How to: Make Your Eyeshadow Last Longer

Want your powder eyeshadow to, um, I don’t know – do what it actually promises and stay on for a little longer than an hour? Yeah, me too.

This week’s beauty tip is a “3-in-1” tip on how to make your eyeshadow stay on longer, since I heard a few of these different methods and I just had to share:

  • Method 1 is simple; which is applying a thin layer of eyeshadow primer underneath your eyeshadow. (Urban Decay and Benefit makes some good ones.) If you don’t have specifically an eyeshadow primer, applying your concealer on your lids will help greatly. (If you do apply concealer, top it off with a layer of loose powder before your eyeshadow).
  • Method 2 requires some water: Take your eyeshadow brush, wet it, and apply your eyeshadow. Wet eyeshadow not only allows the eyeshadow to stay put longer, but also makes the color more intense and brighter.
  • Method 3 is to apply cream eyeshadow first, then your regular powder eyeshadow. Bonus points if the cream eyeshadow is almost exactly like the powder eyeshadow color, as it will also help intensify the color.

… In other words, if you’ve seen a similarity between all methods, it’s that having a cream-like product underneath your powder eyeshadow is the way to go.

Personally, I’ve found the concealer method to work, only because I haven’t tried an eyeshadow primer and the wet method just yet; but I am sure they work just as well. Also, for eyeshadows that last a little longer than normal without these methods in my experience, M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown seem to be the best.

What do you do to keep your eyeshadow staying on longer? I’d love to hear your tips that we can add here – of all the makeup ‘peeves’ I have, this must be #1!

27 responses to “How to: Make Your Eyeshadow Last Longer

  1. I put a cream eyeshadow under my e/s, it works ^-^ Btw, like the new layout !

  2. I use an eyeshadow primer to make my makeup last longer and it works like a charm. The eyeshadow stays put all day without creasing and the colors are more vibrant too. Before discovering primers, I would apply a thin layer of foundation or concealer before eyeshadows but they never worked well for me. After a couple of hours the makeup would start to fade and disappear. I’m glad the concealer method is working for you :)

    • Hey Gio! Yeah, the concealer method works well for those nights where you need makeup to last a little longer. Bobbi Brown eyeshadows (which I’m currently using) stays on for a couple of hours so I haven’t had to do this method, it lasts quite well by itself. I’ll have to try out a primer though, I have heard amazing things from them, especially the one by Urban Decay!

  3. I use primer on my lids and it really works! I took my Urban Decay Primer Potion out of the tube and put it into a small screw-top container. It has thickened up a little bit and now works even better! Btw, nice new layout! :)

  4. I use the cream method for years, and its worked. So I’ll just stay with it. Your new layout is great!

  5. ugh, i wish eyeshadow would just do what its supposed to do!!! i hate the idea of having to buy another product, and i don’t have concealer so i can’t really use that, and the water trick only seems to work with certain eyeshadows. i like nars cream eyeshadows though…

  6. i use all of them… depending on the products i have with me. what also works is applying a thin layer of regular, plain vaseline (that thing you can put in the lips when there are chapped)… i used one from agatha ruiz de la prada before i found out about primers. i worked well!!!

  7. hey, first time on this blog :) I actually use a combination of those methods. I’ll always wear some sort of primer, and then either put cream shadow on top of that before my normal shadow, or foil my shadow on top of the primer. Great tips, they all work!

    • Thanks so much for visiting, Makeup Morsels :D Hope to see you around more!

      It’s great you use a combo of the methods, your eyeshadow must have some crazzzy staying power :-P

  8. I am beyond lazy so when i wear my MAC studio fix which is a cream based foundation i usually wet the sponge before applying it. so i jus dab some on my eyelids as well and use my fingers to blend in the eyeshadow.. on days when i feel like making an effort i hv this MAC paint pot recommended to me by the make up artist.. but i feel my own method works for me than using the paint pot.. :)

    • That’s cool, Nish! I like the lazy way too and double up as well – if I’m applying concealer on my under eye circles I’ll just dab a bit on my eyelids. I don’t do this normally, only on “special occasions” because MAC and Bobbi Brown eyeshadows last quite well… I highly recommend MAC shadows since you’re already using their foundation! :D

  9. Great tips! I use Visine instead of water and it seems to help lock the shadow on a bit better. It’s especially nice with loose mineral shadows or powders since it helps prevent fallout and can be used for foiling. Thanks so much for doing this article! :)

    • Hey Jami, thanks so much for your tip. It reminded me of a makeup artist who also said using saline lotion on your eyelids works well too.

      And you’re most welcome, thanks for your comment :)

  10. I discovered your website about a month ago, and i love it!… first time commenting!!!

    I use TOO FACED shadow insurance primer, very good if you have oily lids

    • Hey Meli,

      I’m so glad to ‘meet’ you! Thanks so much for visiting. :D

      I’ll have to get my hands on a shadow primer, I’ve heard the famous one by Urban Decay and the one you mentioned by Too Faced. Unfortunately they don’t sell those two brands where I live (in Singapore) so it’ll be awhile til I get to try out anything by them! :(

  11. they have two faced in Sephora! and urban decay’s coming in Feb! i just wish they’d bring in NARS.


    • Oohh, thanks Mabs! I had no idea… bad beauty blogger! Bad beauty blogger! :-P

      I’m waiting for NARS as well, think we all are…! They used to have NARS here in Taka but now it’s vanished from Singapore. :(

  12. Great posts. Thanks for the website. I enjoy reading these while I am at work. It takes me away and gives me something fun to think about! Keep up the good work!

  13. MAC paintpot in Painterly (pinkish-nude) works really as an eyeshadow base/primer for me! Doesn’t make my eyeshadows crease (this happens when I use concealer) or smudge even through a night of clubbing! I think it’s probably cause it dries to a veryyy matte finish. And it makes eyeshadow colours REALLY pop as well – the colours look more pigmented and vivid, and I find myself only using half as much eyeshadow now, no exaggeration. It’s $33 here in Singapore, but the pot can last me a couple of years with everyday use. Hope this helps (:

  14. I have mary kay eye primer and i use that to keep my eyeshawdow on longer but it still creases!! could it be because my eyelids are oily!!

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