How to: Lighten Hair with Lemon Juice

lemon juice lighten hair trick tip

I’m reposting one of my favorite beauty tips I learnt from my mom, just for a refresher; also I think it’ll be perfect for summer – enjoy!

Whether you’re just looking for some highlights while you’re hanging out in the sun, or want to lighten your overall color, lemon is a great, easy, natural way to lighten your hair. Even better, it’s super cheap, and great for summer.

This is a beauty tip my mom taught me a long, long time ago when I was barely a teen, and I used to do it a lot – it’s perfect for summer.

  1. Grab a lemon or two. Depending how much you want to lighten or how long your hair is, grab as many lemons as you think you will need. Usually one lemon will be enough, unless you have super long hair.
  2. Cut it in half. If you’re just doing simple highlights, your work here is done – now, use that half cut lemon and rub it on the crown area of your hair, making such to get as much lemon juice out as possible. Now skip to #5.
  3. Squeeze the juice. If you’re looking for overall color, after cutting the lemons in half, squeeze the juice out and into a cup.
  4. Grab a tool of your choice. This can be a hairbrush, a wide-tooth comb, a toothbrush, a mascara wand (make sure it’s clean, obviously). Dip it into the juice. Apply it on your hair until all your hair is soaked with lemon juice.
  5. Lastly, find some sun! The juice will only work with sunshine, so get out there and make sure your hair gets some sun. The longer your hair is in the sun, the lighter it will get, although 20 minutes is more than enough to get a little bit of difference.

Don’t let the lemon juice stay on your hair for too long (it will dry it out and can damage it) and don’t get it in your eyes or too close to your scalp either, it will sting!

The method above will lighten your hair by perhaps half a shade – yes, it’s a small difference, but that’s why it looks so natural. If you want to keep going lighter and lighter, do this several times.

P.S. Keep in mind that the lemon juice will dry out your hair a lot, so I recommend conditioning and treating it afterward.

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  • Wow, I had no idea you could do that! I have 2 questions :)
    Do you apply it to dry or wet hair?
    Is it lemon juice (lemons, water and sugar) or is it just the squeezed lemons?

    • Hey Rosa, so sorry – I should’ve been clearer!

      1) Apply it on dry hair. :)

      2) It is squeezed lemon, nothing else. Take a fresh lemon, squeeze all the gunk out, take the juice, and apply it to your hair … sit out in the sun for as long as you want (or as light as you want your hair), and voila! I did this about 3 different times though, cause lemon bleaches very little at a time, but I wanted a real difference so I tried it a few times. It depends on how light you want your hair to be :)

      I hope to hear about your experience if you do try it out! :)

  • OMG! This is like the best hair tip ever! =D I am so trying this. Hehe.

  • Lemons are great for hair. I start using a home made mask for about 1 month now. I mix the juice from a fresh sqeezed lemon with 2 spoons of honey and wash my hair. This helps my hair stay non greasy for a longer time than usual and give a good clean to the hair roots. I see that it’s really working because my hair doesn’t become oily in the day day or two like it did before.

  • Tavia, thanks for the great tip! I know lemon is great for oily hair as it really ‘cleans’. Have you ever noticed it lightening your hair as well? :)

  • honey + water = amazing for hair. Honey mixed with water (I think it’s 1 part honey with 2 parts water) releases a sort of natural peroxide that delicately lightens the hair. When you combine it with lemon juice, i’m assuming that it’s like a dual-action highlighting mask for hair. It’s definitely something to try. Anyway, great post renee!

  • Hey Jackie, thanks for sharing that with us! My readers are all so smart :) I will have to try out these DIY hair masks, I haven’t heard anything about honey but it really is worth a try. Have you tried it yourself? :)

    • yep, i’ve tried it :) Over the course of 5 weeks (using the mask once a week), i’ve noticed that my hair has gotten a lot shinier and lighter. I previously had my stylist put in highlights a few months ago and the honey mask brightened them up. My stylist even marveled at how radiant my hair was. I love it!

      here are the directions on how to make it (i don’t bother with the saran wrap or cap, i just slather it all over my hair and when it gets dry, i splash some more water on it):

  • Maybe is to early to tell, cause I’ve been using this only 4 times. But I will let you know if I see a change of color, I’m a natural blonde anyway so….I don’t want to wake up one morning with platinum blonde hair :) I’m kidding.

    • It may be too early to tell, yeah, but also because you already have light hair! ;) May take awhile … if you see it happening you may want to stop for a bit in case you do wake up with platinum blonde, haha! :-P

  • I just found this site & I love it all (especially the Jennifer Aniston hair article) . My experience with lemon juice & hair isn’t a good one though. I used to have silky straight hair up until i was about 15- then i decided that i wanted to bleach it. Mum at the time wouldn’t let me buy “Sun-in” for my hair soo i would squeeze lemon juice on it & lay out in the sun. .. my hair went from a nice medium-dark brown to a gross orangey blonde & my hair got sooo soo dry & damaged that it turned my hair frizzy & curley
    :( . My hair dresser could not believe how damaged my hair had got -luckily im 21 now & those ends are long gone …but it did take a VERY long time to repair/ grow out my damaged hair so I would not advise it.

    • Hey Sarah. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you around more! :) I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Did you mix the lemon juice with bleach? My friends and I have been doing this for years and it’s the least damaging thing we’ve done to our hair, it always looks very natural. :( I guess for different hair types it could react differently?

  • This may sound stupid, but do you have to go outside in the sun for it to work?? xx

    • Not stupid at all, Lois! I think the sun definitely ‘speeds’ up the process – I know leaving the lemon in your hair for 20 minutes at home will not do as much as sitting out in the sun, since it helps bleach it. I used to do it at home myself but I found the sun would do it much quicker. If you want to avoid the sun, you can apply it at home, but leave it on longer, perhaps 40 mins? And you may have to do this about 3 times before you notice a difference.

      Let me know how it goes :D

  • is this thing just for the color r the weight of hair too??

  • will this work on people with black hair and will it turn brown?

  • did you know that you can use lemon juice out of the bottle…it doesnt work as well but it still works!!! Try it…and enjoy

  • Would This Worl on like, VERY dark brown hair? XD

  • i read that chamomille tea also works especially for dark hair because of color and texture but it says ( i found this info online searching for homemade bleach) tea will lighten dark hair and bring out natural highlights. the tea was recommended for very dark hair. where lemon was suggested for naturally light hair. some people suggest mixing the two and advised sun as well for significant and fast results. they did mention dark hair turns orange with peroxide and lemon, and light hair suffered from dry and brittle results. i would suggest oiling your hair or a deep condition before, or, and after bleaching, or abuse of any sort. good luck hope this helps and please always research before doing ANYTHING!!!

  • Hi! Ummmm, im 11 and i want highlights for my bday, but my mom said no. Then we heard about this whole lemon juice things and she said i could do this, but idk if it will work cause i have dirty blonde hair and from what i’ve read on other sites it says it BARELY lightens hair. Help?

  • I just discovered your website, and I love it! I’m already taking notes :)

    The thing is, I have almost black hair, and I read elsewhere that lemon juice does nothing for very dark hair, but that chamomile tea does. What would you recommend?

  • i have blacki want to dye it red but i used the hair dye and it never worked , does this lemon trick work does it need to be bleached then the dye can cum onn

  • Cool blog btw! Your entries are enjoyable!

    I’ve tried “lemonlighting” (haha that’s how I call it :) my hair before, during my school days. As you probably know, many schools here in SG forbid their kids to color their heads. So, being a student and broke, I used lemons & hairdryer to lighten to lighten my black hair. The result was a fantastic shade of brunette on the parts I had applied pure lemon solution on. And my hair smelt good too!
    It didn’t look too “unnatural” (from my natural hair color) and my friends said it looked good under the sun.

    Cheap and fun! Why not! (:


  • Hey, i was wondering if this is going damage my hair? Because i have colored my hair a lot and it has become quite damaged.

  • Could you use the blowdryer instead of the sun?

  • I’ve been using this beauty trick each summer for a couple of years now, to get the beachy natural look. I have natural dark brown hair, and it usual gets lighter in the summer, but with the lemon juice it speeds up the process. I usually put it on before I go out to sunbathe.

    But since lemon juice is sour, it might change the natural pH-value on your scalp, and that might be the reason why people experience dryness? I think you should take the usual precautions when going out in the sun though, like spraying hair-sunscreen on your hair when you go out in the sun, and using a hair mask regurlarly, especially after intensive sun bathing. AND avoid pools with chlorine!

    I will definitely try the trick with honey and lemon this summer! And maybe add some almond oil or lavender oil? Or maybe the camomille tea? :P

  • So you can use bottled Lemon Juice?

  • hey evry1,=~) i have darkish brown hair w natural highlights that depending on the time of year change colr they are usually mostly visible in the sun but not in low light or unnatural light what can i use to keep them the same color but make them more visible? does the lemon bleach the hair or jst bring out my natural highlights i would also like to add some redish honey brown highlights. any advice.+ im 13 and mom wont let me use any more chemicals cuz i already got a relaxer

  • I’m 75. When I was a teenager I would squeeze 1/2 a lemon in a glass with a little water (my hair was short). Then I’d was my hair as
    usual, squeeze the water out and towel dry and then pour the lemon juice and water through my hair. I ran my fingers through my hair and then went outside in the sun and just let my hair air dry. It was summer. It looked so good and so natural.

  • i want natural – looking high lights with the lemon juice. i have almost black dark brown hair and i wanted to know how i do this process with the lemon juice. like do i pick a strand of hair and spray the lemon juice or is there another way?

  • hey could you use a hair dryer after you put the lemon in ?

  • I just want to mention/ sooth some of the fears I’ve been reading about applying lemon juice to dark hair. It depends on the shade and color of brown that your hair actually is. For example, I have dark hair with naturally occurring red/auburn highlights and lemon has not turned my hair brassy. Instead it’s brought out the red in my hair in a beautiful way.

  • Will they highlights fade over time if I don’t like em?

  • i’m trying this lemon juice thing right now while sitting in the sun.
    I can definatley see a difference!
    its already sort of lighter and it looks soo natural

  • Hi! I really enjoy reading your blogs Renee!But i have a question, my hair is a medium brown with light-caramel (natural) highlights. Unfourtunatley these highlights can only be seen in the bright sun. so i was wondering, will the lemon juice make my hair brittle and orange or will it slightly bring out my highlights(like i want)?Does this depend on the amount of juice?

    Thanks a lemon bunch,
    Kia :)

    • Hey Kia, yep I think it should work – as long as your hair color is natural and not dyed, i think it should!

      Oh and brown hair when bleached, even by lemon, has the tendency to go red/orange so just don’t do it too much! Maybe once or twice should be enough to bring out your highlights :)

  • Hi, I’m very interested in trying this, but I’ve got a problem… There’s no sun, its winter. And cold, so i wouldnt really want to just be hanging around out there waiting for a couple precious uv rays. Escpecially considering there’s a lot of snow.

    I was wondering if perhaps a blow dryer would have similar effects.? Does it work at all if you use one ? Or will the lemon juice do its thing all by itself?

  • This actually really does work I tried it and it last 4 like 3 1/2 months or it probably lasted cuz I use nonsolfates conditioners

  • hey my hair is really really dark. In the summer my hair goes lighter but only at the bottom of my hair. I want my hair to be lighter all over but im a bit scared my hair will turn orange i need to be reassured by a person who has got really dark hair or should i just make some chamomile tea???


  • I have a question. Doesn’t lemon juice dry your hair out?

    • Yep, it will so don’t do it too often. I suppose that it’s like bleach, which will dry your hair out. But at least this method is natural and less damaging, I love it :)

  • Hi I have brown hair that has blonde and red highlights that you only can see in the sun. I really want to die my hair red but my parents won’t let me I heard that if you do it enough times lemon juice will turn your a reddish color. I just wanted to know if that was true how long or how many times you have to do that

  • I have strawberry blone hair, would my hair turn blone or…? How many times would I need to do it to make a difference if I have light hair?

  • So I’ve been scrolling through the comments and haven’t really seen anyone else ask this question so excuse me if someone has, but I have rather fine hair. Does it matter on the thickness of your hair? My hair is very thin and I didn’t want to damage it in a way that I didn’t even know about. Get back to me. Thanks!

    • I have thin hair too so it should be fine!

      Just don’t do it too much, because it’s natural “bleach” so it will damage your hair a little.

  • hi, this is a great blog btw. recently I’ve been trying to go au natural so have been doin the no poo method to clean my hair, which is going good.
    but anyways i did the lemon bleach and it works it has gone lighter to a murky light brown compared to the dark brown/ black. also it added great shine to it cos its a naturally acidic and balanced the ph on the scalp.
    btw doin it under direct sunlight is best because then the UV light can react to the lemon, causing the change in colour

    • i’ve read about the no poo method but i do not have the courage to try plus i love the nice smelling hair !!! but i’ll try lemon to lighten hair soon. im asian so i wonder what color would my hair turn out to be

      • hi roxanne,
        i definately reccomend doing the no poo method, for me it has worked wonder!! im an southern asian and also wear a hijab and prior to the no poo my hair would get greasy and would smell really bad,and had no idea why !! but after doing the no poo my hair feels great, its softer and less frizzy; before there was this crunch to my hair, but all gone NOW!! YAAY!!

        but with the lemon since asians have darker hair i recommend doing it more than once and in direct sunlight. if that doesnt work out try the cinnamon paste. my sister did that and it came really good. but again cos of the darker hair she had to do it a couple of times for a BIG change.
        hope this helps.

  • I colored my hair over a month ago, almost my natural hair color. ( dark brown) I want some highlight but I don’t want to turn orangish brassy look. Should I try this or go to a professional and get highlights put in?


  • Yesterday I noticed that there was a rip in my leggings/hosiery and my mom taught me the weirdest trick ever! She said that when she was little what she would do is get clear nail polish and apply a thick coat over the hole/rip and it won’t get any bigger. I tried it and it works!

    • Haha Maelin, as I was reading your comment in my dashboard (it cuts it up) I was thinking… “I’m sure she’s gonna say clear nail polish” haha!

      I’ve heard this tip before also but I have never tried it myself! May I use it for one of the week’s? Full credit to you of course! :)

      • Yes, of course you could use it! Oh my gosh I’d be honoured. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I literally scrolled back to page 49 or something and read all of your posts! I love how humble you are and how I always feel like I can relate to you. (:

        • Oh my gosh Maelin *blush* Thank you so, so much for your sweet words. That made my day :D I am so glad you found my blog and it’s really nice to “e-meet” you :)

          OK, I have added your tip to my “list”. Haha I have a mega list of beauty tips now so I will never miss a week like before! It might be awhile before your tip goes up but it definitely will. :) Thank you Maelin! Have a lovely week xx

  • Hi! I tried this today…how long will it take to see results?

  • Does this really work on black hair? I heard that honey does lightens hair too but errr…not sure how well since I only tried it couple of times but it did help with frizziness.

  • i realy want to bleach my hair with blone highlights as i have dark brown hair so i can dye them pink but my mum says i am to young for bleach i am 13 will i get the same effect from lemon jucie because i realy want to have pink highlights !

    • Hey Charlie – oh no, it definitely won’t bleach your hair so much that you can have such a bold color over it.:( Or, at least I don’t think so. It just lightens whatever hair color you have about 3 shades lighter, so it just looks like a very natural color.

  • Hiya! I just found this website, and I’m in love with it! This is a great tip, but I had one question: because I’m a swimmer and I’m in chlorine 90% of the summer, will the lemon juice react to it and make my hair brittle and dry? I’m a little afraid to try it because of the effects.

    • Katie, I’m afraid it might be damaging to your hair since you swim so often. :( Lemon juice is like bleach, so it will strip your hair a little and cause little damage, though personally for me it was never an issue because I would just condition and it would be fine after one wash. But since you swim it might be quite damaging. Although certainly not as damaging as hair dye and chemical bleaches.

  • Hey! So I’ve been wanting to lighten my hair for a while now and my hair is dark brown with natural blonde and red highlights. I asked my Aunt about the lemons and she said when she was younger she did lemon juice all the time! But instead of doing straight lemon juice she did 3 parts of any white conditioner and 1 part lemon juice from a bottle. I guess because there is so much conditioner it counter acts the harshness of the lemon juice and works just the same! Since some people are worried about damaging hair, I figured I would put this up. Of douse since you’re messing with your natural hair it will still damage after doing it a lot. I haven’t tried it yet but I will let y’all know how it goes! (: hope this helps!!

  • Is it possible 2 leave lemon juice on too long in the sun, like from 9 to 5?

  • I have dark red hair and im hoping it would make it abit lighter, would it work with dark red hair?

  • thks renee it is fine i shouldnt really be doing pink highlights in my hair at this young age but will defenatly try this

  • hi, can you use like the lemon juice you buy in bottles at the grocery store?

  • Hi I hope u can help me! I went for my usual high light and low light appointment and It turned out too blonde. So i went back and she put some low lights in.. NOw it’s too dark and i hate it! She put in too many. I heard about stripping the low lights with a certain shampoo. But then I heard about the lemon method. What color will my low lights turn from the lemon? They are like a light brown now. Not like a honey brown tho. Will the lemon high lights turn out streaky? I like the placements of my high lights now, so i dont want to mess them up. My fear is that it’ll be streaky. I’ve never done this before. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • hey so i have like brown hair not to dark but not to light what colour will it turn after like 1 go

  • does anyone know what it means to have brown hair but also born with a blonde highlight because i have that

  • Can you use this to lighten eyebrows?

  • once its in your hair what hairstyle do you wear it in?

  • ah so you comb it into dry hair then wash it out?

  • I colored my hair a week ago. It was suppose to be a dark natural brown, but instead I was left with a color that looks more black! I absolutely hate this and can’t really afford to go and get fixed at the salon. What do you suggest I can do to lighten up/ strip out the color?

  • Can I use a spray bottle then use a fine tooth comb to distribute it perfectly? Oh yeah I am new to this website:)

  • Helpful post! Is this permanent btw? How long do you think my hair would take to reach a honey brown if my hair is naturally dark brown? Thank you ^-^

  • hey, I was just wondering what colour my hair would turn out! My hair is Dark Blonde/ Light Brown, if I bleached It using the sun and Lemons what colour would it turn out?:D Thanks!

  • Okay so I have kind of inbetween dark brown and medium brown hair. I really want to try the lemon but I’m really scared it will turn orange. If it does at all turn redish orange does it actually look good that way?

  • Will the lemon juice work on dyed black hair as well? Im looking for highlights but don’t want burnt orange looking hair.

  • I just dyed my hair a light to dark brown, would it be bad to do this?

  • Hi,
    I saw in the part in the blog how your friend used a comb to create highlights with the lemon juice?? How did she do this- did she put the lemon juice on the comb and comb it through? Or did she put the lemon juice in her hair and them comb it??
    Also, do you JUST put lemon juice in, or lemon and water? Or something else..?
    Thanks :)

  • This works on all hair, blonde will be a lighter blonde and YES you CAN do it on COLOURED hair! It just lightens it, my friend has purplish colour in her hair and she dips the ends in lemon juice she looks like she has dark purple ombré, looks beautiful!

    Lemon juice is a natural “bleach” so it does not matter what colour your hair is eventually it will go lighter! X

  • İ have a friend who has black hair who has been using all sorts of brown hair dye to have it a lighter colour, do you think if she uses lemon on her hair that it Will help lighten her colour?

  • If i have black hair and try this method, will my hair turn brown or just lightish like gray?? Just curious cuz i dont want to look old if i have gray hair :D

  • will the color change back to its original color after few days?

  • Hi. I have a question that concerns with one of the answered questions for the Update that someone posted…

    For question #4 that had an Update answer, it stated the following: “Will the lemon juice lightened my hair permanently?… Yes, the places that are lightened will probably not go back to it’s original color.”

    Ok. Here are my questions, in response to this sentence…

    So, lighten hair will never go back to it’s original color, EVEN IF I someone just sprayed or saturated the ends of their hair with lemon or chamomile tea?

    OR, is that ONLY TRUE for people that have saturated the roots of their hair with lemon or chamomile tea?

    Reason why I’m asking is because I want to lighten my hair, just to experiment, try-out and see what it looks like. But I want to be comfortable with having the option of letting my natural-colored roots grow back into place, to see which color I favor the most in my hair. Plus, this will be the VERY FIRST TIME, I’ve ever dyed or lightened my hair.

    Please respond, whenever you get a chance. Thanks.

  • Loved the blog.

    I have 2 questions:
    When you say apply the lemon juice four times, do you mean 4 times in a row. 4 times in what period of time?
    Is your hair supposed to be dry when you apply the lemon juice?

    Please answer. I can’t wait to get started!

  • Oh i forgot. Lemons are really expensive where i live. Could lime replace the lemon. What will the lime do?

  • The ph of lime is just about the same as the lemon. So shouldn’t the effects be similar?
    I have the same question about applying the lemon: 4 times a year, or 4 times a month, or 4 times a week. or 4 times a day?
    After being in the sun with lemon juice, do you wash your hair with conditioner or just shampoo?

    Please reply

  • If i dont go to the beach,tO the sun.i can do it in the house or pour sum in my head and sleep with?. Please reply

  • I have black hair and I put lemon on the bottom of my hair so looks like
    Its dip dyed and it came out a very pretty redish dark just perfect
    But now I have to do it again cause I got my hair cut just waiting for
    It to grow out a little more to do it again everyone thought I dyed my hair

  • tôi có mái tóc đen, sau khi nhuộm màu vàng nó lên màu nhiều quá, tôi muốn giảm bớt màu của nó tôi có sử dụng chanh được không? xịn cảm ơn!

  • Ha! I’ll bet u didnt kno that lemon juice and olive oil in ur hair helps with dandruff too! O yeah olive oil when lemonbleaching ur hair helps with the dry/frizzy/split stuff after. It helps a lot. What i do for a very slight natural color is mix lemon juice and water and some olive oil and then dip a comb in it and lightly wet only the top layer of hair then repeat until the top layer only is wet where i want it then i sit around INSIDE if its a sunny day and OUTSIDE if its cloudy. This works really well for gradient goldy blond to very very light brown hair. It adds beautiful barely noticable highlights if thats what you want.

  • Hey, I really want an answer to this question and if you have tried it with brown hair, what color will it turn out to be? i heard that it turns brown hair to orange/red. Is it turn or not? Thx

  • Hey, I was really disappointed to know that this method won’t work on dyed hair. I actually dyed my hair a couple of times and every time I was wishing I was dyeing it blond (coz I’m asian and I have pitch black hair) but the salon person said that it would look really weird especially at my age (13) so being the asian me who is scared of her mother I agreed to dye it brown. Is there any other alternative to lightien/get highlights on a previously dyed hair? Thank you so much xxx

    • Actually I think you can, Subin! A lot of readers said they tried it on their colored hair and it worked as well. Good luck! :) Let me know if it works for you as well!

  • After putting the lemon juice in my hair can I blow dry it.

  • Sorry if I necro’d ._.

    Anyhow, I have dirty blonde hair with natural golden and red highlights (thankies, Mum), and I want to lighten it… I use oil as a pre-wash conditioner every day anyways, so should I worry about damage/dryness as much as someone else?

    Also, someone somewhere said that they mixxed a whole lemon’s juices with water in a spray bottle and sprayed it into their hair twice a day for two days. They stopped cause they weren’t seeing results, and washed their hair. Supposedly the next morning, the gal’s hair was MUCH lighter. Not platinum, but more like from dirty to a golden.

    Also, I think the sun is sort of a natural bleach itself.
    When I was little and had a sort of straw colored hair (before it darkened), I would be outside all summer. And my hair would lighten to platinum. But I don’t want to get skim cancer, so :P
    And my Mum’s dark red hair would lighten quite a bit too.

  • ummmm ok so its winter right now so would it work to do it under a lamp and ofcourse i have black hair

  • Can you just use a blow drier instead of the sun?

  • Hey i have dark brown hair and i wanted to use this lemon juice but can i use blow dryer instead and how long should i put the blow dryer on my hair and what would it turn out..please please answer.

  • Will this lightening process effect the hair.roots and hence will my new grown out hair Laos have the lighter shade. Cuz I read in one place that it does lighten new grown hair…? Reply ASAP pls tanks!!

  • This is a little werid but does ur hair have to be clean when you put the lemon in ur hair or it doesnt really matter also can i just put my hair in a big bowl of lemon juice and water mixed together? Thanks :)

  • This seemed to work a little first time round which is great – unfortunately the lemon juice did a much better job of bleaching my top than my hair! It turns out the old towel I wrapped around my shoulders didn’t catch all (well, most) of the drips…

  • hey, im 13 anda dirty blonde, with brunette highlights, i am gonna do this:) and i was wondering if it would just make my brunette highlights blend with my blonde. please respond!

  • If I put it on my eyebrow, Will my eyebrow fall off? since its somehow like bleaching, I’m going to try the lemon thing today and I wanna make my brow the same shade as my hair, I have really really dark brown hair. will it work too? My hair is fragile if I do this method I won’t go bald right?

  • Sorry to ask a question again, I just did it this afternoon, (I live in Singapore) I didn’t see much change, I dark brown almost black hair. How any times do I have to do it to have light brown hair?

  • How often do you use the lemon juice? I have darkish brown hair, so would it be like, once a week for 4 weeks? Everyday for 4 days? I’m just confused about the schedule.

  • I was wondering, I have light brown hair of a sort of caramelly color, do you think it would take less applications than yours if you have dark brown hair?

  • Hey can you tell me does it work without staying out in the sun :)

  • so glad i found this! ive heard several mixed reviews on lemon juice and decided to do some research. my hair is dark brown and i really dont have a problem with it, but im interested in seeing what it would look like with a *little* bit of highlights. will it make my ends lighter of flat out blonde? just want to make sure i dont regret anything afterwards :)

  • What colour does it change when you do it to black hair

  • Hi I am 13 and I want to show off my highlights ( natural) well first I wanted to ombré it but I changed my mind , anyway my hair is a lighting brown which looks abit reddish in the sun I want to like comb the lemon through my hair to show off my highlights but I’m scared what if it makes it too light and I won’t like it and then it doesn’t come out so please help me what should I do :/

  • Hey!
    I have been trying this,
    I am a dark blonde and i know this sounds crazy but i want to be almost a platinum blonde!
    haha, i have done the lemon juice like 4-5 times and ive stayed in the boiling hot sun for almost 3 hrs each time. I have not noticed any difference in my hair which is really annoying.
    I dont want to bleach or dye my hair
    i have also used other things on the internet like honey, baking soda…. nothing has worked! do you know any other ways or better ways of using the lemon… ive thought about leaving it in overnight but im not sure if that will work cuz theres no sunlight. Anyway lemme know what u think, Allie ;)

  • Does chlorine damage or change your hair if you use lemon juice?

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