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Men and Pedicures – Crazy or Cool?

Seems like those Hollywood dads are starting a new trend. Seal, husband of Heidi Klum, was recently sporting some black nail polish on his toes (we have something in common!), and after much research, it seems like Kate Beckinsale and Tori Spelling’s husband love this trend as well.

men and pedicures

I’m not sure if it’s because they let their kids do it or if it’s actually something they like, but I’m curious to what you guys think: If your significant other came home with a pedicure, what would you do? What’s the extend of ‘beauty’ regimes you’d be OK with with your boyfriend/husband?

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  • Skittles March 2, 2009, 2:10 am

    haha OMG! this is so funny but also so weird. I dunno what I would do if my bf came home with a beautiful manicure haha

  • Kelly March 2, 2009, 3:31 am

    Are you kidding me?!

  • Yin March 2, 2009, 4:43 pm

    I will laugh if my husband came back with this!!!!! And then I’d ask who did it for you and what brand of nail polish is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Vicky March 3, 2009, 11:10 am

    I’m okay with men getting pedi and mani. Getting their nails buff and shaped is totally okay. But, not nail polish tho. I’ll first freak out (if I see the nail polish), and then crack up laughing :p

    • New to Color November 2, 2010, 8:36 am

      Vicky: I don’t understand why you would be upset or find men getting polish so funny. First and formost is that women stole the idea from us men. The chinese invented nail polish as we know it for men to establish social status with the emperor getting the brighter colors and progressive duller as it went down the ladder. Second I am a very straight Christian male and I started painting my toes about two months ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is relaxing, intriguing, and looks absolutely good. Of course, I always make sure that I have a mani and pedi before coloring to make my hands and feet look good. I am 67 yrs old and love to hunt, fish, and do many other “manly” things and I consider myself very masculine. I get my hands greasy with doing auto repairs, build decks on my house and maintain the inside and outside of my house. An all american guy so to speak. I hope you aren’t upset because you think we are “invading your territory” which we are not. Think about this: men usually do “dirty” work and the polish on the fingers would hide the ugly filthy underneath until the hands can be thoroughly washed. Bottom line is this: I love it and I will keep on polishing and I can’t help what others think. I have just had my ears pierced, I wear toe nail rings and anklets made out of sterling silver. Furthermore, I have talked with several preachers to get a Biblical perspective on this and all have agreed that there was nothing wrong with it if that is what the guy wants to do. Is it strange to society, probably yes but that doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t do it. My advice to the guys out there is this…..if you want to paint your toes and fingers and go out in public….JUST DO IT! I go everywhere with fingers and toes done and have not received the first negative comment but have had hundreds of positive comments.

      • closet painter wanting to come out November 16, 2013, 8:42 am

        I am a very masculine man,but I also love to keep myself clean. I secretly love to keep my toe nails painted. and my wife of 19 years don’t even know. I want to do it in public, along with my fingernails.. But it is so hard to get the courage, because people are so set in their ways.

        • Robert March 2, 2014, 8:04 am

          You have ONE life!
          If you like it, just do it!
          Who cares what OTHER people say about Nail Polish, Mani’s & Pedi’s. I am 50 and been doing my toes with blue black for years!
          I love it man.

  • Michelle March 25, 2009, 4:51 am

    My husband actually did this! Well, I coaxed him into it, actually.

    We were both decided to get pedicures at a salon while on vacation, and when the nail tech asked him if he wanted polish, I told him to try black (I think she meant ‘clear’ polish)! But you know what? The black looked totally SEXY on his feet! The nail tech even thought it looked good, so he agreed to leave it on his toes.

    We did some walking around after that with sandals on, and it surprised me how many people came up to us and complimented both of us on our pedicures. He even received a number of direct compliments on his ‘manly toes’, so apparently, I was not the only one who thought it looked good on him.

    He has since tried dark blue, silver and metallic gray. These colors all look very masculine and great on his feet. I think it’s a great look for men and encourage guys to get past the belief that’s it’s only for women, and GIVE IT A TRY!

    • Robert March 2, 2014, 8:09 am

      I like your way of thinking. I have been wearing blue black on my toes for years! I love it and it is AWESOME to find a woman who appreciates “MEN”, who step out of what Society says is normal.
      Great article ~

  • Renee March 25, 2009, 4:24 pm

    Michelle, thanks for sharing your story, and all the other comments above! I must admit I still don’t really have an opinion on this yet, it’s just so alien to me.

    My friend actually called me up and said after reading the post, she asked a few guys at her office and apparently some are getting their nails buffed and polished (clear though, I think!). It’s real news to me! And with the rise of male-only spas, anything is possible I would think!

    I do know two guys who would wear black nail polish, though. (Don’t know about their feet!)

  • Danielle April 11, 2009, 6:06 am

    My partner and I own a salon and we have been working to attract male clients more lately. Mostly by world-of-mouth, but via some advertising aimed at encouarging men to look their best too. It seems to us that men need to get ‘cleaned up’ and it helps their image in the professional world.

    Their fingernails after a manicure are usually buffed and some like clear polish to finish off the look. Toes usually get buffed, but we have a number of male clients who ask for colored polish too. I am not sure if they wear it openly, but the repeat business tells me that it’s gaining in popularity. The typical color for men is black, but other darker colors seem to work too, like dark metallic gray, dark blue, dark green and even darker maroon.

    Frankly, we are both glad this is gaining acceptance because it certainly helps our business – and guys are better tippers than women too!

    • Mike December 15, 2009, 9:48 pm

      Hi Danielle,

      I am a black man looking for a a good manicure and pedicure can you tell me where I can find your salon?

    • George April 14, 2010, 10:04 am

      I’m glad I found this forum. I’ve always had problems with the edges of my big toe’s nails curling under a bit and causing discomfort (or infections). Hence the need and then indulgence of pedicures. Can you tell me if I’m rationalizing or if the nail polish helps the nails to not ‘curl’ as much as unpainted nails? I started with no polish, then went to a clear coat, and now do Orange on one foot, Black on the other and it seems like I have fewer problems since going to polish mode versus just pedi’s.


    • Ryan July 31, 2011, 10:10 am

      Where is your salon ?????

  • Renee April 11, 2009, 11:13 am

    That’s great to hear about your business, Danielle. (And I do agree that men are better tippers, I wonder why? haha)

    I think buffing is a great idea for guys, and men and manicures/pedicures are a big improvement. (Remember in school at gym class when they’d take of their shoes and you’d see hairy toes, ingrown toenails, yellow toenails… just all kinds of nastiness? Now men have no excuse!)

    Perhaps you could ask your clients next time what made them want to paint their nails, and is it a new trend for males (without embarrassing them or scaring them off, of course!) :P

  • Danielle April 14, 2009, 2:37 am

    Beauty Fool, I was wondering the same thing (why men would polish their toenails) and so we have asked several of them who are regular clients, in order for us to better understand how to build our business in this area.
    More than one have said that they tried this themselves in private before they ever had a pedicure in a salon, and liked the way it looked. One client told me that a girlfriend actually talked him into letting her paint his toenails for him and he not only enjoyed the experience, but he liked how they turned out. Apparently, his girlfriend thought it was pretty hot too!

    After the first few requests, my partner and I have been gently promoting it and asking men if they would like to try it, if we feel they appear open-minded to it. We have since seen articles in several trade magazines and online that talk about men taking better care of their feet and beginning to wear their toenails with color on them, so we see it as another way to get men coming back, because it appears that not many salons in our area openly endorse or encouarge it yet.

    We have set up our pedicure stations in a part of the salon that is not openly viewable from the waiting area or stylist’s stations, so they can enjoy the experience in private. And we have provided reading material to interest both men and women as well as color swatch samples selected for either. Early on, we suggested just black for men, but have expanded our men’s swatches into metallic greys and silvers, some blues, browns, greens and even dark maroons for men now. These are based on what our male clients ask for.

    As far as scaring some clients away, we’r pretty open and relaxed about it with men and we don’t push on them it at all, just suggest it. Some don’t opt for the polish, but many consider trying it when it’s offered in this kind of environment. To be honest, I think we’ve had maybe as many spouses or girlfriends encourage their guys to try it too, since we have nicely done example books of some of our clients available for viewing while they receive their services. My husband is even one of the male foot models we’ve used!

  • Renee April 14, 2009, 7:10 pm

    Danielle – that’s really interesting! I remember how some of the girls I knew would paint their boyfriend’s toenails while they were sleeping as a joke! :P How times have changed. Where is you located at? :) All the best with your business.

    By the way, you listed some of the colors men chose. I can actually image metallics would suit them very well, so kudos on that! Also, you could suggest colors that suit their skin tone. (Tanned skin tones would look great in a deep metallic green, I think!)

    I have a classmate who works at a tanning/waxing place, and he says that there are actually a lot of men coming in, and one of the services they have is the Brazillian wax for men – so really, I think men and grooming are fast becoming popular and ‘acceptable’.

    Also, it’s great that your husband helps out like that! He can add “foot model” to his resume :P

  • Danielle April 15, 2009, 12:47 am

    BF, a deep metallic green would be awesome! I will look for one to try out on my ‘model’. Any suggestions?

    We have been in contact with the Man Glaze company to encourage them to develop more colors. So far, they have just black and dark grey metallics in a matte finish. We suggested they come out with a dark blue, a platinum and dark green (all metallics), and they liked the idea, so we’ll see what the result is.

    We are located in the Twin Cities (MN). Surprisingly, even though most would think of this area as rather conservative, we have a great mix of arts and culture centers here, so many creative and open-minded people also live here.

    Well, thank you for the interesting conversation. I hope other readers will comment about their opinions as well!

  • Ozzy Is God April 15, 2009, 9:40 am

    I don’t know where some of these critics of dudes wearing nail polish are coming from. I’ve worn nail polish ever since I’ve been ten years old and all of my favorite rock bands inspired me to do so. Dudes get metallic purple paint jobs on their Corvettes, Harleys, and bass boats. Long hair and earrings have been around forever now. I’ve never had anyone ever give me any grief for wearing it (which I do, on both my fingers and toes!) – and I intend to wear it till the day I reach room temp. By the way, I’m 100% straight, have been married, and have a 25 yr old daughter. All my friends and co-workers are cool with my nail polish, and even when my daughter used to bring her friends over, no one thought anything at all about it. This new generation seems to be totally cool with – I’ll be glad when all these crabby old critics all fall by the wayside. It’s actually a freedom issue to me – ave loads of self-confidence – and I’ll be darned if I’ll let some snively whiny person attempt to rain on my parade. Don’t like my polish – look the other way! Anyway – Cool article! Ozzy.

  • Renee April 16, 2009, 12:18 pm

    Danielle – thanks for the great discussion! It is great that your business is (hopefully) the first in your area to come up with this service – I really hope it does well and all the best! I really think, for some reason, metallics would be the best. Let me know how it goes and I hope to see you around the site more often! :) It’s been a pleasure talking with you!

    Ozzy – Thanks for visiting and the comment! I am aware that nail polish for men haven’t been a new thing, but I do believe it was only reserved for those with a certain “look”. I wrote earlier that I did know two guys who wore nail polish and it did seem to suit with their ‘style’. I hate labels; but if I had to, they would be “goth” and “punk”, so it was part of their ‘look’, expressing themselves, etc. So I do see what you’re talking about. I suspect your wearing nail polish is influence by, like you said, all the rock bands you listened to growing up, the style of clothing, etc, as my friends were too. And by the way … more power to you, you shouldn’t care what anyone thinks! You’re right; don’t like it, don’t look! I admire your confidence.

    The reason why I wrote this article was these men all seemingly (I don’t know much about them so I can only assume) are “typical” guys – they don’t seem to have any sort of style going on, etc, so I was curious as to what made them think about polishing their toenails. I wasn’t judging at all, just really curious. After reading the comments, I see that a lot of it started with their girlfriend’s persuasion, and they came to enjoy the experience and like how it looked! I’m open to it, I mean can you imagine your guy painting your nails for you, and enjoying it? Sounds like a perfect man to me ;)

  • Melanie April 17, 2009, 3:25 pm

    I can’t say this wouldn’t surprise me if my 52 year old husband comes home with a pedicure. I guess just because it’s so unlike him. He doesn’t know anything about grooming! :P

    • Renee April 29, 2009, 12:23 pm

      Hahaha I guess it all depends on the man himself! :P

  • Lynda April 29, 2009, 1:42 am

    This is so weird…. My BF came home just two days ago with his toenails painted a silver-gray color – and they looke d great! I had never even considerd this on a guy before, so he surprised me when he did it. His reason was that he just wanted to try it because he thought it might look ‘cool’.
    I decided to look online to see fi this was becoming more common and found this and other blogs about it, so I guess it’s time men shared in our little ‘secret’.

    • Renee April 29, 2009, 12:24 pm

      I too never really considered it until I wrote this post! I think it’s becoming more ‘accepted’ and popular now though. I’ll have to ask my male friends what they think :P

  • Jamie May 5, 2009, 12:08 am

    I have been getting regular pedicures and wearing nail polish on my toes with sandals for the past 7 years. I am married and my wife and I go to the same nail salon and most of the time wear matching color on our toes. My favorite color if OPI Vodka and Caviar which is a classic red. I get many compliments from women and they always tell me that I have feminine feet like a girl. I have admired nail polish on women’s toes for as long as I can remember and was always told as a little boy that nail polish is for girls and that I couldn’t wear it. I started out wearing blue and black on my toes but really wanted to wear red because it is my favorite color and looks the best on my light skin. I finally got the courage to wear red and have never looked back and my toes are always professionally pedicured and wearing red polish. I get so many compliments on the red toenails and am told that they look a lot better than black, blue. or gray.

    There is no reason that guys should be limited to not wearing nail polish or wearing only certain colors. After all, women wear all colors including black, dark blue, silver, and other colors that are being labeled as “male colors”. Women have been borrowing from men’s fashion for years and today even wear neckties, masculine shoes, baseball caps, and just about any other artices from men’s fashion. There is no reason that men shouldn’t be able to incorporate articles from feminine fashion because after all, it is a two-way street. Many men are afraid to wear nail polish because it is a deviation from the herd mindset that most men follow and most men are terrified of doing anything that is considered to be feminine because they have been conditioned since a small child that any feminine expression is bad, A good example of this is the earring trend for men. Men didn’t really start wearing earrings until professional athletes started wearing them, and then they had the green light to do it. Everyone should be their own person and not allow society to dictate what they can and cannot wear including nail polish and colors of nail polish. I am looking forward to my pedicure this Wednesday and will be wearing OPI Got the Blues for Red.

    • Renee May 5, 2009, 7:17 pm

      Hey Jamie, thanks for sharing your views. I agree with this line the most: “Everyone should be their own person and not allow society to dictate what they can and cannot wear….”

      Personally, I just think, to each their own, really. It’s just toenails after all, huh? ;) Kudos to you for having the confidence to not care what anyone else thinks!

  • Shannon Grl 87 May 12, 2009, 3:08 pm

    What an interesting post. To be honest though, I am traditional so if my man came home with a full pedicure or manicure I might ask him if he has something to tell me! LOL!

    Guys, I’m gonna ask you, why do you wear nail polish? Just asking because obviously, throughout these years, it has been a woman thing.

    • Jamie May 13, 2009, 10:00 pm

      Hi Shannon,

      I wear nail polish because I like to look of polished nails ever since I was a small child. My mother and sister wore nail polish on their toes but I was told that I was not allowed because I am a boy. Women have been borrowing from men’s fashion for many years are are now wearing neckties, masculine shoes, baseball caps. etc. Women are also now wearing tattoos that were considered to be a male only accessory. For years men have been relegated to being colorless and utiliataian in their clothing and expression. It seems that society accepts women wearing anything that they want to wear and I believe that both genders should be able to wear anything that they want to wear. Some narrow minded folks think that what you wear indicates your sexuality. The only indicator of sexuality is if you are attracted to a person of the same sex. So if your man comes home wearing nail polish, it simply means that he likes wearing nail polish because color is fun and that he likes having pretty nails. Many men are tired of being relegated to boring male fashion that lacks expression. Polished nails are no different than wearing a tattoo or earrings. Even Suzi’s Blog of the OPI website discusses and suppports men wearing nail polish.


      Wearing OPI Vodka and Caviar on my toes

    • Robert March 2, 2014, 8:33 am

      Wearing toe Polish is a freedom of expression and a fashion statement. Besides my Wife has a small Male Foot Fetish. I want my feet to look and feel clean. I wear clear coat in the Winter. My feet are VERY happy!

  • Ted May 13, 2009, 4:57 am

    Ive been ‘doing the toes’ for at least 6 years now. My answer to the question of “why” is “because I want to, and I can!” I like the way they look, and for anybody who has never had a professional pedicure you don’t know what you are missing! Even if you decide to go clear, or buffed, the pedicure is wonderful. For me its all about the colour, but the side effects are wonderful too!

  • Jake May 19, 2009, 3:05 am

    Shannon, your question is certainly warranted, considering the number of men who have commented on this.

    I can only tell you why I like nail polish: because it’s fun, different (for guys anyway) and it makes my feet look great!
    It’s fun because it’s colorful and shiny, and I like being a fun and interesting person. I don’t like being ‘boring’.
    It’s different because not as many men wear it (yet) as women do, and I really can’t come up with a good reason why we shouldn’t wear it. It’s jsut paint after all.
    It really helps my feet look better than plain because without polish, they just look so basic, so normal, so blah. I guess I just enjoy how it looks.
    Honestly, I think I probably like it for similar reasons that women do!

    Regarding the fact that nail polish has typically been for women, I guess I’d say that there are many, many fashions that had been worn exclusively by men in the past that women have recently adopted, none of which has received much questioning. So, if men want to express their creativity a little with some paint on their toes, it just doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to me.

  • 9littlepiggies May 19, 2009, 2:35 pm

    I never considered painting my toenails until my daughters asked me to do it for them while my wife was gone. I painted mine for fun and thought it looked good despite it being pink. I even wore it out and got funny looks. Now I have a deep maroon and it seems to fit nicer. Still get funny looks but I don’t care. I’m married, have two beautiful girls, and don’t care what others think. It’s for me to enjoy. My feet have no hair on them, are well taken care of, and are probably the softest around here for men (and most women too), unless one of you guys on this post also live in the same city. I’m not a rocker nor a jock. I do like fashion but keep with classic looks. I took the polish off for a couple days and hated it. Now I can’t picture my toes without some color. My wife thought it was weird and freaked out. She thought that cross dressing was next. I have no desire to wear her clothes at all. I’m not sure how to deal with this at the moment. My mom was disgusted and asked me if I was gay. Are you serious? I thought. Ha! That was funny. So much hostility! Thank you for posting this thread.

    • Renee May 20, 2009, 1:54 am

      And thank you for adding your input! I love reading all your posts and I think you’re hilarious, especially your wife’s and mother’s reactions! I guess it takes time to get used to – like guys getting earrings for me. I remember in middle school I thought it was really weird but now I couldn’t care less, some of my boyfriends have had earrings and I really don’t mind. I suppose it’ll take a bit of time for the women in your lives to get used to!

      In the meantime, keep your posts coming! It’s really interesting, especially your personal stories and preferences in colors, etc.

      And Jamie, I love your ending – “wearing OPI Vodka and Caviar”. You have good taste! :)

    • Robert March 2, 2014, 8:43 am

      I loved your story about toe polish, my wife LOVES my feet!
      I keep them polished a Dark Maroon, or Black.
      I LOVE the attention she pays to my feet.
      I am a stock Broker and wear Gucci and other high end shoes and suits.
      My feet look and feel the best at age 49.
      I was clubbing in the 80’s in NYC, so ANYTHING goes now!
      Live YOUR life and be happy man!

  • Marty May 20, 2009, 4:58 am

    I am a straight guy married to the same woman for 39 years and almost 61 years old. I have been wearing nail polish on my feet for well over 15 years, my wife and I going to the salon together every other week. Lately I have been getting french on my fingers (but not bright white tips, more of a muted white) and light pink. The comments I have been getting are nothing short of “wow”. Most comments come from women who wonder why their boyfriends don’t do it or telling me how wonderful my hands are. I am a lawyer and financial planner and my hands are always in view. My clients love it as well. I wear sandals all Summer and colors range from light to bright and pinks and reds too. It is not a question of courage. Women have been raiding mens’ closets for years and just last week the New York Times had an article in their magazine section showing a woman wearing a man’s suit with heels. It has always been okay for women to do this – ties, tuxedos, and pants (yes pants were not permitted on women prior to WWII) and heels were created by men for men. Clothing and make up are not endowed with gender. Gay has nothing to do with clothes – it has to do with sexuality. The real reason why some women are opposed to guys wearing heels and nail polish has more to do with selfishness than gender. It’s time for guys to not be afraid of raiding their girlfriend’s or wive’s closets. It takes more courage to do what you like. More power to guys who do this.

  • Jamie May 20, 2009, 1:50 pm


    Thank you for the comment that I have good taste in nail polish. I like OPI Vodka and Caviar because it is a very pretty true red with slight bluish undertones. I also like OPI Got the Blues for Red but it appears almost black under indoor florescent lighting whereas OPI Vodka and Caviar appears red under any type of lighting and since I chose red polish I want my toenails to be seen as red under any type of lighting. I also don’t believe that men should try to masculinize nail polish. There are many articles in women’s fashion magazines about adding a little masculine flare to an otherwise feminine look. Many women that do this are the first to cry foul when a man adds a little feminine flare to their look. I believe that men should be able to add a little feminine flare to an otherwise drab, boring, and color-limited masculine look. Many men are insecure with this concept and that is why they believe that they need to stick to black, blue, and silver. On the other hand, I know a lot of women that wear black, blue, and silver so therefore they must not be just men’s colors. :-)

    All of my women friends and my wife all wear red on their toenails and they all tell me that you just can’t go wrong with red toenails. My mother wore red on her toenails and I remember admiring it when I was several years old and I wanted to have red toenails ever since. Now I get a pedicure every two weeks and always leave with red toenails. Whenever I am not at work my professionally pedicures red toenails are proudly on display in low heel open toe sandals.

    Renee, Thank you for starting this discussion and being so beautiful and open-minded.

    Warm Regards,

    Jamie :-)

  • Erik May 21, 2009, 4:02 am

    Renee, I am really glad I found this post. You see, I have been a closet polish-wearer for quite a while, not knowing if this was something that any other men did. I see now that I am apparently in good company due to the many (mostly positive ) comments here.

    I guess I can understand why some of the comments from women are not in support of this because it is traditionally seen as something only women do. And when a man tries it, it appears “strange” at first. It did to me too when I first wore it (someone else painted my toes as a joke), but I began to like it after I got used to it. Now it seems odd not to have my toes polished!

    I can relate to the many positive comments here because I think everyone likes to feel that they look attractive to others. Nail polish enhances one’s attractivness by adding color, and so that is why I think people (men and women) like this. I think once more people get past the initial reaction of seeing men wearing it too, it will become just another form of personal expression that we all can enjoy!

    Thank you Reneee for starting this post! It is a refreshing change from the typical stereotypes we all know too well.

  • Jamie May 23, 2009, 10:57 am

    I went to my pedicure appointment this week and my nail tech introduced me to the most wonderful basecoat and topcoat. The base coat is called “Seche Clear” and the topcoat is called “Seche Vite”. The topcoat is quickdry. I usually bring my own color to my pedicure appointment and this time I chose OPI Vodka and Caviar. I have been wearing this color for the past several months and just love seeing it on my toes and therefore it is my signature toe color. My nail tech applied the Seche Clear Basecoat and then applied two coats of OPI Vodka and Caviar. She then applied one coat of Seche Vite Topcoat and waited about 10 minutes before applying a second topcoat. I can’t believe how shiny and pretty my toes are! I couldn’t stop looking at my shiny red toenails. The Seche Vite Topcoat is really unbelievable and is better than other topcoats that I have used including OPI Topcoat.

    To Renee and others, if you haven’t tried Seche Clear Base and Seche Vite Topcoat I highly recommend them. They are available at Sally Beauty Supply and are on sale this month. If you buy the topcoat then you get the Basecoat for free. The topcoat is $8.29 but if you have a Sally’s Card, you can get it for $4.95. The basecoat is normally $7.29 ($3.75 with a Sally’s Card) but this month you get it for free if you buy the topcoat.

    • Renee June 15, 2009, 4:55 am

      Thank you Jamie for your recommendations. I am sorry I have taken so long to reply. Was just reading all of you talk amongst yourselves. ;) Like I said before, you definitely have good taste and know what you are talking about!

      I recommend for those on a budget Sally Hansen Hard As Nails. I have it in Black and for the past month, no chips at all – amazing! So affordable and works great. I am going to be on the lookout for that top coat, I love shiny black toenails! :D

  • 9littlepiggies May 27, 2009, 1:25 am

    I have at least convinced my wife to start taking care of her feet. I always have, even before the nail polish. She remarked how much nicer my feet are compared to hers, including the paint job. I gave her a pedicure and she liked it. She’d been getting them done inconsistently, before special occasions. I got to work on them hard. They were callused, rough, and cracked at the heels. They’re much better now but will require strict care from now on. I imagine that they’ll be nice in about a month, maybe sooner. She still hates my polished piggies, and wants me to cover them up. No way! It’s summer. I have a deep reddish maroon on (Vixen by Loreal). I bought quarter of a cent by OPI and it’s boldy red and fun, still darkish. She took it from me and won’t give it back! How do I deal with this? Part of the fun is switching colors, isn’t it? I don’t care whether one color is girly or what. Our relationship is otherwise good and our 12th anniversary is coming up. I hope she gives me a gift certificate to get a pedicure. Fat chance! Please help.

    • Dale May 27, 2009, 6:01 am

      9littlepiggies, you ask for help? Why? It sounds like you have a fun and interesting relationship with your wife. Sure you don’t both agree on everything, but that’s part of what makes it interesting!

      My wife was not that crazy about my polished toes either, but when I pressed her about her reason, she finally admitted that she did not like it that mine looked better than hers. She was actually not that bent out of shape about me wearing polish. So, I gave her a certificate to a pedicure -a -month for a year for her birthday and now she has very pretty toes (much better than mine)!

      BTW, this blog is awesome! I had no idea there as many other men who wore nail polish, especially on their toenails. Cool!

      • Renee June 15, 2009, 4:57 am

        Dale, what a good man you are! Your wife is very lucky, I could do with a pedicure a month certificate, haha! :P And thank you for the compliments on my blog, really having fun reading what all you guys think – some of you are so hilarious and have some great product recommendations! So glad I wrote this post :)

  • 9littlepiggies May 28, 2009, 1:40 am

    Thanks Dale! I appreciate your encouragement. She’s since returned my red nail polish. I am new at this and it seems that many guys enjoy doing this. Renee, not to steel your thunder, you’re a Goddess forever, but you’ve inspired me to start a blog about my experience with men and toenail polish. I relate my experience and will hopefully develop it into something both informative and fun for guys who are interested. Please check it out. It’s under blogger.com with the title “9PrettyPiggies.” Thanks to all and please come follow my silly experience. It should be open to all.

    • Renee June 15, 2009, 4:52 am

      Aw this is so great! I am honored to have inspired you to start a blog, as I love blogging and fully recommend it! It’s so much fun :) Please add your link here so we can all see it!

  • Jamie June 3, 2009, 11:51 am

    I went to my local nail salon for my pedicure appointment today and at the suggestion of my nail tech, I tried OPI Dutch Tulips on my toes. My toes are so pretty that I just can’t stop looking at them! Dutch Tulips is very hard to describe. It is like a pinkish bright red that is really a great summer toe color. I was a little bit worried about this color because my skin color is very white, but it turned out to be really pretty. While sitting at the nail drying station in the front of the nail salon two women that were also drying their nails complemented me on the color. Even though OPI Vodka and Caviar is my signature toe color, I really like Dutch Tulips and will most likely wear it alot in the Spring and Summer.


  • Edward June 15, 2009, 3:33 am

    I can understand why someone might question a man’s motives behind wearing nail polish. But then again, why? Or maybe I should ask “why not”?
    Do you have any idea how boxed in men are with what they can ‘acceptably’ do and wear? We have to think about it all of the time. Women on the other hand, can wear pretty much what they want and no one questions it at all. Sure, some women’s styles may not be liked by everyone, but no one gives them a hard time about it.
    For men though, you step outside the ‘approved’ box and everyone thinks you changed teams or something!

    I began wearing nail polish (clear) on my toes after sturggling with quite a few problems with my toenails. They would grow out rough and dry and would crack and split, and I had ingrown toenails and they were a dirty color that was not nice to look at. I had to keep them covered because they embarrassed my wife (and me too!). I began having (and enjoying!) professional pedicures and that helped a lot. The nail tech would apply a special clear polish that had some nail conditioners in it too. I wore them that way for several years, and the condition of my nails got much better.
    I decided to try some colored polish about a year ago because I had seen some articles about it and wondered if it was right for me. The nail tech at the place where I go for pedicures said that she had other male clients that liked to get dark colors on their toenails, so I tried basic black and really liked it. It made my toenails look so even and neat, and the black color looked very masculine to me.

    I continue to wear my toenails polished, most of the time I go for color now because the clear seems just kind of boring. People who even notice (most don’t) seem to think it looks okay because I do get some positive comments now and then. I am not that concerned about it though because I like the way it looks and feels to have nice-looking feet for a change.

  • 9littlepiggies June 20, 2009, 12:53 pm

    I got out to play in the grass today with my new color, Black Pearl from Savina. I like it but don’t absolutely love it. Thanks Renee for inspiring my blog and being open to us guys borrowing something girly to soften us up. If anyone is interested in reading my new experience in polishing up my nails and overcoming the fear of showing them off, check out http://9prettypiggies.blogspot.com. Keep those feet nice!

  • tmot99 June 25, 2009, 8:36 pm

    I have also worn polish on my toes. Generally speaking, I think feet are ugly. Add a little polish and they look a whole lot better. I have 2 daughters and they thought it would be funny to get my nails painted at the same time mommy was doing their nails. So I did. I liked it. Wife didn’t want me to wear them out anywhere so I didn’t. But overall, we both liked how they looked.

    One day I convinced her to let me get a pedicure with her at the nail salon. We said that I had lost a bet and had to get my nails painted. This was a big hit at the shop, though they admit that a few men had had it done in the past. Wife had chosen a bright red. She still didn’t want me going out in general public wearing polish, but thought it was fun to have it done. We’ve been going each month for a pedicure now and don’t always get color, but every once-in-awhile. To my amazement, when the nail tech asked if I was going to get a color, another customer spoke up and suggested blue! I asked if she was serious and if so, go pick out the color she wanted me to get.

    So it does appear to be catching on. My wife still doesn’t want me wearing it in public, but it may just be a matter of time before we see it just a little bit more often.

  • 9PrettyPiggies June 27, 2009, 9:12 am

    tmot99, persistence will prevail and hopefully your wife will find that it’s benign. It certainly is not permanent like a tattoo or piercing. My wife is now getting used to it. Though she doesn’t encourage it, she isn’t embarrassed when we go out in public. Show them off! Absolutely. Just keep your feet well groomed or it doesn’t do it justice. My mother-in-law and aunt-in-law are coming for a visit in August and I’m going to pick a nice pink for that occasion. Stay tuned for a blog entry on that event.

  • Thomas July 10, 2009, 2:04 am

    Wow, this is pretty cool to find this post. I had no idea as many men were into this now.

    My introduction to good foot hygene was by my sister, who is a podiatrist. She helped me cure up a foot fungus (and the resulting odor) that I had suffered from for many years. The treatment was mostly just regular care, cleaning and nail trimming, but I did use a perscription medicine for a while too. I am proud of how my feet look now and so I wear sandals whenever I can. Besides, they are very comfortable to me.

    I have recently begun using nail polish on my toes as well. I like the way it makes my nails look even-colored and nicely groomed. I have tried some colors too (for something different) and usually use light sheer colors that look natural. I enjoy having nice-looking feet now and would not go back to the ‘grudge’ look that I had in the past!

  • Kurt July 11, 2009, 10:28 pm

    I’m a 27-year-old straight male and have been doing my toes since high school. I’ve always loved the look of paint on ladies toes and wondered, as a child, why men wouldn’t or shouldn’t do it. When I was old enough to understand that the answer was mostly “choice” and “society gender rules” I “chose” to do mine no matter what the society norm was. Either you’re going to live your own life or have someone tell you how to live it and I’ll never live under a dictatorship with my American freedom but I can’t speak for the rest of the Americans. What’s stopping most men from going public is the fact that some people, simple minded as they are, will say something totally unnecessary because of their brainwashed thoughts of what a man is supposed to do/be or not supposed to do/be. A man wearing color on his nails or toes is his choice and his body so why would the next man or woman care if it’s not harming them?

    Food for thought: The French Nobles(The rich French, nobles might be the wrong word) wore french manicures. These were men and women. Some Kings and Queens of Egypt wore the same colors on their nails and toes(I’m sure it wasn’t the “polish” we use today but they had something that stained their nails colors). The clan leaders in ancient China(male) wore their pinky nails long and with the color (s)of the clan upon them. I bet none of these men had their sexuality questioned due to colors on their nails. Yeah, I’ve done some research. So men are just coming full circle to something we did years ago. Women, let go of this “men are supposed to be manly and caveman-like in order to be a man” mentality, because it sounds as silly as the “women are supposed to cook, clean, have a model-type body and shutup when I come home” mentality. You can like what you like, but most of us men like to do our nails and a good portion of us, I can really only speak for myself, are not gay or will eventually turn gay after we do our nails/toes. Now can we please let that go so we can sit in the salon with you ladies and have even more to talk to you about in hopes of getting your number?

  • Robert July 15, 2009, 4:42 pm

    Renee, I’m glad I found this! I’m 42, married and painting my nails since 1997. My wife one night wanted to paint my toenails. I thought, nah, I’ll pass. But then I thought, oh why not, it comes off. They have been painted ever since! I fell in love with it! Mainly black but some times dark blue or gray. Both hands and feet and I do wear flip-flops or sandals everywhere. I’m a truck driver and I have seen other drivers in truck stops wearing it. My trucker friends have nick-named me “Wild Style”. My wife, co-workers and friends are cool with it. My wife and I get pedicures all the time together. It’s the most relaxing thing other than playing my guitar. I get called Ozzy quite a bit because I look like him. Also, this is not exactly a new thing. Herman Monster (The Monsters) from the 60’s had his nails painted black in the show. Kiss did their nails black back in the seventies. There are many actors, musicians and sport stars who paint finger, toes or both. I get compliments from women alot but here lately even men are saying that it doesn’t look bad at all. Why do I do it? Because it looks great! I’m thinking, damn that looks good! And when your feet look and feel good, you feel good! I never used to wear open toed shoes until I had a reason to do so. However, three things it’s not- at least for me, It’s not because I’m a crossdresser, worship the devil and I’m not gay (or my wife would be in trouble!). In case you’re wondering, I’m from the south-central Pa. area.

  • Renee July 30, 2009, 3:29 am

    Hey Robert, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I am sorry it has taken so long to reply, I must’ve missed your comment.

    Like all the guys who commented here, I think at first some might be hesitant about it but generally from the comments it seems like it’s been well received … I mean, no one’s wives have kicked them out of the house, or anything! I am delighted to hear you and your wife go to pedicures together, I think that’s really cute. :-P How I wish mine would … haha.

    And to everyone else, I love reading your stories :) I think we can all conclude that it is getting pretty popular, and I fully support it!

    … What’s on everyone’s toes this week?

    Mine is Blackout by Sally Hansen, a shiny black. Love it :)

  • 9littlepiggies July 30, 2009, 7:15 am

    I’m sporting a delightful metallic blue: Artistic Azure by Finger Paints. I wore it this past weekend through the sinfully fun Vegas strip and chilled by the pool with my wife and kids. Even for Las Vegas, I was the only one and still drew weird looks. Even the Elvis wannabes don’t cause anyone to make a face. Simple, harmless yet devilishly fun nail polish just makes people uncomfortable. No one was mean. For more details of my experience and pics of me by the pool, check out my blog: http://9prettypiggies.blogspot.com. Thanks Renee for posting this inspirational thread and checking in to make us unique men feel good. You’re sweet! Please let me know what you all think.

  • Jamie August 6, 2009, 2:09 am

    Hi Renee,

    I got a pedicure last Sunday and am wearing OPI “An Affair in Red Square”. It is a really pretty red and looks great on my toes. Have you ever tried this color? It is a little like “I’m not Really a Waitress” but quite a bit brighter. My absolute favorite is still OPI “Vodka and Caviar”. Red has become like my natural toenail color. I have white skin and blue-based reds are really pretty on my toes.

    Jamie :-)

    • Renee August 6, 2009, 3:20 am

      Hey Jamie!

      Haven’t tried too many OPI polishes (my wallet, ahhh) but I have tried some nudes from them on my finger nails that I loved! Still stuck on my black and navy blue for my toenails though, love the dark look :) Perhaps I should look out for a red, too? I would love to try something dark and vampy…. Glad to hear you got some pampering this weekend! Had a spa day yesterday and it was heaven. I really believe – both men and women – should treat themselves with some pampering sessions once in a while. Wouldn’t you agree? ;)

      P.S. Don’t you love OPI’s names?! I think they’re so clever :)

      • Jamie August 7, 2009, 10:59 am

        Hi Renee,

        Yes, I agree that the salon manicure and pedicure experience feels wonderful and is so relaxing. The nail tech at the salon that I use is even trained in foot reflexology. I do love the OPI names and I understand that they are named by Suzi the President of OPI. Since you like darker colors, you may want to try OPI Got the Blues for Red, or Lincoln Park After Dark. I believe that you are in Singapore. Are there a lot of nail salons there and are nail services expensive?


  • Robert August 8, 2009, 1:14 am

    Thank you for your kind words Renee. Mine are painted black from the salon but I got artistic later on and bought this product called Stripe Rite which allows you to make detailed lines on your nails. The black is Orly brand which dries really fast. The Stripe Rite I bought is silver. Here’s what to do: Start in the bottom right corner of the nail on the left foot ( as your looking at them) and make a line curving it towards the middle on the left side. Then, starting at the same spot, start another line but branch off almost immediatly and curve it towards the top left corner. Do your best on the smaller nails, sometimes I cheat and only put one curved line on the smaller nails. On the other foot, do the same thing but go the opposite way ( curved to the right on the right foot). You can use any color scheme you like as they make different colors for the stripe Rites. I love black and silver! I have a Gibson Les Paul guitar that’s called silverburst, silver in the middle and fades to black. Now as far as my wife goes, she’s not complaining one bit. Not only do they look better but she gets treated to a pedicure without me saying, “What do you need to spend money on that for?” I have been enlightened! And I do get more compliments than I can write. The one I hear a lot is, ” I love your toenails, where did you get them done?” To me, I think it’s really cool to have something in common with women.

  • Jake R August 8, 2009, 4:00 am

    Hey Renee, I thought you and your readers might be interested in something that I found out about recently. A nail polish company called BB Couture is introducing a line of nail colors for men! They have been working to develop colors that look masculine so that men don’t have to feel left out anymore.
    The trick seems to be that even though there are many colors of nail polish already, the majority of the shades commonly available tend to have a feminie feel to them, and so men have to really look to find colors that they are comfortable with. Obviously by some of the comments here, some men who have matured in this style will wear any color, but most men who have not tried this before are apparently intimidated by the idea of wearing ‘makeup’, thinking that people will think they’re gay or something (which there is no real evidence to support, btw).
    Anyway, their first men’s collection is due out very soon and it should be interesting to see what their research has come up with. But probably the most significant thing to note here is that the company has enough confidence in men being interested in wearing nail polish now that they are investing time and energy toward attracting male customers to their products. I guess there is about 50% of the market (men) that has not been developed, so this sounds like a pretty cool move on their part.
    Many of you already know about Man Glaze matte finish nail polish for men, and there were a few other companies that tried this back around 2000, but this is the most signifcant offering for men that I have seen for quite a while!
    I am sure that plenty of women will like the masculine edginess these colors convey too, so maybe BB Couture is smarter than we think – maybe it’s a dual marketing approach to test the waters with men and drum up some new business with women who have not been well served by the curent offerings.

    Well, whatever the case, I will certainly be trying their new men’s colors when they are available!

  • Roger August 8, 2009, 5:48 am

    Nail polish for men? Okay, that’s new. I was wondering when that might happen. I have been seeing more chatter on facebook and twitter about this subject and at first thought it odd, but I now see that maybe it’s not weird at all, just something new.
    Well, if it catches on, I may even have to consider it. My wife would be amused. She teases me with it when she paints her nails and more than once has caught one of mine in the process. I think she’d rather enjoy this. actually.

  • 9littlepiggies August 15, 2009, 11:44 am

    Still in the amateur phase of this wonderful experience of coloring my toes, I’m wondering what length my toenails should be? They used to be quite well trimmed but since I’ve begun polishing them, I grow them out a bit more such that there is no skin showing under the tip. I keep the larger nails square. Obviously man and woman rules went out the window once I started challenging gender “limits.” I’m a better man for it. Please share your thoughts. I think mine look quite nice how they are but my wife says they are too long. She wear hers trimmed all the way back.

  • Toepaintguy August 15, 2009, 10:46 pm

    Hey guys, check this out! A nail polish company, BB Couture, has just released their first men’s collection! Seriously, there are six new colors that have been designed exclusively for men, and you can tell when you look at them that they really have a masculine feel to them.
    But don’t think they aren’t awesome…on the contrary, they are very unique and unlike typical colors that you normally find in stores. They did their homework on these because they all work really well for men.
    I think it’s about time someone took us men seriously who prefer to wear our nails polished, and it appears that they agree! Honestly, I think more men can really benefit from taking better care of their feet and toenails, and wearing them with a little color is a great way to show them off (and cover up some issues too)!

    And yes, women can wear these colors too – especially if they like the ‘masculine’ edge it gives them!

    Check out the colors and see for yourself: http://www.overallbeauty.com and select the “Men” tab.

    • Jamie August 17, 2009, 12:48 am

      It is good that nail polish is being made for men because most men are too insecure to use a product that is designed for women. Fortunately women do not have this insecurity and therefore they use men’s products all of the time without any problems. I also believe that men can wear women’s colors also like red and pink especially if they like the “feminine” edge that is gives them. I always wear red because it is my favorite color and looks the best against my light skin.


  • Brenda Espisito August 24, 2009, 9:48 pm

    I recently introduced my b/f to manicures and pedicures so he can look well groomed. I’ve been doing them at home and recently we went to the salon together. No polish as yet. But, that is the next step! I plan to do his toenails at home soon. Once he’s used to it then he can have them done when we go to the salon. I just want to make sure he is comfortable with it and am not trying to force it on him. He definitely enjoys the pampering and his feet have never looked and felt better. I think he will enjoy the look of polish on his toenails. Not sure about painting his fingernails, though. Maybe just at home, lol.

    • Toepaintguy August 25, 2009, 2:54 am

      Wow Brenda, kudos to you for taking the initiative to help him ‘warm up’ to this idea! It is open-minded women like you who can truly make a difference for men because they need not only some coaxing in a foreign area for them (enjoying the benfits of better personal care), but it is your enthusiasm and encouragement that can really helps guys feel comfortable about looking good.
      You see, caring for oneself even having clean and nice-looking nails are something that comes at all naturally to men. We are told from when we are quite young that men need to be rough, tough and all things masculine, and any deviation from that image is a sign of weakness. Is it any surprise that men do not generally appear as caring and sensititive as many women would like them to be?
      I think what you are sharing with your boyfriend is a great way to help break down some of those general barriers that have prevented women and men from being better friends and partners.

      Is having good loking nails and even wearing nail polish going to make a man a perfect person? Of course not, but it is one way to help get him out of that feeling that he should not do things to make himself look and feel better. And the benefits are for both of you too!

      Breanda, you have an awesome attitude, and I truly hope that other women pay attention to your wonderful and thoughtful example!

      • Toepaintguy August 25, 2009, 2:56 am

        Oops, I meant that it does ‘not’ come at all natural to guys.

        …the difference one word can make!


  • T Henley October 22, 2009, 4:04 am

    It’s never been really told that it’s alright for men to wear nail polish particularly by the nail polish companies, advertisements, commercials, store marketing and so forth. You almost NEVER see it being promoted for men as a fashion statement in any commercial or clothing magazine ect. It frustratingly remains to be hush hush for men to wear it. I wish I knew what the answer is but it doesent seem to ever get legs and take off. I continue to wear it out, on my toes mostly, I also go to a salon but I usually feel like I’m the ONLY man that wears nail polish in public. When I constantly see the commercials,advertisements, clothing catalogs ect all showing women with their nails polished it constanly makes me have to wrestle with the feeling of maybe I shouldn’t be doing it. WHEN ARE WE AS MEN GOING TO BE TOLD THAT IT’S OK?

    • Toepaintguy October 23, 2009, 12:16 am

      T Henley, I feel your frustration. You are right, it is not yet something that the majority of people openly endorse or accept.
      But, there is real hope. There are at least two nail polish companies (BB Couture and Man Glaze) that actively market nail polish for men! The Today show a few months ago even featured Man Glaze for men, and the attitude of the hosts was quite positive about it. There have even been a few articles published recently in nail-specific magazines about the pedidcures business for men being up, and even about men wearing nail polish, so the industry is definitely warming up to the idea.

      BB Couture (www.bbnailpolish.com) boldly introduced a collection of six colors designed for men this summer. And it even says it’s for men right on the bottle! Here is that ‘permission’ you were looking for to wear it!
      Do women buy these products too? Sure, they don’t have any reservations about it. In fact on many nail polish blogs, some women say that they don’t feel there is even a need for colors ‘just for men’ because men can wear any color of nail polish that is already on the market.
      What I think BB Couture has accomplished with their men’s line is to develop some colors that actually look masculine and have been tested by men so that they look more appropriate – on men.

      If you have shopped anywhere for nail polish you already know that it’s tough finding colors that don’t look feminine. Reds, pinks, purples, etc. are colors that most people would associate with women. However, browns, grays, black and even dark blue and dark green are colors that actually do work for men and really don’t make them look ‘girly’ at all (if you can find them).
      But honestly, this whole discussion about men’s and women’s colors of nail polish will become moot in a few years when more men are openly wearing it. For now, however, it is probably necessary so that the style can develop and more men will become introduced to this as something that is not exclusively for women.

      You, I and all of the rapidly increasing number of men who are wearing nail polish are now sending a clear message to the world and setting a bold example that this is what we want. That is how styles change and how we evolve. And this is exactly what the style world need to see from us!

      Kudos to you for sticking with it, even if you do feel alone. I found that when I started looking for it, I began to notice more men wearing polish. And then I wondered whether they were always there, but I had not noticed it until I became interested myself.
      In my case, my wife introduced me to it, and so I do realize that if you have another person encouarging you, it makes it a lot more enjoyable and fun to wear.

      Well, don’t get discouraged. If you enjoy it, it will become ‘you’ and people will sense your comfort with it too. It is certainly your right to wear it if you like and no one can tell you otherwise. Enjoy it and encourage others too! That is how we change general opinion. And it is definitely changing….

    • Ellen October 23, 2009, 4:30 am

      Times are changing, I know a lot of men that are painting their toes, just keep it up it is totally acceptable, let the snooty closit guys stay locked in their closit.
      You stay out and let your colors fly. (as the Beach Boys would say,)

  • Jamie October 24, 2009, 4:40 am

    Why can’t a man simply enjoy doing something that is typically associated with women? Have you noticed that women don’t seem to care if the adopt fashion styles or do things that are typically associated with men? It is not really a big deal. Men are so insecure and are taught that it is unacceptable to be different from the herd and therefore they don’t want to stand out from the herd. Men are also unfortunately taught that anything even remotely feminine is bad and to be avoided. This is the incorrect social conditioning that boys were fed since their very early years. It is ok for a little girl to play with trucks, but a little boy playing with dolls in completely unacceptable and the parents (usually the father) can’t deal with it. It is a double-standard that has existed for years that is wrong! I disagree with the statements that we need nail polish “made for men” or that men need an OK to be able to wear nail polish. There is no reason for masculine colors. COLOR is simply COLOR is you understand what I mean. There is no reason that a man cannot wear red or hot pink on his toenails. After all, women wear the masculine nail polish colors like black, brown, and gray. Why do men need to place these silly limitations on themselves that they can only wear colors that are perceived as masculine and cannot wear anything that is typically worn by or meant for use by women? Women certainly don’t adhere to these silly notions. If fact, if you pick up any women’s magazine chances are that you will find articles about how to incorporate male fashion into their typically feminine look. Why can’t men just say that they want to incorporate some “feminine flare” into their otherwise masculine look? Why are men do darn insecure that they need permission? If things are ever going to change, men must accept that feminine things are not bad and that some of those things are fun! For example I usually wear women’s comfortable open toe sandals and red toenails simply because men’s sandals are very ugly and look like truck tires from a monster truck rally. Men need to get comfortable that it ok to wear something that is feminine just as women have become comfortable incorporating male fashion into their overall look. THE DOUBLE STANDARD NEEDS TO END, but it can only happen if men start losing the silly insecurities. Men need to understand that this is not a new battle and that men wearing two earrings faced the same issues 20 years ago as nail polish wearing men are facing today. Be strong and confident in who you are and don’t subscribe to the “herd mentality” about what is ok or not ok. Feminine is not bad and we don’t need nail polish for men. Women’s nail polish comes in many different colors and all that men need to do is buy it and use it, or better yet make an appointment at a nail salon and pick out a pretty color for you toes. If you want to wear red or pink, then go for it and don’t be afraid to admit that you have a feminine side because it is part of being human.

    Wearing OPI Vodka and Caviar on my toes (a very pretty classic red)

  • Renee October 25, 2009, 9:03 pm

    Totally agree with Jamie!

    Be strong and confident in who you are – whether it’s wearing nail polish or wearing a bikini to bed every night, who cares? It’s your life and you can do what you want. if someone has a problem with it – well, that’s their problem isn’t it? Life is way too short to live in fear of what others might think, don’t you agree?

    Jamie – so cool you’re still wearing Vodka & Caviar. I recently had a pedicure and really thinking that OPI’s polishes are the best. I tried a color called “Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow”. It’s a dark green and I was really happy with it – I would recommend it to you! I especially think it’ll look really hot with someone who has a tan; greens and tans go very well together.

    9LittlePiggies – I’ve been looking at your blog and you seriously have beautiful feet, much more beautiful and well kept than a lot of women’s! I also like that you’re experimenting with “feminine” colors such as pink. I am on the hunt for that pale pink you had, I think it’ll look so pretty on my nails :)

    Anyways guys, I’m really liking all your passionate thoughts and comments! Please keep them coming! :D xx

  • Jamie October 26, 2009, 8:33 am

    Hi Renee,
    Thank you again for your openness and supportive comments. It is really true that we shouldn’t worry about what other people think. Wearing toenail polish is fun and I especially like wearing the colors that are considered feminine like red and pink. Most men have been confined to black, brown, blue, and gray for their entire lives. Unlike most men, I have a very strong feminine side and SHE needs to express herself. Most men would never admit this because that are taught from a young age that any feminine expression is wrong and must be suppressed. I wonder if one of the reasons that many men are so violent and angry is because they must bury and not ever express a part of their personality. When we have a cute male equivalent to the TomBoy, probably called a JaneGirl, then you will know that we have reached equality between males and females in society.

    I am still wearing Vodka and Caviar and get so many compliments on it. It is such a beautiful red with a blue base. One of my favorite compliments is “you have pretty toes like a girl”. When someone tells me that I have pretty toes like a girl, I feel really good and it really makes my day. I even found a pair of women’s sandals that are more comfortable than athletic shoes. They are by SAS and the name of the shoe is Sutimer. They have a little 1.75 inch block heel. You can see them on Ebay by entering “SAS Suntimer”. I have them in red and the red color exactly matches the OPI Vodka and Caviar that I wear on my toes. Have you ever matches you toenail color to your shoes? If not, it is really fun and you should consider trying it. Thank you for the recommendation of the OPI Aragon. They have such cute names! I will give this color a try over the holidays. Another color that I wanted to mention to you is OPI “You’re a Pisa Work”. It is sort of a hot pink and I love it on my toes! Not as much as the Vodka and Caviar, but it is really fun. Have you tried Pisa Work on your toes?

    Also, if you get a chance, check out the following URL about having a signature Toenail Polish Color.


    I responded that my signature toenail color is OPI Vodka and Caviar. Renee, do you have a signature toenail color?

    I really hope that I lot of guys that are reading this blog will realize that it is fun to have polished toenails and that they should show off their nails and be proud of the color even if they are wearing a girly color like red or pink. The best way for guys to get started is to make an appointment with a local nail salon and when you arrive pick out a pretty color for your toes from the polished that they have available at the nail salon. Don’t chicken out and get clear polish. The purpose of a good pedicure is to have pretty toes and to have them noticed!

    I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed you article about your experience at the Royal Retreat Nail Spa.

    Jamie :-)

    • Renee November 4, 2009, 4:28 pm

      Ooh thanks Jamie!

      Hmm… my signature color will have to be a glossy, shiny black (no I’m not goth haha). I just find them really sexy on the toes – especially when I put on a super shiny top coat (Sally Hansen makes a GREAT one). I’m also loving deep colors – like Here today, Aragon tomorrow that I tried, and a shiny navy blue.

      Funny you should mention matching your toes to your shoes. I actually wanted to write a post on that – especially in the summer with summer sandals. But I completely forgot. :( D’oh! Maybe net summer :)

  • David October 26, 2009, 10:52 am

    Jamie, you make some great points about the way women can wear any style they want and it is openly accepted, while men are quite limted in what they can do. Even though I enjoy the differences between men and women, I agree that there should not be a double standard between what styles are acceptable for either.

    As far as having men’s colors for nail polish, I will just make this observation. You have obviously gotten past the stage of experimenting with nail polish and you are comfortable wearing it openly. This is a huge step for most men to get to – many will never make it because of the fear of rejection. In order for them to have any chance of getting to the level of comfort that you are with it, they have to have encouragment and take the necessary small steps, building up to it. I see the emergence of nail polish for men, in shades that look more masculine, as a great way to introduce guys to the wearing of their nails polished because it does not look as most would consider feminine. And just the fact that it is marketed as ‘for men’ can serve as the persmission a guy is looking for to wear it openly rather than hide it. I am well aware that there are many closet-wearers out there who fear either their girlfriends, wives or friends finding out about it. If their girlfriend or spouse were to introduce them to it and encourage them to try it, maybe the more masculine shades serve an important purpose to help get them more comfortable with it. And I really think more women would suggest it when it says it’s for men.

    Ultimately, you are right. There really is no reason for special nail polish for men, but from your experience with it, that may not be as obvious. It took me years to get to where I was wearing it openly, and it went in definite stages with me. The final straw was when I complimented my sister on the deep maroon polish she was wearing on her feet, and she surprised me by inviting me to try it. I did and she complimented me on how great it looked on my feet. That pretty much sealed the deal for me, but it still took over year of trying different colors before I would wear anything more than a very dark and masculine-looking shade.

    Even after four years, I’m still not entirely comfortable wearing bright red in public as you are. I guess we all have to get into it at our own pace. And I really think the masculine colors and “men’s” polishes serve an important purpose. Heck, if it works to get this more accepted, and to do that we need more guys wearing it, then I say ‘whatever works’, right?

  • Darlene October 27, 2009, 4:24 am

    I wanted to ask your readers why they think men shouldn’t wear their nails polished. I think its great that men are finally getting into this.
    I work part-time as a nail tech and have painted my b/f toenails for him before. He likes it and I think it looks very sexy on him. He’s not at all feminine looking, but I think he just looks better with that bit of ‘finish’ on his feet. I have seen pictures of male celebrities that have their toenails polished, and that is how my b/f wears it – not loud and bright, but tasteful and classy.
    I got the idea from a male client we have who gets regular pedicures and has polish applied in dark colors.

  • Jamie October 27, 2009, 9:20 am

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your very well thought-out reply. I have to say that I agree with some of you points regarding men and nail polish. On the other hand, the reason that I am so against Nail Polish for Men is the same reason that I am against Hair Color for Men. Why can’t men just purchase the hair color that is made for women? In reality, there is no difference in the hair color; it’s just all marketing! Men need to get over the false belief that anything that is feminine is “bad”, or even worse “to be avoided like the Black Plague”! Conversely, women have no problem incorporating masculine items into their otherwise feminine look. As I have stated before, pick up any women’s magazine such a Vogue or Cosmo and you will find articles about how to add a little “masculine flare” to a feminine wardrobe. How about men being open to adding a little “feminine flare” to an otherwise masculine wardrobe/look. Will the world end if men were to add a little feminine flare to their look? That is the real issue! The problem is in men’s heads and needs to be fixed. The problem is the men believe that anything feminine is inferior even though the pay lip service to equality between men and women.

    Let’s look backward into history in order to understand the unfortunate lack of fashion/expression that men have embraced. During the 1700’s (George Washington’s time period) men’s mode of dress and wardrobes were fashionable. Unfortunately during the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800’s, the concept was to make all men look like clones and the suit was created. It essentially leveled the playing field and all mens dress and form of expression began to look alike. This was the point where men began losing their individuality and expression. Men were taught that it was admirable to be part of the herd and to look like everyone else. Colors were limited to drab colors with emphasis on black and white. If you look back at men’s fashion during the 1950’s, you will see that the ONLY acceptable color for a man’s dress shirt was “white” and the only acceptable color for a necktie was “black”. The male of the species had been rendered colorless and non-expressive and taught that individuality was for women only. The man had been neutered of self expression. Can you say “Clones”? When I wander into a department store today, just by the colors I can immediately tell if I am in the men’s or women’s department. The men’s department is dominated by black, brown, blue, and gray in several different shades. You may find red and pink, but they are in very limited supply. It took 30 years for men to even open up to the concept of wearing a pink shirt because men were so afraid of anything that even hinted of femininity even in a very minuscule amount. Many men are still deathly terrified of Pink Shirts. Remember anything that could be thought of as feminine is very bad and must be banished immediately! Ok, so after all of this rambling you are wondering what is my point…

    Basically, if we create nail polish for men so that men with weak psyches will purchase the stuff, it will undoubtedly be devoid of bright color and will be in the familiar man colors of black, brown, blue, and gray. Again ask yourself why women don’t limit themselves the bright colors but instead wear all colors including the so called “man colors”. Why is the male so insecure that he can’t wear bright colors? In interesting fact is that in nature, the male is the colorful animal of the species and the female is quite a bit more drab. If we offer nail polish for men, then we are appealing to the weak psyche of men and we will once again limit them to drab colors. There is no reason the masculinize nail polish for men. Why can’t men just accept the nail polish is feminine and enjoy doing something that is feminine in the same manner as women incorporate masculine items into their feminine appearance? Are men really that weak and insecure? I hope that the answer to this questions really isn’t “yes” because that is a very sad state of affairs. It seems that for weak men to do anything considered feminine, it has to be a trend started by a popular male athlete. Yes, men are really this weak and devoid of self assurance. How sad!!!

    In reality, there is no reason that men can’t wear any color nail polish just as women routinely wear masculine colored nail polish. The most important thing for a man or anyone wearing nail polish to keep in mind is to pick colors that are flattering to your skintone. For example, I have a very white skin tone and bright red nail polish that leans toward bluish undertones looks really pretty on my toes. Notice I used the word “pretty” and not “handsome” because the red nail polish is really pretty on my toes and it is ok for it to be pretty. Bright red nail polish with orange or pink undertones doesn’t look good on my toes and therefore I don’t wear it. Red is expressive, vibrant and sexy and there is no reason that a man should be afraid to wear it. Someone might tell him that he has pretty toes like a girl and he should take it as a compliment. Michael Bolton was told that his hair was prettier than a girl. Do you really thing he cared?

    I hope that you can see the importance of what I am attempting to convey. Men need to get over this notion of masculinizing everything in order to use it. Feminine is ok and it is ok to add a little feminine flare to your overall masculine appearance. Men need to be strong, get over it, and polish their toes in bright colors like red or pink or ANY color that they prefer and get out there in sandals and show the world that they are proud of their pretty toes.

    The question is “do men have what it takes to get over their insecurity regarding doing feminine things, or is it just not possible to undo what years of asinine incorrect social conditioning has created?”

    Best Regards,


  • 9littlepiggies October 29, 2009, 6:24 am

    Hi all! There’s been a lot of heavy talk about insecurities and denials. Nail polish is simply fun, harmless, and if it makes you feel tall, sexy, skinny,beautiful, or whatever, then absolutely try it. Those who are thinking about it, take the plunge. You’ll be wearing hot pink before you know it and feeling more masculine than ever. It does transform you in curious ways.
    I would like to thank Renee for being a gracious host and paying attention to this particular thread. She has a delightful blog that could easily occupy all of her time but she makes the effort to participate and add sincere comments. Keep it up. You rock!
    .-= 9littlepiggies´s last blog … Naughty in Seattle =-.

    • Renee November 4, 2009, 4:25 pm

      Thank you, 9littlepiggies! I’m glad you all like this post, I am even more glad that it is so popular and we have some great views and ideas on the topic! Thank you for visiting and all your kind words :)

      In other news … HOT PINK HERE I COME! Your blog is great, def need to start wearing pink now – thanks for the pics, especially! :)

  • Wolf October 31, 2009, 12:14 pm

    I’m a guy and I have been painting my toes now for a few months, it all stared when I was in a car werck for awhile a was walking home form work my job is only about 3 miles from where I live at the time that this all happed I was reading a book called Chuck Liddell my fighting life and it turns out that he paints is toe nails, one day while walking home form work I get the idea that I’m goining to paint my toe nails because i’m board at home with out car at the time I really couldn’t go anywhere so walked into the walgreens that is only right down the road form where I work and bought some black nail polish and went home and applied it and I liked how it looked. I have used other colors since then blue, red, brown, green, silver even purple I may even paint them pink one day.

  • Jamie November 3, 2009, 9:06 am

    It is really good to see that Wold and 9littlepiggies and other guys are wearing color on their toes and that they are wearing all colors including red and pink. I just returned from by bi-weekly manicure/pedicure appointment and am wearing OPI Big Apple Red on my toesies! It is a very bright red and I really love it on my toes. I wear sandals everywhere so that I can show off the pretty colors that I wear on my toes. Red toenails have become my signature thing and my friends jokingly call me the “The Pedicure Queen” and always want to see what color I am wearing. For the holidays I am going to wear Big Apple red with little Christmas Tree and Snowflake Nail Art. Since I live in Southern California where the weather is warm, I will be able to wear my red open toe sandals to show off my nail art. It will be really festive and fun! The important thing is to not be afraid to wear any color on your toes even bright red or hot pink. The important thing is to ensure that you have a good pedicure and to be proud of pretty toes.


  • Vic November 4, 2009, 2:47 am

    I’ve been painting my toenails for years, and got a dark blue when my wife was with me once at our pedicure appointment (We made it seem like she talked me into it on the spot). My wife had great advice for me when I went to go get a pedicure by myself and I swore I’d come back with a color. I was still nervous. She said “just DO it – why would you care what the nail tech or anyone else thinks? Just get it, and walk right back out to your car with them showing – what are people really doing to do?” And she was RIGHT. I get polish on my toes during a pedi all the time now (can’t go without it now… haha). Although the look on the nail tech’s face when I asked for black the first time was priceless, now she’s real cool about it and even suggests new colors.

    Leaving there once, I was the only guy in the place, leaving with burgundy toes, and the customers, workers – everyone there was smiling and said bye to me. My guess is that the receptionist mentioned this to a few people while I was in back, but it was all good, they appreciated the fact that I did it or heck, maybe they thought it was funny (fine with me either way), methinks. No one threw anything at me or did anything else harmful, right?

    We can’t change what everyone thinks…. but let them think what they want, right? Stick with the people that think it’s cool. :-)

  • Jake K November 4, 2009, 3:10 am

    Vic, your comments are right-on what I have experienced also. Even though not everyone may agree with us guys who wear our toes polished yet, they really will not do anything to you except maybe frown.
    The good news is that the number of ‘frowns’ you get are vastly out numbered by the ton of postive comments! Most people like colors on toes, and it does not seem like they really care if it’s on men or women. They may not be used to seeing it on men yet, but that will change pretty quickly as more of us wear it openly.
    Jamie, you have been a great proponent of this for years too, and I see more guys ‘taking the plunge’ after seeing your great example.

    The best thing I can say here is that there are definite and real benefits from getting a pedicure. And color is just one more step that can add to this already very pleasureable experience.
    You will tend make it more of a big deal in your mind than it really is. You may have been conditioned to think this way in your upbringing. But, that is not the way the world works today. People are free to express themselves, and doing so allows you to feel better about yourself too. If it is not having a negative impact on others, then why would you not do it if you wanted to?

    As these guys have already said it well, I highly reccommend you to try it!

  • Renee November 4, 2009, 4:30 pm

    Loving all your comments, guys! :)

    I was wondering though – are you only doing pedicures? What about your fingernails? Has anyone tried having manicures, too? And do you think it would be ‘frowned upon’ more than toenails? I have a feeling fingernails are not as frowned upon as toenails, for some reason? (Don’t know where this idea come from though, I guess I see more men with nail polish than toe polish?)

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this, too!

    Have a great day everyone. :) xx

    • Wolf January 13, 2010, 5:34 am

      no I have only done pedicures so far. I’ am not sure if a guy got their fingernails done would be frowned upon are not, I think most people would most likely think that a guy is going for the goth look but that could just be me.

  • Vic November 4, 2009, 9:20 pm

    Hey Renee!

    Hm. I don’t know if (colored polish) fingernails would be less frowned upon… I’ve gotten manicures before too (not too often), but only do the matte Orly “Nails for Males” if need be. Never had em put colored polish on. Then again, I don’t think it would be my “look”, so to speak, and I still have to meet with several clients per day, at least during the work week.

    I like that painted toes are more private too – you can show it off if you want, but don’t have to. It’s more subdued, which is more “me”… just my $.02 :-)

  • Vic November 4, 2009, 9:21 pm

    PS – Amazing and cool that this thread is still going….

  • Jake K November 4, 2009, 9:45 pm

    Renee, here is my experience with a guy considering wearing his fingenails polished.

    I tend to be very active with hands-on work and hobbies like fixing cars and construction/remodeling so I tend to be rather hard on my hands. Most men are like me. Polish on my fingernails would not last more than a few hours, much less multiple days. The condition of my cuticles is always pretty rough too, and my nails never really get much chance to grow out either. I tend not to like the look of short fingernails with polish, and so I would not care for my short guy fingernails that way. I have had a few manicures (sans polish) and they were great, but unfortunately the treatment did not last long.

    Polished toenails are a completely different thing for guys! I think that many people would react more negatively to a guy with fingernail polish (unless it was clear or black maybe) than polish on his toenails because it does not tend to look as blatant and out of place on feet. I have found that a guy can get away wearing pretty much any color on his feet (even red as Jamied has discovered) and it still looks good on him. And, on the feet, he can use discretion about where and to whom he shows it, which I think may be necessary today (in church for instance), but hopefully not soon. And, a pedicure and polish application can last up to three weeks and still look great!

    One ‘qualifier’ that needs to be adhered to when wearing polish on one’s nails (and this is true for women as well!) is that they need to be done with care and attention to neatness. A messy polish job on anyone tends to look like lipstick on a pig – not very complimentary and out of place. I think bad polish jobs have tended to cloud people’s opinions of men wearing it because we (guys) typically don’t really know how to do it well or don’t want to take the time or expense to have our nails professionally done. There is still a fair amount of aprehension for a guy to walk into a nail salon and have his toenails polished. Some of us have discovered the satisfaction from having this done, but many are still reluctant because they feel uncomfortable in an environment that is typically geared toward women. They really shouldn’t. Most nail salons enthusiastically cater to men as well as women now.

    I think what you have done by starting this column and keeping it going with your great encouragement and feedback is to give men another awesome resource with which to share experiences with other men who also wear their nails polished, and as a source for mutual understanding and guidance. In the four years or so that I have been enjoying wearing my toenails polished, I have discovered that there are way more men out there who have an interest and desire to wear nail polish, but they are intimidated by the overwhelming (in their mind anyway) example around them of not seeing many other men who do this. I think that the biggest reason why a man would hesitate in trying nail polish on his feet is purely in his head. My experience has been extremely positive with wearing my toenails polished and because of it, I have met some really cool people! And the compliments from people who also recognize the care it takes to have great nails, and the genuine inquiries from people who want to know more about how they can get past the mental ‘hurdle’ (or help their spouses do so) have been overwhelming and help keep me excited about this.

    It truly is one of those little things in life that has very few strings attached. It is realtively inexpense (especially when you get good enough to polish your nails yourself), it does not hurt anyone, it’s not illegal or risky, it provides a means to relax and unwind, and it is very satidfying and enjoyable to have great looking feet! I expect that I will be keeping my toes polished for many, many years to come. And I look forward to it becoming much more widely accepted for men. Based on the increasing number of men who have become ‘hooked’ on this that I have seen in just the past year or so, I’d say we’re well on our way!!!

    Thank you again Reness for keeping this blog interesting, encouraging and very supportive of the many men who are interested in this. It’s really a great resource for us!

  • Jamie November 5, 2009, 12:56 am

    I would like to thank Vic, Jake, and everyone for expressing their insightful thoughts. Renee asked a very good question about wearing nail polish on fingernails. I go to the nail salon every two weeks for manicures and pedicures. I don’t wear colored polish on my fingernails for a number of reasons. I used to have shiny clear polish put on but I have found something better. The nail tech can buff the fingernails using a buffing pad and the nails are very shiny and the shine doesn’t chip and stays on for a much longer time than a clear topcoat. All of my nail appointments include a manicure and a pedicure. I really don’t like having the manisure and pedicure done at the same time by two nail techs because I have to twist my body and I feel like a contortionist. One of the reasons that I enjoy the manicure/pedicure so much is that it is very relaxing. My pedicure is done first and then after being completely relaxed from the pedicure, the same nail tech does my manicure while my toenails are drying with a fan blowing on them. I also love being in the nail salon because I enjoy talking to the nail techs and the other customers. The nice thing about the nail salon is that it is a feminine environment and I have always had a very strong feminine side to my personality. I cannot relate to a bunch of guys talking about sports, hunting, and fishing. That stuff is completely foreign to me and I don’t want to hear constant chatter about it. I find women’s conversations in the nail salon to be much more intelligent, intellectually stimulating, and genuine without all of the bragging and trying to “one-up” each other that men constantly do. Therefore, I am very comfortable in the nail salon and love the environment. I certainly hope that the nail salons never try to masculinize the environment by adding sports type of stuff and other typically macho guy things (yuck). I am like one of the girls the nail salon. Sometimes I go alone and many times I go with my wife. I hope that guys that get pedicures can enjoy the feminine environment of the nail salon and just relax, because manicures and pedicures are very much about relaxation. What could be better than being completely relaxed and having pretty nails when you leave :-)

    I want to get back to the topic of colored nail polish on the fingernails. I have never really wanted toe wear polish on my fingernails. Ever since I was a small child, I was fascinate by nail polish on women’s toes because it looked so pretty with sandals and I always wanted to have red toenails but it was forbidden for boys! It was so unfair! I wanted to have pretty toes but because of stupid gender rules, I was forbidden. I am making up for this inequity at the present time and will always have pretty painted toenails. I have been curious about wearing colored polish on my fingernails but I believe that it is too much of an in your face look and it would most likely be a problem at work. After all, I don’t really see a lot of professional women wearing brightly colored fingernails. They are usually wearing a French or an American Manicure that is certainly more subtle. On the other hand, it seems that anything goes on the toes, including hot pink, neon green, bright blue, etc. It seems that the toes are the place for expression and that fingernails are more subtle. I am a software development engineer and the company does not allow open toe shoes. I live in Southern California and the ONLY time that I am not wearing open toe shoes is when I am at work. I am wearing open toe shoes at all other times. The shoes that I wear are usually women’s open-toe sandals with a low heel or a little wedge or block heel. I wear women’s sandals because I thing that men’s sandals are ugle, look like truck tires, and make the foot look larger. Sometime when I am on vacation from work, I may try wearing matching red nail polish on my fingernails to see if I really like it, but for now I just stay with the clear look.

    I really don’t think that the nail polish trend for men will become mainstream. Men will never embrace it because they are very much humg-up on the macho John Wayne rugged look that they have been taught for years. I believe that nail polish on men will be a fringe fashion like earrings on men. I think that is great, because I like to be different and to stand out from the herd. I am slightly disturbed by nail polish for men and other ways that men are attempting to masculinize nail polish. In my opinion, there is no reason to masculinize nail polish. Nail polish is feminine and men should just accept that they enjoy doing a feminine thing like wearing nail polish. I believe this very strongly because it is the next step in the evolution of fashion for men. If men must masculinize everything, then men’s fashion as a whole will never evolve. One of the reasons that women’s fashion evolved is because women don’t need to feminize every item of fashion that they adopt. A friend of a friend wears his toenails polished and always wears blue or black. He is envious that I wear red because he has always admired red polish on women’s toes and wants to wear it himself bet is afraid because it is feminine. In my opinion, this is the problem that men need to overcome in order for men’s fashion to evolve.

    Renee, thank you again for this forum. I know that I have said this to you many times and will continue to say it to you because I think that you are really incredible and I really appreciate your forum, open-mindedness, and inquisitive nature.

    Jamie :-)
    Wearing OPI Big Apple Red on my Toes (is is a very pretty bright red and is a very happy color, if that makes sense :-)

  • Robert December 18, 2009, 2:44 pm

    Well, I have to say that if you’re going to do the toes, why not the fingers? Most guys figure they can hide the toenails by wearing shoes. Maybe it would not be accepted at their work place. Because I play guitar, my fingers are always painted something. Because I drive a truck, no one really gives a crap as long as the load shows up on time. So, with this being said, I have the freedom to work and look the way I want to. I can say this, everywhere I deliver to (which is from New York to Florida) I have yet to have anyone say anything negative. A lot of compliments though. I’m treated no different than anyone else who’s not wearing nail polish. I wear flip-flops or sandals all the time ( weather permitting) so my toenails are seen by a lot of different people up and down the east coast. If anything, I get told how nice my feet and hands look. I really don’t care what people think. I don’t see women trying to hide their tattoo’s, why should I be any different?

  • Marcie January 27, 2010, 6:43 am

    My husband had nasty looking feet for so long that I finally convinced him to come with me to experience the benefits of a professional pedicure. He liked it and even tried a dark silvery-gray nail polish from the masculine colors that they had reserved just for men! It worked wonders on his feet and now they are so soft that I love to snuggle up with them in bed. And they look very sexy!!!

  • Toni Sargent January 28, 2010, 4:11 am

    I’m a guy and I pedicure my own hands and feet ( as well as my wife’s hands and feet). She paints her nails and mine (I stick to blues/black and very dark colors usually). It has nothing to do with sexual preference or sexuality, it just paint and I like it. Absolutely nothing wrong with guys painting their nails – tho, a little care goes a long way, because on women OR men, uncared for feet are so nasty!
    So, if you want to paint your toenails, please pedicure them first and get a good paint job. Nothing like a crappy paint job lol..

    I have some pics of my feet on my blog if you are so inclined!

  • Michelle February 2, 2010, 8:17 am

    Hey guys, I have been following this thread ever since I discovered it back in November. Your lively discussions peaked my curiousity, and so I took the advice of more than one of you and did the ‘gradual thing’ on my husband to help get his feet into better shape. His feet are so much better now since he’s had a few pedicures and he’s wearing sandals more too.
    He has not tried any nail polish on them yet. I’m not sure if he’s ready for it, but I am actually curious to see his ‘new’ feet with a nice black or dark blue on them!
    This is really an interesting blog. I am not even sure how I found it, but it’s pretty cool the way you guys all seem to be quite passionate about wearing your nails polished.
    I guess you have managed to convince me about it, so you’re pretty good salesmen too!
    And Renee, kudos to you for keeping this thing going. It would be fun to hear from more women on this subject too!

  • ozzy February 5, 2010, 12:01 am

    What a wonderful topic to see! I’m a 100 straight masculine type-A male who has worn nail polish ever since I’ve been about ten years old, and I was inspired by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. I am totally in support of this hobby, and my fiance loves it as much as I do. It’s all nothing more than good clean innocent fun and self expression, I don’t know why some try to read more into it than that. ps – I’ve been messing with Flickr for a couple of years now, and I cannot believe the number of other men out there who also share this hobby with their wives and girlfriends! (if you want to see some of my photos, just go to Flickr, type in ‘nail polish’ in their search box, and look for photos from the Saint Louis Punk Rocker – on the first page – something like 35 of the first 50 photos are mine!) Thanks!

  • 9littlepiggies April 9, 2010, 8:40 am

    Hi all! It’s a bit late now to announce that today is a day to not wear any shoes in support of TOMS shoes and help raise awareness of how many children in the world don’t have shoes and are at risk of trauma and disease. I was proud to participate today in our local event. Also, it gave me a chance to show off my colored toes after a long cold winter in hiding. For details, check out the link below to my blog. Also, go to http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com. Sorry for posting this late.

  • Leivee April 23, 2010, 2:20 am

    I used to think that polished toenails on men was gay and weird. Well, my opinion has changed because I have seen it done well on a few men I know (who are 100% straight), and it looked good on them. I have also seen it done poorly, and like a bad paint job looks on us, it’s not good.
    I guess I should add that men should wear masculine colors though. I don’t care for red or pink on guys’ nails, but darker colors like green, blue, black, gray and silver look good IMHO.
    Polished fingernails on a guy are okay, but I think men’s toenails with polish is a nice way to upgrade their look.

  • Jamie April 25, 2010, 12:17 am

    Hi Leivee,

    I have been wearing red polish on my toes for years and my favorite color is OPI Big Apple Red. Kudos to you for having an accepting and open mind, but is no reason to confine men to dark colors. I am told that back in the 1950’s the only acceptable shirt color for a man was white! It has only been withing the past 20 years that men have started to wear pink shirts, ties, etc. I also have noticed a lot of young men (skate board types) wearing bright pink and bright red Keds Sneakers.

    So using your logic, if men should be relegated to wearing masculine colors like Blue, black, or gray, then women should be conversely relegated to wearing feminine colors like pink and red! Please note that I’m not advocating this and I only make the point so that you can see how absurd it is because we know that women wear all colors of nail polish including black, blue, brown, silver, gray, etc.

    Best Regards,

    getting a pedicure today and will be wearing OPI Big Applie Red

    Renee – A big hug to you for this block and just for being the wonderful person that you are! :-)

    • Renee June 17, 2010, 1:29 am

      Jamie – I’m so sorry, I only saw this comment just now. This thread is still alive and kicking after a year and I’m so amazed! I love hearing all your stories. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. :)

  • Vic April 30, 2010, 11:40 pm

    While we are here (hey, it’s been over a year now!), what do you (and Renee!) think of the OPI Hong Kong collections jade green or blue for men? Too pastel, or not?

    I might go for a pedi next week, and I hate deliberating while in the chair. ;-)

  • Craig June 5, 2010, 12:31 pm

    I had my first pedicure a year ago a suggestion from my wife. I am a runner and was constantly fighting ingrown nails, I am also diabetic so bad feet are not a good idea. I find the whole experience very relaxing. Two months ago i got my first manicure, so now i get a manicure with clear polish every two weeks and a pedi once a month. I have been painting my toes for over a year now and go out in public quite often with sandals on never a comment from anyone. I have painted them all sorts of different colors. I had my nail tech pick a color for me my last pedi she chose a dark blue with silver glitter.

  • Howard June 16, 2010, 11:22 am

    Great blog and posts. I’ve been using color color on my toes for several years; finally got a pedi last weekend. I can’t beleive how good they look, after the spa pedicure, with polish. It is the same color I had on before going to the salon, but the improvement with a professional pedi was… great. Since they look so good, I’ve started wearing sandals with them showing. As someone said in another post, most of the fear is all in your head. It was for me. I will continue with the colors and show them off.

  • Jake June 17, 2010, 1:26 am

    Howard, that is great news! I t’s great that you finally were able to experience and enjoy a pro pedicure. They really do make a difference!
    And your point about the fear being in your head is right-on. Many guys get stuck at this point, but once something finally ‘pushes’ them over the fact that it is not really such a big deal to anyone, there is like this huge weight lifted off of their shoulders and it feels awesome to just relax and enjoy wearing their toes polished.

    So, how did you come to that point – what made you decide to just open up and do it?

  • Renee June 17, 2010, 1:32 am

    Hey guys!

    What will you be rocking on your toenails this summer? :)

    I discovered gray nail polish some time ago and I’m in LOVE! I’ll be wearing gray all summer, I’m sure. I’d recommend trying gray out, it’s really beautiful :)

  • Jake June 17, 2010, 6:59 am

    Thanks for the suggestion Renee! Gray is one of those colors that jsut looks classy and cool on anyone – girls and guys!

  • gurkirpal singh June 21, 2010, 2:24 am

    Yea I go to the nail salon and get my feet done its rather pricey but having this gouggious lady fool with my feet is worth it . but my feet feel fantastic afterward and I also get them painted [clear ] I never say anything about others but colour paint is a turn off for me , my wife does the black nail paint . now the makeup thing , makeup is to give the illusion of health . and I really cannot putup with anything on my face , it feels gakey like my face is dirty and needs to be washed . natural clean healthy skin is in my eyes is sexey

  • wolf July 1, 2010, 9:46 am

    I just got done rockin a pink and black french pedi and now I’am wearing a red color called red carpet next pedi I get I’ll have the nail tech just use whatever color she picks

  • Vic July 6, 2010, 9:08 am

    I can’t believe I just found this blog now. I thought I had found it all out here on the net for us guys that paint our toes.

    I have been doing my toes, and sometimes my fingers for years. My wife however used to be good and even somewhat supportive however since our kids were born, she doesn’t like me going in public anymore. I am trying to ease her back into it though.

    For some reason, the pro pedicure has always gotten in my head as something that real guys didn’t do, however I have been thinking of doing it more and more to help improve my feet. I do the best I can at home but some rough bottoms is getting annoying.
    Ironically, my wife is 100% ok with me getting a pedicure when I mentioned it to her. I am just trying to ease her into the idea of letting them use a color as well. I want to make sure she doesn’t make me take it off the minute I try to wear sandels!

    This blog has really helped me out and boosted my courage to just go to the salon and get done!


  • Jake July 7, 2010, 4:11 am

    Hey Vic, we’re also glad you found this site! Honestly, it’s not really news anymore for men who wear their nails painted, and most salons don’t even think twice when a guy asks for color.
    I think we are entering a time when personal expression is becoming a way of life, rather than an exception. Yes, there are going to be differing opinions on this, as there is with everything, so don’t expect everyone (including your wife) to jump on the bandwagon because our perceptions are not easily changed. My wife went through a period where she did not care much for my toes to be painted either, and I think it may have been because I was paying more attention to mine and not hers. We’ve since somewhat equaled the field by going to the salon for pedicures (and she gets a manicure) together so we both get to enjoy the treat.
    I have found that wearing what I consider more masculine colors tends to not attract as many reactions from people, but I guess it all depends on what you wear polish for – your enjoyment or theirs!
    Anyway, I am glad that this site has provided you some encouragement and ideas so that you can feel more confident wearing your nails polished.

  • Vic July 9, 2010, 11:09 pm

    Have any other girls here coaxed their guys into painted toenails since this article? Renee? You’ve had to have tried at some point. :-)

  • Steve August 19, 2010, 1:39 am

    I’ve been getting pedicures for the past year now and not only are my feet in better condition but my toenails are much better looking. It took awhile before I asked for a french pedicure but only after I found a matte topcoat and an off-white polish for the tips. I’ve worn sandals finally for the first summer since I was a teenager, (30+ years ago) and finally I am not ashamed of my ugly toenails. No one has seemed to notice that I’m even wearing polish since it is such a subdued finish. My wife hasn’t even mentioned how svelte my toes look other than suggest that now that I’m getting pedicures we both might as well get our appointments done with her nail tech and go together. Our first appointment is next week and I’m getting nervous about not only my wife knowing I use polish, but her nail tech knows all my wifes friends too. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to drag my matte topcoat and off-white polish into the salon and give up my stealth looking toes. Not reallly asking for suggestions but I will let you know how it turns out if I don’t chicken out.

  • Craig August 27, 2010, 8:17 pm

    Went yesterday to the salon with my daughter mani and pedis for both she got an opaque blue on her toes and feet. I had the tech pick my color she chose a dark gold for my toes we put a clear mat finish on my hands my feet look and feel gr8. She undug an ingrown nail what a releif. My brother in law was at a party and told me one of his friends had his toes painted dark blue it is catching on. I live in the chicago suburbs.

  • Kevin September 2, 2010, 9:02 am

    I personally dont see why women have a problem with men wearin nail polish. I have been wearin it for years and getting regular pedicures too. Most of the time my finance have matching color on our toes. My feet look, feel alot better, and I like them with color. I have seen women with worse feet then most men. Nasty dry cracked heels, nail polish only in parts that havent chipped off, cuticles way over grown. Yes most men desperately need a pedicure to be wearing flip flops, or sandals but women need to too. Nothing worse then seeing a women wearin some cute sandals, with her toes lookin like crap. I will be happy when men are free to do what we wish. Not be judged by the color of my nails or the clothes that I wear. And drop the double standards keep out of our doors if you cant share!!!

  • Jake September 3, 2010, 12:15 am

    Well said, Kevin! I agree with pointing out the double-standard that exists as well.
    I observe women adopting pretty much any style they like and it’s looked upon as just being themselves, while men get chastised if they should step out of the boundaries that somebody considers to be ‘safe’ for men. Just because a guy chooses to wear a purple shirt, wear an earring, have nice hair or even paint his nails is no basis to think he’s any different than the guy who wears boots, sweaty t-shirts and chews. They’re all things that guys can do. We’re as different from each other as women who wear their hair and nails pink, wear 5″ heels or have a boy haircut and tattoos.
    So, there will be some who don’t care for the way another looks, and there will be others who see it is an expression of one’s unique identity.
    Who would you trust more; the person who is concealing their true self in order to fit in, or the gal or guy who is expressive and honest about who they really are?

  • Dancing Feet September 5, 2010, 3:34 am

    Steve, I’ve been wearing that same sort of “french” pedicure with the off-white tips and matte topcoat for several years now. Some refer to it as an “American” pedicure/manicure. It is my default style when I don’t have a color on my toes. It looks very clean and natural.

    As far as colors go, I have been wearing mostly purples, greys, and gunmetal or slate blues. And I almost always prefer a matte topcoat.

    History: 30 year old straight male; occasionally painted toes since 13, professional pedicures from 24-27, self pedicures currently with professional painting by a nail tech. Public color-wearer since last summer. I’ve gotten a lot of great compliments on my toes from hot girls this summer, and even a few phone numbers. I met one particular girl at a laundromat who was wearing the same color of gunmetal blue on her toes as me, and it was about the best ice-breaker a guy could ever ask for! We’re dating now!

  • New to Color September 26, 2010, 10:06 am

    I’ve read a great number of the comments posted on our site and decided to join in because it is the type of site I have been looking for where there is somewhat of an open dialogue between participants. Any way, I had my first manicure this year ending with clear polish on my toes. It all started out of a necessity for my fingernails…they started to fall off. The doctor did not give me any encouragement so I gambled and went to a nail salon and after a few misses we tried acrylic nails with gel nail finish. Well it worked and I have all my nails and they are doing great. While getting my fingers done one day after about three pedicures with clear, the owner mentioned that she had several men who were getting color. At first I didn’t know what to think, so I came home and searched the web and found several sites where guys and gals were talking about men getting different colors on their toes and some even on their fingernails. After comtemplating this, I decided to try it. I have worn about four different colors so far and got a pair of sandles and have been wearing my open toes in public. I go to a restaurant and my waitress wants to know what color I have on and I show her and several of the other girls there and they like it. I also, go to Wal Mart and had about six cashiers come and check my toes out and one in particular wants to know what color my toes are and I have to show her. Not one negative comment from anyone. If there are negative thoughts, they have kept them to themselves. I am hooked on color and I can’t see not having color on my toes from now on. I would like to do my fingernails in color also, however, my employment prevents this, but I do wear my clear gel nails and they look fantastic. I wish the nail polish companies would build tv ads around men wearing their polish. They could have the men do their nails themselves or better yet let their wives or girl friends do their toes for them. Also, men painting their toes would be great in an advertisement in sports magazine..not just nail care mags. What do you think?

  • Robert October 30, 2010, 3:32 am

    I have ben wearing my toenails polished on and off for about a year now. A girl first painted them blue at a party and after the novelty wore off, a couple of other girls told me they thought it looked good. about a week later, when the polish was starting to come off, I went in and had them done professionaly at the nail place and I received a few more compliments afterwards. So now when I ‘need’ a lift or something different to do, I go have a pedicure and get them done in a cool color that suits my mood.

  • Douglas Savoca January 15, 2011, 7:52 am

    Even as a male, I have always taken the time to get routine pedicures. This keeps my feet looking clean, fresh, and sexy!!! For years I have always chosen clear polish on my toes until recently I tried opi alpine brightwhite whiteout polish on my toes. This color not only looks great with a tan and draws attention to my toerings and feet but this color has been the most trendy right now in fashion and receives a lot of compliments. I also raise it a notch to rockstar status by using opi Lincoln park after dark or midnight in Moscow. Both of these polished on my toes are awesome!!! Dark but has plum and cocoa hues to it. Very masculine!! What are you waiting for guys give it a try.!!!

  • Jamie February 1, 2011, 2:37 pm

    Hi Renee,
    It has been a long time since I posted here and I hope that everything is going very well for you and that you are happy, healthy, and staying beautiful – your picture on this blog is very beautiful. I wanted to again say “thank you” for originally starting this topic several years ago. I am still into red polishes and my new favorite is Big Apple Red and at my next pedicure I am going to try Essie Really Red. I also want to try wearing more bright pinks on my toes. Do you have any recommendations for some hot pink colors that will really pop but that will still look good with my white complexion? I tend to like OPI and Essie polishes.

    Best Regards,


  • 9littlepiggies February 15, 2011, 4:56 am

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, especially to Renee!
    I’m glad guys are still keeping this up and keeping their toes colored. My blog about the experience of lacquered toes has waned but my practice has not. I can’t go without color for more than a week and I’ve tried so many different ones over the past year or so. I am not shy about it at all and wear them proudly. I don’t get any comments at all and still get weird looks from people so I’m glad that others are getting positive feedback and even dates. I’m wearing red for the occasion but my spectrum touches on mostly red and pinks, some purple and silver to black. I also paint my fingernails on the weekends and that just started. I like it, despite my ugly man hands. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Renee’s thread and hopefully more guys will convert to color and better foot care.

  • New to Color February 15, 2011, 12:45 pm

    It is good to see new postings on the several nail blogs I look at regularly. I was thinking that the “trend” for us guys was waning. I have started wearing ALL colors, depending on my clothes, on my fingers and toes even to work. I feel that if we guys are going to wear color, then don’t limit yourself to just a few dark shades. Naturally, there are some colors I have not tried, but it is not because I am unwilling, it is due to not having the proper outfits to justify the color. I hope more men will write on a more regular basis on your blog and others to get this trend really going. It seems that sometimes two or three months pass without a comment. Anyway, to all….HAPPY VALENTINES and I have truly grown to love OPI “Thank you muchness” ..it is sort of a candy apple red and it truly is beautiful on my nails. Best to all …. looking forward to reading your postings.

  • douglas savoca March 1, 2011, 12:38 pm

    Hi all, even as a male , routine pedicures are a must!!! It keeps my feet looking fresh, clean, sexy…I have always chosen to wear clear polish and toerings on my toes, because it looks crisp and the best.. I always get compliments on how nice my feet look and how cool the toerings are.. Recently I will say I went outside the box and chose brightwhite whiteout color on my toes. This color is great when your feet are tan. Shows my toes and rings off very well. Lots of compliments!! A must during the summer. When I’m daring I will wear hit cocoa by Essie, a Yummy chocolate color on my toes.. I love the attention and it shows my confidence!!! Go for it guys!!!

  • lewis sadowsky March 29, 2011, 4:42 am

    is wearing red nail polish on your feet considwered strange for men: becasuse im thinking about that 4 myself?

  • Jake March 29, 2011, 5:51 am

    Yes, it is strange to some people, and no, it is not strange to others. It is actually an emerging trend for guys to wear their toenails polished now – it’s been on the rise for several years now and is looking like it may follow the trend that earrings for guys did just a few years ago.
    There does not seem to be any color that is off-limits for men, but be prepared for a few strange looks from some people if you wear a bright color. On the other hand, the compliments from those who are more open-minded are really cool!!!
    I usually wear my toes polished with dark gray, muted silver, dark green or darker blue, but sometimes I wear a purple or even orange too! It’s an awesome feeling to have great-looking feet for a change, so I whole-heatedly encourage you to give it a try! Better yet, take your GF and go get a pro pedicure (sans polish if you are nervous about it the first time) and see how it feels. Nail salons like business, whether it’s from guys or gals, so they will paint your toenails any color you want. Just don’t forget to tip!

  • New to Color May 19, 2011, 9:49 am

    to Lewis S. about red polish. Let me tell you, I work retail and I have worn sandles with all colors red, green, orange, pink and many others. They are your toes and if you want to wear red polish…..go for it. When we limit the colors we place ourselves in a box. Open up and go for it. After a week or two…..nobody cares. It has been proven in retail stores, that when you leave a display up for over two weeks, customers do not see it. It has become common and that is why retail always changes displays and aisles don’t usually go all the way through unless you are on a main aisle. Bringing that over to polish. When people see you wearing whatever color you choose for two weeks. They just accept it as it being YOU. Go for it and have fun. Let me know Lewis how it goes. I’m betting on you and that the people around you will love it and you. I’m in your corner on this.

  • Bernie May 20, 2011, 2:39 am

    I`m male,have been getting pedicures for the last eight years.It started out because I wear nylon support hose snaging at least one pair a week. My pedicurest suggested color which I did.Liked it very much ~~ the red,pink and metalic shades.Went to the mall wearing flip flops. Some ladys comented on how nice they looked and my wife agreed with them.

  • philip June 15, 2011, 2:25 am

    Iam a straight male 49 married with two kids one 11 one 9 and the wife and kids have seen my toenails painted started out as a way to hide my toenails now i wear polish for the look and also wear toerings havent vendured out in public yet but a couple of my daughters friends have seen them painted and thought it was cool, so i will continue to paint them,i enjoy blues and some reds

  • Mr. X August 1, 2011, 5:00 am

    My first pedicure was back in April, my sister in law treated me. It felt good, but I declined on the color. 3 months later, I took my lady friend to get her first mani-pedi. This time I went for color on my toes, Midnight Blue, to match my lady friend’s piggies. We also got clear on our fingers. It’s been 3 weeks, and I find myself touching up on my feet and toes whenever I see a chip. Can’t wait for the next time we go, will I be daring and try a different color?

  • Mark August 31, 2011, 6:34 am

    well, just jumped into this pond and had my first pedicure. Certainly won’t be my last either. Clear polish on too. maybe in a bit some color, but for now the clear is good. I have diabetes and my doctor was always telling me to take care of my feet. So, tell you what guys, do NOT knock this til you’ve tried it.

    Interesting though as I walked into the salon, light day, but a few women there and they actually smirked a bit when I walked in, liked I’d just enetered the estrogen fortress, but I ignored it and waited.

    Thought to myself, F*** Off. You complain about guys all the time not taking care of themselves and you’re living proof why that is. So I just was confident about what I was doing. The lady asked me if I wanted color, I said know, clear overtop is fine. Tell you though it was great. The massage the bath, the toes look great. I’m hooked.

  • Jake August 31, 2011, 8:28 am

    Hey Mark, welcome to the ‘enlightened’ group of guys who have discovered how enjoyable a pedicure feels – and looks!
    It’s funny the way you described the atmosphere in the salon when you walked in as an “estrogen fortress”. I get that. Many nail salons are designed with women in mind, and that is quite natural because not as many men get their nails done.
    My experience has been that if you are friendly and don’t act like you’re invading the place, most everyone will accept you for you. In fact, I have only come across a very few women who were offended that a guy would get his nails done in a salon. Most are pretty open to it and even take an interest in a guy who has the confidence to try this when it’s is not quite mainstream yet.
    I also found it pretty cool that your nail tech offered you color. That is becoming more common, but just two weeks ago I was in a salon where they offered me clear until I requested color. I guess they hadn’t had a male customer get color yet, but their attitude changed once the other customers and staff saw my nails done in a medium dark blue. They thought it was pretty cool and a few even said they were going to figure out how to encourage their husbands to try it!
    Okay, so once we get beyond the ‘newness’ of guys wearing nail polish, it’s really what you want and like for yourself. If you are comfortable and enjoy having great looking nails, then you should not feel at all inhibited to get them done when you want to. Salons are in the business of caring for and helping make people’s nails look and feel great. They really don’t care if the nails belong to a woman or man, as long as she or he is paying customer (that tips too!), they’re good with it.
    So, enjoy your life the way you want to, not the way you think others want you to and you’ll be a better person for it.

    Besides, you’re probably wrong about what you ‘think’ they think anyway.

  • Mr. X August 31, 2011, 10:39 am

    Welcome aboard, Mark! I have a regular manicurist who does my fingers and toes every month. This time I have metallic silver on my toes. It’s pretty cool, and my lady friend loves it.

  • mark August 31, 2011, 8:49 pm

    Thanks for the welcoming comments guys. I didn’t think the salon had much of an issue. Just maybe a bit of surprise like I was in the wrong place asking for directions or something, the customers in the small shop looking at me that way too, and then when I said I wanted a pedicure, I saw the change in expression, and there was this bit of flustering like maybe I should have had an appt, and didn’t know this, kind of thing. The older grandma was kind of looking at me like I was on another planet, and this somewhat attractive mid age woman though specifically would not look at me. Ok, so that might scare some guys off of doing this in a salon like I just did. But for me facing a somewhat minor challenge was also good, and I had the confidence to do what I wanted.

    But I think the interesting part for me is that men are held to strict standards of what they should do or should not do or wear or whatever. See some comments above by women in general-ooo, that’s just wrong, men should be …., I’d laugh if he did that. Yet tell a lady she shall no longer wear pants and that’ll be the end of that conversation. if she chooses to not wear makeup, well then everybody is cool with that too. see a man with nail polish and the judgements and assumptions come flying right by. Odd isn’t it? And so I think men wouldn’t comment much, the idiot ones would because of their own stuff, but the vast majority I don’t think would, and I could deal with them, but the scorn from a lady would get to me faster in that regard.

    I hope I didn’t break any rules by posting my thoughts on this subject-just needed to talk about it I guess. I like it, I’ll be doing it more, when I choose to I’ll color too. My hand nails probably not but that’s because I am hard on them, and they’d look terrible in really short order. I think the message in ladies doing their nails is to show that they are wealthy enough to not have to work hard with their hands, as if they are upper class. the liesure class so to speak. I think that was the purpose originally and for a man that message is contrary to his overall role as provider, worker of whatever. that is also not true, but i believe that would be what goes thru people’s minds on this. Although I do black my hand nails on my left hand in support of a lady killed motorcycling in IL when rearended by another lady painting her nails at 50 mph. I do that for MC safety awareness as I ride, and get lots of people talking about that. Which is why I do only one hand rather than be thought of as Goth. :)

    thanks for allowing me to be a bit verbose.

  • Jake September 1, 2011, 1:04 am

    Mark, no worries. That’ s what these forums are for – to exchange ideas and viewpoints on the subject.
    It’s great that we have this kind of public venue to openly ‘talk’ about this.

    You bring up some very valid points, and it does indeed look different when you turn it around and look at women’s styles from a guy’s point of view. Of course, many people might feel that because nail polish is not a ‘current accepted style’ for men, then it’s not ‘right’. Well, that is how new styles become popular, by people trying it, liking it and wearing it regularly.

    I have seen men wear nail polish in some very distinctly different ways though. Goths like to wear black (along with their darker clothes and other makeup), cross-dressers like to wear it with along other articles of women’s clothing, and Rock Stars (or rock star wanna-bes) wear it for the reaction value.

    Then there are the guys like us who most would consider pretty normal, but we just happen to like the way nail polish looks and feels. It adds a new dimension and a little color and flair to our overall look. And it feels good to us. Hey, what’s wrong with wanting to be yourself?

    I honestly think that this style trend is definitely on it’s way to making the mainstream because you are beginning to see it everywhere. I have been in more than one nail salon where they went so far as to organize their more nail polish colors into a separate groups for women and men – as well as buying colors that better suit men. Several nail polish companies are making polishes just for men now that tend to be more earthy-looking and masculine. Heck, just search on “nail polish for men” on the Internet and you’ll find an endless stream of references, including pictures of many male celebrities that wear it. In fact, Flickr is a great source for examples of many men who wear nail polish.

    Like you said Mark, a professional pedicure is a relaxing treat that everyone can feel free to experience. Even better, enjoy it with a friend!

  • Robert W. July 15, 2012, 2:48 am

    I just recently found this thread and read many of the posts and thought I’d throw my $0.02 in. I will share my experience of wearing polish on my toenails. I am a single, 33 year-old straight male. My first experience in wearing polish started from a conversation with two girls at my work. They were discussing nail polish. Just to join in, I asked if they had ever seen polish on guys. Both replied that they thought painted toenails on guys was extremely sexy. I’ve gotten pedicures on and off for several years, but mostly sans polish, occasionally clear. The final thing that convinced me to try color was when I when to visit my father and stepmother for dinner. He had typical guy feet with dry, crusty nails, callouses, etc. This time his feet looked good. They had a very light blue on the nails and all the crustiness gone. That was the only time he wore color. He gets clear now but still takes care of his feet. I figured if my dad had polish, I could too. My next pedicure, I left with a very pretty dark blue on my toes. I still wore regular shoes so no one except people I knew and trusted (the two girls at work and my family) saw it. Next color I tried was black. Then I looked up “nail polish on men” on the web and found Jake’s “Toepaintguy” website along with many, many other straight men who love to have polished toes. I finally went to the shoe store and bought some open-toe sandals. At first I was terrified. I thought I would be laughed at, harassed, or maybe even assaulted. Like all the other first-timers, I found these irrational fears to be all in my head. No one said a word about it. I began to wear my polished toes openly. As I did it more, I grew more and more confident. I have tried dark green and light bluish gray as well but keep coming back to blue.
    The final “nail in the coffin” as far as fear was concerned happened one night at the laundromat. I was waiting for my clothes to dry when two girls came in with a large load of laundry. After they loaded the washing machine and started it, they sat down on the bench next to me. One of them noticed my blue painted toes and thought that is was “so awesome.” The other girl with her agreed. A very lively conversation ensued with topics ranging from nail polish, cars, etc. Too bad both girls had boyfriends/fiancees. They both said I have very nice feet for a guy and my toes looked better than theirs. Tip for guys, know the brand and color of polish you are wearing. The two laundromat girls asked me what color my polish was. I am currently wearing China Glaze Frostbite, a very pretty blue. This fall I may try a crimson color as I am a huge Alabama Crimson Tide football fan. I am hooked now. Unpainted nails just look so plain and boring. Who says guys can’t be colorful?

    • Paul September 15, 2012, 8:25 am

      Have been painting my toes in private for years but have recently (last 2 years) been enjoying getting them done in a local nail bar. I absolutely love it ! Why? No idea – I just do. All colours from neon pinks to black to silver. Everyone should give it a go!!

  • Bob December 25, 2012, 5:46 am

    I have had an interest in getting a pedicure and polish for some time but it wasn’t until recently that I finally tried it. My wife and I went together and got pedicures – it was a surprisingly relaxing experience! The person performing my pedicure offered to polish my nails too and so I tried a deep blue because I had seen it on a celebrity in a picture. I like the way my toes look polished and I continue to wear them that way now. My wife also thinks my feet look much better than they used to and she likes it when I try different colors on my toes with her. It’s never seemed odd to me probably because we both like it.

  • Mark July 25, 2013, 10:31 am

    Hi, I’m a male and I’ve been painting my toenails since age 4. I’m now 52. It started with a babysitter. I went online and did some research on this subject to see if men ever did this practice and I discovered that they did in ancient egypt, both men and women painted their nails and it was used to indicate social status. The men wore dark colors and the women wore the pastels. I now walk openly with both my toenails and fingernails painted. I even visit my neighborhood bar with my nails painted. The women do like and love it! It has taken me a great deal of effort and guts to comfortably walk openly with my nails painted! So guys go out there and do it!…….and by the way, I’m a guy who prefers the pastels!

  • Kurt September 10, 2013, 7:59 am

    I’m a 31-year-old man who’s been painting my toes since high school and just recently my fingernails (which I mostly due in neutrals or black; toes range in any color that looks great on my skin tone as I’m African American). Why is always the biggest question men get. So I’ll do my best to explain simply first, and then go into a bit more detail. Why? Because I simply like the way it looks. This is the response most women give as well. What’s different, I think, that makes most women give men such as myself the “side-eye”, is that some women wear nail polish to be attractive to men. So in that light, if a man wears nail polish, I believe a question some women would have would be, “Is he trying to attract men?” This is why most men are labeled gay, bi or whatever else when really, the majority of us men who do paint our toes are straight and have girlfriends and wives.

    Here’s some food for thought. The French Nobles invented the French manicure that women love. Did you know that the French Nobles consisted of “men”. Yep. Men invented something women love. The Egyptian Kings and Queens dyed their nails the same color. Also, as someone mentioned earlier, Chinese men also did their nails in color. With our nation being so young and since nail polish has only been seen on women in our time, our society says it’s only for women. But with that rationale, our country also stated that women could not vote, wear pants or join the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. We now look back on history and see that those who thought that way were moronic. I don’t consider nail polish feminine since there’s paint on everything used by women and men inside and outside of a house. So what if a man decides to place some on his fingers and/or toes. Just my thoughts on the matter though.

  • mark November 19, 2013, 10:24 pm

    You’re points are exactly right Kurt. Why anyone would care what on my toes is what’s really weird to me. Lol. Can you imagine the scandalous looks the first women adopters of trousers got in the 1920’s? Land’s sake! Hide the children and lock the doors! As I’ve said before, it’s just a bit of color on an otherwise drab bit of canvas. It comes off, unlike a colorful tattoo. But folks can get so stuck in their ways without even knowing why and how they got that way. Life is way too short to not make it as fun as you want it to be, as long as you hurt no one else in what you do.there are way more serious things going on in the world and I hardly put nail color on guys in that category.

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