How to: Fake Dreadlocks

How to: Fake Dreadlocks

I’ve always thought dreadlocks were too cool. Just look at it – there’s something about it! However, I’ve always thought it seemed like an unhygienic hairstyle.*

I remember a guy in my Science class back in high school had dreadlocks and I thought they were badass – until one day when I was talking to him I noticed something moving in his hair. It put me off for awhile, but I still love the look of it! So for anyone who’s a bit like me and not willing to take the plunge into dreadlocks, you can always fake this look for a day. Here’s how.

Step 1. Preparation: Start by dividing dry hair in half, from your ear downwards and clip, leaving one section – the section that you will start working on loose. Clip the very top section of your hair up and away from your face.

Step 2: Load up on hair gel: With the lose section ready to be ‘done’ up, take 1 inch sections of the hair (or if you want smaller dreads, 0.5 inches) and apply a quarter coin size of strong hair gel. (The men in my life all recommend Gatsby for the best hold!)

Step 3: Teasing it up! Once that section of hair is full of hair gel, roll it between your palms, as if you’re making a play doh snake (you remember how to do that from your childhood, right?) Roll them until they are fairly stuck together. Allow to dry for a split second (maybe 10 section) and then take a fine-toothed comb. From the tip of your hair to your roots, gently tease the rolled up pieces of hair going upwards, to messy the style a bit more. Let dry.

Step 4: Repeat, repeat, repeat: Do the same with every section of hair until your whole head is full of your lovely fake dreads.

And that’s just it! It’s a long process and not exactly the most healthy for your hair, but this works temporarily. To remove your dreadlocks, in the shower allow conditioner to saturate your hair first, then use a wide tooth comb to gently go through the tangles. Next shampoo, condition and rinse off.

What do you think of dreadlocks? Has anyone ever had dreadlocks, or have them right now? Will you be trying this fake dreadlocks looks anytime soon?

*Alright guys. I apologize for my “unhygienic” comment, I was misinformed. But, it was my opinion and first thought on the hairstyle, and so I wrote it. Same way that my first impression of bleaching your hair is that it is damaging. Am I wrong? Possibly, I am not familiar with every hairstyle. But it was my first impression of it. There is so need for rudeness, nastiness and straight out name calling – I find it very funny how some of you say I am offensive and rude, yet your comments back to me are even worse! There is a way to politely state I was wrong. From now on any nasty comments will be deleted, thanks.

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  1. I used to love men with dreadlocks, it looked so cool to me :p I still like it but I wouldn’t do it on myself since you’re obliged to cut your hair after a while, because it’s like, impossible to remove real dreadlocks without cutting eveything ! I knew a guy who actually washed his dreadlocks with Marseille soap. It looked pretty neat.

    • I like dreadlocks on guys too! As long as it’s not too dirty haha.

      I’m gonna try this “fake” version one day and see how it goes, at least it’s a little more hygienic :-P

      • You actually can remove dreadlocks. I used knotty buy emergency dreads remover for mine :)

      • Anonymous says:

        That is an uneducated comment.
        Dreadlocks are perfectly hygienic if you actually take care of them. Please don’t make rude comments if you don’t have the knowledge to back up your opinion.

        • heather says:

          okay I know this is old but dreads are disgusting I dont care how well you take care of them they are gross. Of course some stupid hippie has to make a “dont be rude bro” comment…you are just obnoxious buddy like for real get a f**ing life and stop being a baby because you think dreads are cleanly and cool, they are not. I have had them I have had many friends that have had them some had super clean ones some not I’ve known people who have got bugs too. If you really think they are clean cut a 5 year old “clean” dread open see what ya find…its DISGUSTING!! So there ya go I am informed and I confer they are gross!! They occasionally look okay on someone, but pretty much everyone I know including myself looked way better when the dreads were gone, dread locks are something to hide behind, once people cut them it’s like a weight is lifted! Dreads are nothing more than never letting your head shed hair like it is supposed to naturally, you are just keeping dead hair on your head which is gnarly. You anonymous are the uniformed one my friend or you are just stupid probably both. Call me an a hole I dont care it’s only my opinion, but I would wager I know more people that have had dreads than any one here. And hey if you have dreads and love em good for you but dont ever try and tell me they are not disgusting!!!

          • Lady Christine says:

            Alright. Let me tell you something, MISS…Dreads are nothing to hide behind. That’s probably what YOU had done when you had dreads. Individuals reasons are different than you’rs on getting dread locks. I am going to tell you, dreads are not disgusting… You probably didn’t clean your dreads the right way. There are ways to keep clean dreads. It’s actually quite immature for one to call another a baby because of that small comment. I didn’t see anything baby about it.. The man probably has a life so don’t tell people to get a life… It makes you look immature and childlike..

          • Dreads can be clean can be dirty it doesn’t matter. As long as the person that’s got them are happy with it and themselves. Just get over it so what if there dirty.

          • Chassis Rose says:

            FYI: ALL your hair is DEAD. However, I agree they are unclean if kept. I think temporary, or fake, would be ok once in a while. Can’t imagine how hard it is to shampoo & comb out though lol.

        • My best friend is cuts hair for a living. She said she always thought dreads were clean until…the gulf oil spill. She was collecting hair for the absorbant barriers they were making to soak up the oil. She was instructed to put dreads in a seperate bag because they had to be pre-treated prior remove the fungus, as all dreads are apparantly fraught with this nastiness. She advises people with dreads to wash 3x week with a strong anti-fungul shampoo (T-gel) but keep it off your skin because it is absorbed by it and is not healthy to have that much exposure. Yes, she says if you cut them open it is apparant they are not sanitary.

          • Wait… you mean the same people who thought you can clean up an oil spill by throwing a bunch of hair on it also think that dreadlockss are dirty.

        • what a bitch

    • you dont have to cut them of completely ,on the bottoms in extreme cases or else there are conditioners you leave in for 3/4 hours and then you take them out. if you backcomb for dreads you can re back comb or just let your dreads grow out and not re tighten them. so dont hesitate if you want them :)

    • you can remove dreadlocks by brushing them out, the myth about having to shave your head is guessed it…a myth, however the simplicity of brushing them out depends on the method you used to put them in.

  2. Hmmm, I will agree that on the right person they can look really good, but they are definitely not for me! All that hair gel scares me haha!

    • The gel scares me too :-P But my friends say it’s the mega hold one and they have some crazy hairstyles so I believe them that it’ll work well! :-P

  3. im kinda cynical about fake dreadlocks…i had real ones for three years and these ones are kinda just messy twisties.

    • PS where is the first picture from? its gorgeous

      • Hey Dip! I guess this style could be a ‘trial’ for those who may want to get proper dreadlocks in the future, sort of testing how they look in them? If not, twists are kinda nice looking too, I’ll try this out myself sometime and let you know!

        As for the picture, isn’t it gorgeous?! I saw it and that’s how this post started, haha. Unfortunately in the days of Tumblr beautiful pictures float around everywhere, so I’m not sure where I got it from. Feel free to take any of my pics… if I know where pics come from I credit them but if not then I just found them floating around the net, haha :-P

  4. Michaela says:

    I wonder if I have the patience for this, but I’d definitely love to try it! My hair is so straight and I’m always trying to get it to have the smallest bit of texture to it. The top photo makes dreads look super glamorous in a down-to-earth type of way. And guys with dreadlocks can be real cuties too! ;)

    • They are real cuties I think, too! :) Yeah, the main image is what made me write this post… It looked so carefree and natural, just so cool. :) It does take patience, though, but I guess it could be worth it! :D

  5. Remington has a hair dryer called ‘Spin Curl’ ( and it basically curls your hair as it dries it. After you’ve done your whole hair it looks as if you have dreadlocks….it’s kind of scary because I always use it before I night out and housemates get confused with my hair style choice. BUT once you undo them with your hand you get beautiful curls. If you want the dreadlocks look then skip that part.

    • Ahhh! Thanks Dee! I remember seeing that product but I had forgotten about it. Is it any good, though?

      • It’s amazing to curl your hair! My hair is very long and it normally takes about 30 mins to dry/curl with this hairdryer and because it curls it as it dries, the curls don’t flop after an hour which is what usually happens when I use other products.

  6. I only like fake dreadlocks, due to the fact that a client back when I was in hair school had insect eggs growing in hers…no joke, unfortunately!!

  7. Jasmine says:

    Just Don’t! Especially if you’re white. They look horrible on white people, and yes, most black people laugh at you.

    • Lydia Diggs says:

      umm white people started dreadlocks long before black people started them. yea some white people look stupid with them but there are def. some white people who look good with them and all my black friends have been totally supportive of white people doing dreadlocks.

      • Actually, there are records of asians, middle eastern and north africans doing it first because they did it for religious and spiritual reasons. Of course, combing wasn’t that important back then so yes, you can include white people if it makes you happy.

    • samson in the bible was white and he had dreadlocks. this is how all human hair goes if you continuously wash and dont comb its just natural

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, if you considered looking up Samson in the bible, he didn’t have dreadlocks. He had long, straight hair down to his colar bones or maybe his shoulders. He washed it daily, and kept in in hair mode, not dread lock mode. Goo try, though.

        • So explain to me again how whites started dreads if life started in Africa or how anyone in the Bible was of European descent if it all took place over there…

    • im white, my boyfriend and 99% of my friends are black none of them complain or laugh about mine and i lie in london

  8. Eleanor Sendall says:

    Hey, i am 14 and not allowed Dreadlocks :( but i am totally addicted to them – i think they’re amazing. I have asked my mum and she said i can get them when i am 16…but of course i can’t wait that long, so i want to get clip in ones. Does anybody know where i can get nice, decent clip-in Dreadlocks? I am desperate!! Thank You :)

  9. I would just like to say, dreads are NOT supposed to be dirty. In fact, when dreading any hair type that isn’t african, the dirtier your hair the less likely your dreads will hold. In order to achieve smooth, well-matured, even looking dreads, your hair has to be completely residue free. I had dreads and it used to infuriate me that people assumed I was unclean. Grease and dirt prevents the hair from locking. It’s true that you aren’t supposed to wash them as frequently. However, as I previously stated, in order to make them mature properly, your scalp HAS to be washed at least once a week using a residue-free shampoo. Just because there are some ultra-boho people who like dreads because they consider them “maintenence free” does not mean dreads as a style are in any way, shape, or form unhygenic. :(

  10. I’ve had real dreadlocks for 2 years now. First off, mine are not dirty, they don’t smell, or look gross, and I never used ANY thing to keep them together except backcombing, palm rolling, ripping them apart when they grow together and keeping them clean. I had really thin caucasian waist-length honey brown hair before we began the sectioning and backcombing process, and I lost more than half of my length. It was at my shoulders when we were done. It looked like a dreadlocked bob! If you use goop, wax, conditioners, and other styling products in your dreads, they could end up rotting and wont tighten up as quickly (although i have seen people who use wax, and regular shampoo and conditioner and have amazing dreads). It IS A BIG commitment. I went from elegant victorian hair styles to big knots and beads. There is alot of effort for the first 3 months. And I wont lie, you will HATE that you did it in those months. Your scalp dries out, and gets all itchy, then super oily, then flakey, and the best thing to do is just deal with it and keep it clean. The backcombing irritates the scalp, if it is done really well. But since the first three months, Its been awesome! After a year it was even better! I’ve had people say they would pay me to cut them off, NEVER! It may be a non-traditional hairstyle, but it can be just as elegant, and just as beautiful as any other hair style, its just a matter of how much effort you want to put into them. If you want to just let them get dirty, and dry-out, and dye them constantly, and not make sure they are dry,….of course they will look bad,… would normal hair! I use henna to dye them that rusty red color, and i wash with a plant based soap, and use a hair dryer on low heat, and use bobby pins, pony tails, beads, hair pins, hair sticks, and headbands. I can braid them, knot them, tie them in multiple knots, twist them, wrap them, clip them, pony them……more than i could ever do with my straight hair …….the difference is, (between dreads and free hair) is in the prep-work and styling process……thats it…..Regular hair you can style for 10mins – 2 hours a day. I styled mine for 1 week of back combing, 3 months of high maintanance, then a few hours of learning what can and cant be done…….and it might take me 5 to 10 mins to style it a day, (10 if it has a mind of its own!) I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them, and just as many complaints. I had the same reaction to my long straight hair. So personally, its not much different. Now, i dont have to TRY for volume (no i dont mean frizz!) like i used to with my straight hair, spending hours in hot rollers and using tons of foam and hairspray. Its just naturally full volume. I can even pull off the bang bump, I couldnt ever do that before!
    So, I’d say, if your willing to make the commitment, then its an AMAZING hairstyle, if you like to change up your hair style constantly, stear clear of this one. You have to wait a LONG time to reap its benefits! Love Much, Hope This Helps…..Jaymes

    • agree with how say it adds volume. i had the thinest hair flattest hair but now it looks heeps thick. but urs sound prety goodd. (:

  11. im 15 and i have dreadlocks with beads and rope in them. and have never looked back. ther easy. and ive never had a problem wth them being dirty. there the easiest things to have. and i always get compliments on how much they suite me and how good they look with my nose ring and ear stretchers. (;

  12. There are so many misconceptiona bout dreadlocks it is shocking!

    I have had dreadlocks for 7 years now and they formed completely naturally. They are clean no smell or whatever. Infact is it perfectly natural to have dreadlocks! Do you think the ancient people went around with head and shoulders and hairbrushes? Hair is very clever and fact of the matter is that the longer is it left untouched the better it looks and feels. The hair naturally cleans itself, common sense!

  13. ricki - leah says:

    Actually dreads can be a very clean hairstyle. All you need to do is get the right shampoo to wash with also wash it once a week with salt and hot water or at least that is what I did and I had dreads for two years and never had the nasty ass problems that your class mate had.

  14. I’m a costume designer, and I need to make a white boy with short hair have (shortish) dreads. I made a wig with kanekalon , but it looks a little fake.
    How long would the hair have to be to do this ‘gatsby’ method?


  15. So I’m going to debunk some of the myths that keep popping up in these comments…
    1) You DO wash your hair with dreadlocks. You can get away with washing less often b/c your hair does not produce as much oil as undreaded hair, but not washing your hair ever is disgusting. I have dreads, and I wash my hair.

    2) You don’t necessarily have to cut your hair if/when you decide you don’t want dreads anymore. Some companies like Knotty Boy actually make products to undo them, it’s just really difficult. Dreads are essentially just really matted hair.

  16. dingodoll says:

    I combed out my dreadlocks after a year and a half. My hair was past my waist.

    And dreadlocks can be as clean or as dirty as someone allows, just like any other hair style. It is harder to keep them clean, but if it’s important to you then you put the time and effort (and elbow grease) in.

  17. Dreadlock lover says:

    I LOVE this idea and the way it looks!! I was just wondering how long you can leave it in before it starts getting all nasty. Could you please let me know??

  18. Uhm, that last picture, his dreads weren’t fake. It’s the guitarist for Tokio Hotel. His dreads were real, and if you have dreads, you don’t have to shave your head to get rid of them. You just soak them in special conditioner and comb them out.

  19. The first pictures are for Complot’s Summer 2009 season. Complot is an Argentine brand (one of my hometown’s favourties), they have awesome clothes – cheap, chic and hip!

  20. Hi, I really want dreads but I have a few questions before I do it; Can you over wash them? Because I wash my hair every day at the moment, would that be bad for them? Also my hair is currently just a couple of inches longer than shoulder length, so to my armpit. Once dreaded will they loose a lot in length, any estimates of how short they would be?
    Many thanks, Dani.

    • I would suggest washing only your scalp once or twice a week, you have to rinse them thoroughly, having your hair dreaded is a long process. You’ll only lose about an inch though.

      • Thank you, I contacted someone near where I live that does dreadlocks and she said I’ll loose 3 inches, she uses a special “crochering” technique to do it. By the sounds of it it’s going to be expensive to get done in this country, she quoted £60 for 5-6 hours (which is how long she thinks it will take) and then £60 for extensions to make it abit longer and more “feminine” like. Dani.

  21. It annoys me that people think dreadlocks are unhygienic, they actually take A LOT of maintenance and you are supposed to wash them because grease can make them fall out, in fact you are supposed to keep the hair as dry as possible so it will matt together. You can wash your hair as much as a person with “normal” hair as long as you dont use conditioner! Or anything that leaves a residue. Dreadlocks have to be twisted everyday at first with special wax, you have to roll each individual lock between your palms, it’s a lot of effort!

  22. I’ve had my dreadlocks for 3 years and they’re fine. The boy in your class probably didn’t wash them (or himself, for that matter). A common misconception is that dreads formed from dirty hair, but that’s far from being true. You know how your hair gets greasy when you don’t wash it? Imagine that trying to knot itself… it just doesn’t work! Your hair has to be clean to lock nicely.
    But the idea of fake dreadlocks is very cool, considering you don’t have to put much time into their upkeep.

  23. I think dreadlocks – on men or women – look terrible, to be honest. I always wonder why girls with the most beautiful hair would want to completely destroy it but making it look, quite literally, like small pieces of poop. Plus, the whole “pot-head” connotation that’s attached to the hairstyle has me //completely// put off. While I don’t think there is a single human in the world who looks good with dreads, regards of race, age, or color, to each his or her own.

    My opinion =D

  24. While I know there are plenty of people that have already said this, I need to throw my opinion in. I had dreads when I was younger, and mine were not dirty, at all. I washed my hair every other day and had no issues with them, they smelled like lavender, and never looked gross. I absolutely LOVE dreads. But that being said, I love the idea of this. Some days I miss my dreads an incredible amount and want them back, but with my job I can’t do that so this is a cool idea for potential days off.

  25. It’s a total myth that dreads are dirty, proper care of deadlock involves just as much washing as normal hair. That kid in your class probably wasn’t taking care of them, maybe he was just dirty?

  26. Do some research. Dreads (not the kind formed by neglect) take a ton of work and upkeep and are supposed to be ashed once a week. Its not unhygienic at all. I researched them very heavily as I was seriously considering getting them until I learned how much upkeep they can take.

  27. I just got clip in extensions, and i really want to try this out with them, but I’m scared thy would get ruined. What do you guys think? I’m kind of afraid to take the plunge, I mean I think dreads are beautiful and look amazing but theres so much negative connotation behind them, and since they’re somewhat permanent, I would be afraid to have them done in case i didn’t like them!

    • i should add that my extensions are synthetic, not real hair!

      • 2 things.
        1) I attempted to do these “fake dreads” and I don’t know if I did it wrong or what but they don’t look like dreads so you can’t exactly make a decision on whether to do the real things or not, but it does give you an idea of what it will look like-ish as in your hair being separated into sections instead of normal and down.
        2) I’m going to get dreads next month, the way I see it, we only have one life and so you might as well give it a go once.

  28. With dreadlocks, you’re actually supposed to take just as good of care of them as you are your ‘normal’ hair. You can wash them just the same, but no conditioner or else the dreads will come ‘unraveled’ :)

  29. Dreadlocks are not unhygienic. There are several methods to the maintenance of them, and nowadays, it is more popular for people to wash, “comb”, and blow dry their dreadlocks just like you do with you’re regular hair. I wash mine every other day with organic soap. Many people say that clean dreadlocks are even cleaner than regular hair because you don’t use regular shampoos and conditioners that leave behind heavy and unnecessary residues that make your strands stick together and leave an unnatural oil giving it that Hollywood shine that make you believe your spending money on repairing your hair, rather you’re just covering up the damage with gunk that sticks to it. Mmm sexy. Anyways, having dreadlocks is a life style choice and takes lots of patience, care, and dedication.

  30. dreadlocklover says:

    I am thinking of getting real dreadlocks but am hesitant because I have not seen a white female that actualy looks good with dreadlocks. Does anyone have dreadlocks in right now and willing to send me a picture of them?

  31. Just so you know..*REAL* dreadlocks are not “unhygenic”. That’s a really ignorant blanket statement to make. Seriously, just because some guy you know had dirty ones doesn’t mean we all do.

  32. i just tried this and ILOVEIT! lol

  33. Creating ‘homemade’ real dreads isn’t all that hard to do and undo. I dreaded bits of my hair a few months ago, using twist and rip method and palm rolling – you don’t even need to use any hair products! Just a fine toothed comb to backcomb your hair and a crochet hook to get extra knots in. Simple. And if you choose to take them out, just use your normal hair conditioner and condition the base and gradually comb the knots away. And as Mae said, real dreads aren’t always unhygienic. I just used bar soap to wash mine and made sure I dried it properly after.

  34. roses_are_red says:

    Dreadlocks are actually very clean…cleaner than regular hair. The regular shampoo people use leaves a residue (same with conditioner, detanglers, hairspray and gel), while dread shampoo does not. Maybe the guy in your class didn’t shower or wash his hair, but that doesn’t mean dreadlocks are dirty. Be more open-minded!

  35. Wow, those look great.

  36. Wow…those looks exactly like what i want….thin dreads! Where can i find bar soap for dreadlocks in singapore?

  37. Could I get a pic of these?

  38. Brandis says:

    I’ve had dreads for a while now, and I love them to no end! I do however, wish I had known about something like this before I dreaded. Its such a shock to suddenly have this alien hair on your head so a trial would have been a nice way to move into the dread life:] If any of you do want actual dreadlocks, just keep them clean and you wont ever have to worry about anything crawling around on your head (it sounds so horrible, I can’t even imagine how terribly that boy neglected his hair!). Thanks so much for this tutorial I have a few friends who want their hair dreaded and I’m definitely going to make them try this first, you can take out dreads but it sure isn’t easy!

  39. Guys, seriously… calm down about my “unhygienic” comment. I stated that it was my first “thought” about the hairstyle. If you re-read, I said that it SEEMED unhygienic.

    Funny that you all are calling me rude when your comments are just as rude! You could’ve told me nicely that I was wrong? No need for nastiness.

  40. @Renee, I think that looks great! I love dreads but I’m scared to ruin my hair lol. BTW, just ignore all the rude comments. Sadly, as soon as I read “seemed unhygienic” I knew people would complain about it. People just love starting unnecessary drama and finding anything they can to argue about. They apparently have way too much time on their hands and being a bully through a computer screen is so cowardly! I love how people will say ANYTHING through a screen but most of those people would NEVER say those same things in person. The hair looks great. Thank you very much for sharing your advice! I’ll definitely be trying this! :-)

    • Thanks dear. :) There’s a way to say I was wrong politely instead of flat out name calling. Real mature!

  41. This is a very misinformed post, both my partner and I have dreadlocks; him for 11 years and myself for 2. My hair is just as clean and hygenic now as it was before embarking on this journey. This post is nothing more than offensive, and it is such a shame that people hold this opinion of dreadlocks. Such an old-fashioned and closed minded view.

  42. ilove dreads,if you dont use wax you dont have to cut them off but could take a while to get them out,i had a few that lasted about 2 weeks and clip in ones for almost a year that i did, i took them out to do new things.i love this idea so im going to try it tonight and ill let you know how it works:)

  43. Dreads are amazing ^^!! but just so you know it’s really clean and even more when you don’t use wax :)

  44. hey dreadlocks really are “unhygienic”, there are some people out there who have them for years, when a really close friend of my sister cut hers, THERE WAS DUST AND BALLS OF LINT INSIDE, it was disturbingly disgusting, even for her. She had the locks for almost 10 years so I guess it was because of that, but they truly keep the smoke inside.

    Still, guys with dreadlocks are extreamely attractive to me, but fyi you had nothing to apologize for :)

  45. was just wondering if the pic of the girl is real dreads? lol or fake i want to do fake ones :/ but my hair is so long it will take foreeeeever… blah

  46. Ani Magus says:

    Every one seems to leave a little bit of the same comment in their own. A bit repetitive isn’t it? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  47. i’ve got just one dreadlock and i can honestly say that i wash it as much as i wash all the rest of my hair, and trust me i do it a lot. You can’t say that dredlocks are unhygenic, they become like that if you don’t wash them, but it’s about person, not dreadloks in general.

    Btw nice idea! ;)

  48. so much hate on here…my locks look good and i get hella compliments. I have put a lot of work into them tho. I wouldn’t say they are the cleanest hair style but they are not as gross as some of the haters on here preaching. if you don’t like then why are you reading this…just cuz some people don’t take care of their hair and let mold grow that doesn’t mean all of us do…using wax, not drying your hair completely or just being gross in general can lead to some nastiness fosure but some of us are wiser than all that.
    ps whoever said black ppl will make fun of whites with locks: idk where u live, i have never experienced this, in fact the opposite by a longshot

  49. I am excited to give this a try. I want to do something different with my hair, but not be committed to having the real deal dreadlocks ;) Thanks for the tips!
    Ps: I’m black, and I don’t think that white people with dreads look dumb. That was really nasty for someone to say and does not reflect the opinion of all black people, just haters of all races.

  50. I have wanted dreads for SOOO long- I tried real dreads once back in 2009 but the girl made them huge and puffy-NOT what I wanted so I took them back out (and lost a LOT of hair!) This fake dread style looks amazing, I am definitely going to try it!!

  51. Hi. I know this article is old but I just found it and tried out the method above. It was my first time and I probably didn’t do a good job. I will say that once the gel dried thoroughly they looked much better than when I first finished. The larger sections (I really wanted larger “dreads”) did not stay together quite as well as I would have liked. I can send pics but I pretty much just looked crazy. I am white with very course, wavy hair. I think that I will try this again and concentrate on keeping the sections even.

    everyone is entitled to their opinion but hateful comments are much worse when based on ignorance. Fact: dreadlocks are not a “black” thing, “white” thing or anything like that. What is now known as the “neglect” method dates back to cavemen days. While there is cultural significance for many people, it is just flat out wrong to think that only certain people should have them. I really think they look great on a lot of people but like any hairstyle, it’s all about the attitude.

  52. Let me clear this.. You CAN clean dreadlocks.
    But don’t use shampoo, there is special soap to clean your dreads
    If you have things growing inside the you’re doing is WRONG.

  53. So a basic way to get the sweeter spin on the dread vibe without using all that gel is this: A way to get the look is the hair in loose, matte rolls. Use dry shampoo (such as Ojon Full Detox Rub-Out Dry Cleansing) to help take away some of your natural shine, then twist small pieces (the dry shampoo will help them stay). And voila! I’d rather that than putting so much gel in my hair. This style is awesome and still has the laid back Rastafarian glory in it.

  54. I had twist and rip dreads for three months. I realised I didn’t want them until my natural hair colour grew out, so I took a comb to them. They were pretty tight but each one came out within 10 minutes even though they were dry and I didn’t use conditioner.

    My hair looked a little frizzy after that but once I got it wet, my hair took back its natural fine texture.

  55. Thank you for this tutorial. I tried it out on my hair.
    Some of us look better with dreads than others.

  56. i used to have .5 inch dreads… with all kinds of fun beads in them… they were down to my bum… i did might this way to start… i would wash them everyday though… but never brush… over time they became nothing short of perfection… i chopped them off after a while… way short… bout to try it again! wish me luck!!!

  57. Well after this has been originally posted … I like to play with funky hairstyles but hate to committing to anything regarding my hair, and I know that having good, clean dreadlocks is a serious commitment. So I actually just twist my hair into sections (can be any size, just make them slightly smaller than you would like your “dread” to be), holding the end and twisting up and then holding my hot iron on the twist to make it stay. If you don’t go any further it mostly comes off similar to Eliza Dushku in the original Bring it On, when she’s all bad ass and no cheerleader :) Still cute! But no dreads. If you want more of a dread look you can then use hairspray or gel on your hot ironed twists, le them dry, and then just hold the end of a twist and run the forefinger and thumb of your other hand up the twist. Fun and pretty easy! It does take some time, especially if your hair is thick or fine (and especially if it’s both!).

    Further, I’ve done something similar with my synthetic extensions in, twisties and braids and crimps and just fun stuff all around, but it definitely destroyed my extensions. I still wear them when I do crazy stuff to my hair, but have another nice set that I can use for when I want my locks to be straight and smooth but longer.

  58. Noelle Murphy says:

    So for real, not to be creepy or anything but is this picture actually of you? Cuz if so then I look just like you, complete doppelgänger status.

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