How to: Stop Over Tweezing and Get Your Natural Brow Back!

I’m sure everyone has had that painful period of trying to grow out a mistake they made with their brows! I got my eyebrows tweezed for the first time at a professional place when I was 15. I can’t remember what made me suddenly aware of them, but I walked into the first beautitian I could find at a popular mall and simply said, “Tame these monsters!”

Ew ew ew ew!

BAD MOVE. The lady gave me the thinnest brows with the highest arch, UGH LOOK AT IT! Gross. I remember feeling that I looked like Ursula from The Little Mermaid – that permanent evil look. This taught me that yes; what they say is true – eyebrows really make a difference to your face!

That was the last time I ever went to somewhere professional. Unfortunately, at 15 I was still clueless about anything to do with ‘beautifying’ oneself, so afterward, I just kinda tweezed what I felt like tweezing, and even though the evil arch eventually disappeared, they were still too thin.

Fast forward to last, last Summer. I was just turning 19 and decided to just not touch my eyebrows for 6 months – I just wanted to start over everything and get my natural shape back. To tell you the truth, I never thought anyone would notice, much less MEN for that matter. Wrong! All my guy friends started calling me everything from Monkey Man to Bush Woman! One friend, who hadn’t seen me in a while, greeted me with, “Holy eyebrows, Renee!”

What gentlemen I hang around with …. But honestly, it did look a little scary after awhile.

Needless to say, it all grew back (thank goodness!) and I was really careful about tweezing a natural shape this time; keeping it’s original thickness, but creating a very slight arch. Now, I even get compliments on my eyebrows and I’m proud to say it’s all done by me – so Bush Woman gets the last laugh! ;)

Here are my tips on breaking out of the tweezer-happy addiction and getting back your original shape:

No touching! Don’t touch them for at least 4 months. Resist the urge, woman! I would say a full 6 months, but 4 months is the least. If it’s really getting unsightly, just tweeze those absolute necessary ones that seem to look completely out of your whole eyebrow area.

Condition them. Apply some kind of conditioning formula. I tried applying some Vaseline on them for a bit and I really noticed a difference in the actual hairs, they seemed much healthier, thicker and darker. I stopped after awhile due to laziness, but I would really recommend using something; Vaseline or not, to condition them. There are plenty of brow conditioners out there on the market today that you could try out.

Try hair growth formulas. I read this tip from Allure editor Linda Wells. I haven’t tried it myself but I would expect it to work: Dip a Q-tip in some Rogaine (or any hair loss formula) and rub it on any bald spots you might have. Be EXTREMELY careful to not let it touch anywhere near your eyes! Also, those popular eyelash-growth serums work on the eyebrow too.

Makeup tricks. In the mean time, fill in empty spots and mistakes with a brow pencil or powder. Or, if some parts are starting to look insane try using a clear eyebrow gel to keep them looking neat.

Patience. Patience really is key – you are literally just waiting for hair to grow! In the meantime, give your itchy fingers something to do – pick your nose instead!

Prepare for your next session. If you’re going to go to a professional, make sure you don’t end up with crazy thin eyebrows like mine. I shudder at the thought, it was that terrible. Instead, before going, find a photo of a person’s eyebrows you do like – you can’t get the exact shape, but visuals are always helpful with stylists. And when explaining what shape you want, try using words like “natural, low arch, full, thick, slight arch,” whatever you fancy. Just remember to avoid looks that are too thin and too arched – not a good look on anybody, really.

Here are some celebrities whose eyebrows I love, and perhaps you can get some inspiration from. They all seem to stick to a fairly thick, natural look – and it frames their beautiful eyes perfectly!

Alright ladies – ‘fess up. Have you ever gone a bit too tweezer-happy in the past? Any funny stories to share? I want to hear!

32 responses to “How to: Stop Over Tweezing and Get Your Natural Brow Back!

  1. LOL. It’s funny how I woke up this morning, as saw this post. Cause I was just tweezing my brows yesterday, and thinking to myself: “Man, I really don’t want to mess it up this time”. =P
    I have had countless tweezing-gone-bad experiences. No kidding. It’s either too thin, or too arch-y, or too “short”. LOL. And after that, I’ll have to force myself not too tweeze for a month until I try really hard to get them back into a normal state. (note the word normal =D )
    I’ve really wanted to get them tweeze professionally, but never stumble upon any saloon that I have enough confident to let them tweeze my brows. Haha. Talk about being too-controlling.
    I really like Camilla Belle’s brows in that photo too. =)

    • Oh, don’t worry about being too controlling! I will never trust anyone with my eyebrows again :P Your control issues are completely understandable :P

      And yes, I love Camille Belle’s photo … actually I love her in general, I think she’s so beautiful!

  2. I over plucked my brows alott, but it seems it has not grown back, I think I killed the roots haha. But I do think some people suit slimmer eyebrows. I draw mine in now, shame. And I love Keira Knightley, by the way.

    • I agree, some people suit slimmer shapes, but not too thin! I can feel your pain of having to draw your brows in, I had to fill up those missing areas for a while too and it was so annoying! There are more “drastic” ways to fill your brows in such as eyebrow embroidery, maybe I’ll write a post on it one day. And I love Keira’s brows too, in fact I love all the ladies I put up – I find them all so beautiful. :)

  3. Hee hee, I LOL-ed at your reference to Ursula. OUCH! :P
    I’ve had such accidents too. Overtweezed my own brow. Even the beautician did a physical flinch when she saw my brows.

    • It really was that bad! If I can find a picture (hope not) I should post it up, it was just awful. I think everyone has overtweezed at some point huh? :P

  4. In the 80s I got sick of plucking my eyebrows that I shaved them off and drew them on!!!!!! This was the style at that time, mind you but still was awful!!!! Now my normal brows are back. I recommend just drawing them on if they are thin, my friend got hers tattooed and after 2 years the ink turned green!!!!!!

    • Oh I know what you mean about the brow tatts. I see a lot of women with green eyebrows on the streets! Very unfortunate, it looks very weird. Glad your brows grew back and so happy that shaving it all off is out of fashion now! :P

  5. Use pure topical Vitamin E oil (Not to be confused with Vitamin E capsules). I’m using Nature’s Gate Vitamin E Oil 40,000 I.U., it’s working wonders for me!

  6. My eyebrows have been oveplucked for about 6 years. I haven’t plucked in a few months (but still no new eyebrows) and i just bought librow and i’m praying that it works to get my old eyebrows back!!! has anyone else tried this product??? And if so, any results?

  7. I plucked my eyebrows terribly when I was about 13 and now they grow downwards, as in straight down. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to fix it!

  8. I overdid it with having my eyebrows waxed a few years ago, and it was either that, or my low thyroid that made parts of my eyebrows go away, and they have yet to return:( Lately I’ve been using RevitaBrow on them, and I’ve seen an ever so slight improvement, so that gives me hope that something might work better. Rogaine didn’t work on me, but I’m going to try some other products and see what happens. At least I’ve saved money by not needing them waxed anymore;(

  9. yeah i have over tweezed my brows too! the thing is i was like 13! yeah the first time i got my brows plucked, my mom did it. she just plucked the strays. but once when i did it i didn’t make them thin i just plucked them too short. well now i’m 14 and i kinda know how to groom my brows. but i gottta admit i love Kristen Stewart’s eyebrow’s.

  10. Haha, I overplucked my eyebrows a few weeks ago, I should try your method and wait for it to grow its natural line. 6 months? wooo..okay gotta be patience. I really don’t know how to reshape my own eyebrow and I’m too scared to go for the professional in case they pluck my eyebrow way too thin or not matching with my face shape. Anyway, I love Camila Belle & Megan Fox eyebrow. :)

  11. I have one tips that might help, if you want you can have bangs down over your eyebrows in the waiting time, so it wont be that noticeable. If you want.

  12. A few months ago I got a little over zealous when I was plucking my eyebrows and ended up making a gap in the middle of my right one. I was horrified! My Mum thought it was hysterical. But I found that it wasn’t too noticeable. In the end only three people noticed it and that was because I was painting their faces.

  13. I have been overplucking my eyebrows for 7 years and never once thought to get them done. My biggest issue is most definitely patience and genes. My left eyebrow grows in a completely different direction than my right eyebrow which makes it incredibly easy to mess up pretty bad so you can only imagine my level of annoyance.

  14. Haha! I absolutely LOVED this article. I actually pick at my eyebrows out of stress. Plucking those little hairs and feeling the satisfying pop when they come out is like a ritual for me. And yeah, I know it’s not healthy. So reading this has convinced me to use Vaseline every night on my “little monsters” and not pluck them for a YEAR! Starting. . . NOW! I used to have a terrible habit of picking at my pimples, but once I stopped for a few weeks and realized what a difference it made in my complexion, I stopped for good. Well, there was one right next to my hairline- I kind of scratched it off. But whatever. It doesn’t count.
    It’s nice to know that eyebrow suffering isn’t just my issue. Not only do sparse eyebrows make me look like they’ve been singed with a lit match, it creates tiny ingrown hairs that strongly resemble yucky pimples.
    So again, thank you for this inspiration. (And my funny story? After my brothers noticed that I had been shredding my eyebrows to bits, one of them dubbed me, “Plucky”. Cute, no?)

    • I have the same exact problem. Pulling out my eyebrows during a test or something like that. and scarily enough, I kinda enjoy it. So I guess I will steal a tub of vaseline from my mom and do the same thing, if it will help them grow back.

  15. I just did!! I tweezed too many hairs on my right side, which made it “short”, I guess. So I took some off the other side just so it’s not incredibly different. I’m really regretting it since I pin my bangs up a lot for work and school. I’m afraid people are going to say something tomorrow. I’m thinking of cutting my bangs across my forehead to conceal it a little bit, but that might just cause a whole separate issue.

  16. Generally my eyebrow nightmares have been when I get them professionally waxed. And it has happened so many times. Each time I look ridiculous and get a panic attack, but when they start growing in I start feeling that I look like a “man” or a neanderthal or a caveman, freak out at my hairyness and go get them waxed to then realize to my horror, they did look better hairy. Been doing that since I was 13. So many years.. I hope they grow back :(( I have to at least try. Im not touvhing anything but the unibrow and the hairs that grow on my eyelid area 0_0

  17. Thank you!!! I’ve always had thick, dark eyebrows that looked too big against my light skin and small face. I’ve been to many beautician and didn’t like whatever brow they’d created on me so I’ve been plucking them myself for years. I’ve been waiting a couple of months for them to grow back and then again today, I was feeling unwell and I overplucked. Damn it!
    So again I’m regrowing them. Thank you for the advice.

  18. Yesterday…I was bored so I wanted to see what my eyebrows would look like if they were plucked. As I was plucking them one side was uneven the other side was to skinny, or stuff like that. I ended up plucking my eyebrows way too wide apart, and still thick, it looks really weird, and is still painful to touch. Now I really miss my old eyebrows. And my eyebrows were actually a very pretty shape, dark and thick but yet very well structured….will they grow back the same way? It is painful to touch my eyebrows. 14 years old

    • I was getting ready for a night out last summer and I tweezed too much off my eyebrows and they were really short and I had never used eyebrow pencil before because I just haven’t and every time I tried to use it it looked silly or not right so I just carried on tweezing the hairs I had took off because I was too impatient to wait for them to grow back. But I have been letting them grow back without touching them for about 5 weeks now and they definitely are growing I can see the difference but how much longer will I have to wait for them to grow back to there original shape where all the hairs are grown back? HELP

  19. Renee (not the author though)

    Ugh, I first plucked at 13/14 I think. I was tired of seeing everyone else in school with groomed brows and took to mine with no idea of what I was doing. My mother was no help, she plucked hers half off (on purpose!!!) so where the arch should start, hers just stopped. It was Scary to see. (I’m sure they are still like that, nearly 20 years later!)
    So I over plucked mine and had an uneven shape. Not really arched, more rounded and just not great. But much more hair than I have now. About 10 years after I started plucking, I got married and oddly enough, my aunt-in-law did eyebrow tattooing. She gave me a new shape and I had thicker and more wonderful eyebrows than ever before. It never turned green but she did have to shave them when she did them and healing/scabbing over (like any tattoo healing) was unslightly for a while…. Now 10 years later… I miss my natural brows. They weren’t bushy or unruly, they just weren’t what I thought I wanted (I didn’t know anything at that age)…. Hopefully the tips I use from this post help my brows grow in. I hid my tweezers and wrote with lipstick in my mirror to remind me. I do know I have to pluck almost daily because of regrowth but it seems patchy (but maybe because ill razor some area or pluck another depending on my laziness level). Wish me luck!!

  20. I have a BAD habit of plucking my eyebrows until their, like, gone. It embarrasses the crap out of me, and so I’d better hide the tweezers. And wait. Maybe they’ll grow back by next school year.

    • I have the exact same habit. Its strangely nice to have someone share that experience with me even though i wouldnt wish that on anyone really. It feels oddly calming for some reason to just pluck. I dont know if anyone gets that sometimes or if its just me which i doubt because i think i saw a reply including that up there somewhere. Im 13 currently and i started plucking last year at a measly 12 so its been 1 year compared to some others years of over plucking. Im so glad i saw this. I plucked my eyebrows until they were literally just a thin little curved line and i regret it so much even if my eyebrows have regrow better. Just a little i mean theyre still thin-ish but there not THAT bad. I get the urge to just go hair hating tweezer crazy like i did and pluck so much but so far im resisting :D

  21. hahaha I have the most wratched eyebrows ever, they are naturally thin anyways, but I trimmed over and under them with a straight razor when i was younger, and now they are tiny, they almost look like they aren’t there honestly. I hate them so much, and have honestly considered shaving them off. i’m honestly stuck and have no clue what to do with them. HELP!!!!

  22. Hahaha! Ursula brows must have hurt! My brows are dreadful at the moment, started plucking maybe 4 months back, and got one eyebrow perfect and now I can’t get the other one to match it at all, it looks so silly! Any tips would be appreciated :P

  23. I got HD brows voucher for my birthday and was looking foward to it as I had seen celebs with them done. So I went and had them done, I was fine with them at first but looking back at old pics now I have found my natural thick shape I thought wow I’m never having them done again! They were done way to thin and yes they made me look angry, I now see my natural shape is a nice simple curved arch to go with my heart face shape but they gave me the angry arch that seems to be what they think every brow should look like. It’s not, stick with your natural shape ladies!

  24. When I was younger (in high school) I had very unsightly brows, they were overgrown dark and actually molding into one. So one day after plenty of name calling and feeling very down I took a razer/ shaver to them. Only wanting to shape them this was a BIG mistake. Obviously without the knowledge I didnt have a clue what the hell I was doing…one thing led to another and I ended up with no right eyebrow!!! Arghhhh…So what did I end up doing…I took the other off too. Slight panic went over me and tried everything to make it not so noticble, to no avail. Parents eventually noticed later that day and with my mum having light coloured brows she had the tools to help fix them. Obviously at school name calling got worse and I ended pulling loads of sickies so I didnt have to go. After a few months my brows grew back but I never wanted them getting to the state they were, so I started tweezing. Over the years ive been known to over tweeze and with many tries to let them grow they never have. I do have brows there but still very thin. Im currently trying to let them grow again, as who would of thought as a mature young lady id be getting called names about my brows. It doesnt bother me I hardly have any eyebrows so why should it bother anyone else.

    As funny as my story is to me,


  25. I have over plucked my eyebrows now i have only two half of my eyebrows left what do i do i need help its sooooo embarrasing x plz help

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