glares but I could care less, it’s my life andI don’t really care what others think. I have my circle of friends (men and women) who like me for who I am and I don’t doubt my masculinity so why should anyone else. Yes outside the box but who’s box is it anyway.

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