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The Making of Renee’s Blend for Lemongrass House!

Lemongrass House Phuket

Lemongrass House Phuket

Yay, finally I get to write this post! So as you all know by now, I was in Phuket a few weeks ago because I will be launching my own collection with Lemongrass House. :) I am creating my own “signature scent” to be put in a bath and body collection (I think I confused people and you thought it was a perfume but no, not now… or yet, perhaps?!). It’s still in the talks but for now we are looking for a December release and are planning a fun launch event where I will be inviting readers! Super stoked. Here is the journey…

Lemongrass House Phuket

I arrived at the beautiful hotel, The Surin. Here are some shots – isn’t it stunning? I was in awe and couldn’t stop taking photos.

Lemongrass House Phuket

Lemongrass House Phuket

I stayed in a villa very close to the ocean – it was a little scary at night (I felt a little weird hearing the loud waves) but it was so nice to have the whole experience of living in a “hut” so to speak, so close to nature.

Lemongrass House Phuket

The meeting at Lemongrass House’ headquarters was the next day, so the first day was totally relaxing. This was a business trip, but it was very relaxing and I added 3 days to my business trip for a little holiday with my Dad, to celebrate semi-retiring! ;) All I can say from my holiday is lazying by the beach and pool, eating a lot and hanging out in the bar, where I discovered that I loved watermelon juice.

Lemongrass House Phuket

I was very excited to visit the famous HQ, made out of recycled shipping containers. They are a HUGE brand not only in Thailand but also in the hotel industry. They supply to hundreds of 5-Star hotels around the world with all their shampoos, conditioners, body wash… whatever a guest would need. The hotel I was staying in, The Surin, used LGH products in their bathrooms and their spas, and it was a nice treat using it, I kept thinking; yeah this smells familiar. :)

Lemongrass House Phuket

The Headquarters in Thailand also seems like a really hot spot for shoppers. It was in the middle of the day, in the middle of the afternoon and there were so many people. It got even more crowded as the day went on, and I saw some people with baskets full of stuff; they seem to be stocking up! (I also stocked up on one of my all-time favorite LGH product, their amazing body lotions.) I’m sure you’ve seen the shops, but the HQ has so much more products and scent choices. Hundreds of products were lined up everywhere, I didn’t even know where to begin! There was a wider range of their massage oils, facial scrubs, cleansers, and even had lip balms which we don’t get here in Singapore. I had no idea they did facial products too, apparently they also supply their products for facial treatments in hotels.

Lemongrass House Phuket

Lemongrass House Phuket

Anyway, on to business. We stepped into one of the mixing rooms and was greeted by crazy amounts of essential oils… as a fragrance fanatic, I went a wee bit crazy taking photos of all of them! Bobby showing me all his favorites to try, and then me calling out what I liked: “Vanilla! Coconut! Magnolia! Citrus stuff!” and then testing them all. After sniffing pretty much everything (big exaggeration, but it was nice to smell things I’ve never smelt before, for example Moke flower, which I had never heard of); I decided on…

Lemongrass House Phuket

Vanilla, Chocolate Oil, Coconut, Papaya, Siam Magnolia and Pink Grapefruit. Bobby then went away to mix them and I enjoyed my holiday in Phuket a bit more. All I can say is: hanging by the beach and pool, tons of room service and being a regular at their bar.

Lemongrass House Phuket

Lemongrass House Phuket

Before I met Bobby again at LGH HQ a few days later, I got a complimentary massage at the hotel. Apparently the General Manager knows my blog! I bumped into him at the reception as I was leaving and he commented on a blog post I wrote, so cool! He’s from Italy and came out to Phuket to work at the hotel and loves it here.

Lemongrass House Phuket

In a nutshell? It was lovely. I believe you can go to the hotel just for its spa treatments. The hotel uses specially customized blends by Lemongrass House, so I choose “The Surin Blend”; which was really relaxing and calming. My therapist was very sweet and I was fully relaxed.

And then it was off to LGH HQ, where I finally got to see the samples!

Lemongrass House Phuket

Lemongrass House Phuket

Bobby told me he created 10 mixutres, and these were his favorite 3. He also told me to choose my favorite (without telling me his) and I chose #1; and lo and behold, that was his favorite as well! he said it was very sophisticated and everyone would love it. yay! I definitely do.

That was my second last day in Phuket, so the next day was once again a holiday. I hope you enjoyed looking at my journey, I can’t wait til the collection is out!

The Perfect Island Holiday Scent

Greetings from Phuket, Thailand!

Please say hello eto Urban Rituelle’s Island Citrus scent, a fragrance I can only describe as:


Let me elaborate: This gorgeous scent is my favorite for the summer, hands down. Notes include lime, grapefruit, orange, and base notes of bergamot and rose. In other words, it is beautiful. Although the perfume is more of a body spray (don’t expect lasting staying power) but the bottle is so handy for your handbag, it’s great for touch ups. The spray, too, is pretty amazing. One spritz packs a punch – I was pretty shocked how just one spritz covered my whole t-shirt!

My friend got me this perfume (that was part of a set with body lotion and soap) for my birthday, and it was perfectly in time for my trip. I didn’t bring the body lotion and soap though, since I use the ones at the hotel, but they are just as lovely. She was telling me how she discovered this brand and liked that it was feminine without being too over-the-top girly. I totally agree – how classy and sweet are their packaging?

Have you tried anything from Urban Rituelle?

Skincare and Makeup Tips for Flight Attendants

Hey Renee! I was wondering if you had some advice for me. I am a soon-to-be air stewardess and I will be exposed to very dry atmosphere most of the time. So do you have any advice on how I can keep my skin healthy? Our thick makeup doesn’t help either. I’m worried about my skin because I can’t afford to look like I sped up my aging process! – V

V wrote to me a week ago after reading my post, Beauty Tips for Long Flights and she wanted to know more specific tips for those who are in planes very frequently – aka, working in one! I can relate to air stewardesses who are wary about speeding up the aging process – those working full time in cold, dry offices also have the same complaint (like my friends!). Thing is, unfortunately, I’m aware about the makeup stewardess are required to wear daily, so it’s quite a challenge. No worries though, I have a few tips up my sleeves.

Here’s an idea to start you off even though it’s just a plane, you can actually just research “winter skincare tips”, because, as you’ve guessed it, one of the main factors is the extremely dry temperatures. They have tons of tips for dry climates and would definitely help in your work environment!

Before the Flight

First of all, it’s vital that you start by cleansing your skin very well before your flight. Try switching to a cleanser made for dry skin. While in the shower, avoid very hot water as it will just dry out your skin more. Instead, opt for a luke warm temperature, and really clean your face well. Basically, leave the cleanser on your face for at least 30 seconds to really let it work.

I’m not sure if they give you makeup to wear or if it’s your own, but if it’s your own, I highly recommend finding a mineral/organic foundation, as this will not clog your pores and irritate your skin. Find formulas made for dry skin, preferably a tinted moisturizer made for dry skin. Since you’ll be traveling a lot, you can go overseas and find winter-related skin care products that would cater to extremely dry weather conditions.

During the Flight

As for a face mist, you can always try it on top of your makeup. From what I know, the one I reccomended by Clinique in that post says it can be used while you have makeup on. I consulted my friend who uses it over her makeup and she said it still works, though she’s not on a plane everyday, so I’m not too sure. Either way, you can always give it a try – with products, it’s all about trial and error! Just make sure you spritz it a little distance away from your face. After misting, take a facial tissue and gently press it over your face, so that it doesn’t smudge your makeup, just in case.

After Your Shift

Now I’m totally ignorant on this, but I believe that you only “freshen” up (aka, take a shower) in hotel rooms, or at the airports once the flights are done, especially for overnight flights? Someone please educate me on this! For long-haul flights, is it expected that you leave your makeup on? If so, there are some ways to cleanse your skin even if there is hardly a shower available. It is ideal to remove all makeup and cleanse before you sleep, so even though I can imagine it’s quite a hassle, please try to cleanse your face morning and night – this will already make a big difference.

For removing your makeup on board, buy a packet of cleansing wipes and use them to remove every trace of makeup (you can find these at drugstores, they work very well! I recommend Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.)

After removing all makeup, once again, cleanse your face with your cleanser and leave it on for some time – the longer the better! After that, wash it off and pat dry. Apply moisturizer immediately after, and let your skin ‘breathe’, meaning no more makeup or products on it until the morning.

In the morning, cleanse thoroughly once again, moisturize and then apply your makeup.

This is also optional, but it may be a good idea to buy a primer (a natural one) that can go on as a ‘base’ after your moisturizer, as a way to protect your skin from the foundation that is coming on the next layer. I used to do this when I did some modeling – at photoshoots they would LOAD on layers and layers of foundation like no body’s business and I was always scared my skin would break out. So I would always ask the makeup artist to apply a primer that I brought from home, and that helped greatly.

If it’s short flights, I think applying a normal skin care and makeup routine you do everyday is fine, as long as you remember to cleanse twice a day thoroughly. It’s the longer flights that are a bit tricky!

So in conclusion, just remember:

  • Cleanse your face twice a day for the best results.
  • Moisturize your face thoroughtly.
  • Try finding products made for very dry skin.
  • If possible, buy organic/natural/mineral alternatives to makeup, as they are less harsh.
  • Buy a primer to go under your heavy makeup.
  • Try out a facial mist and see how you like it.

What do you think of my tips? I hope that has helped you, V, and any other flight attendants! If you have any more questions on the topic, leave a comment and hopefully myself and my readers will have extra tips and ideas for you! :)

Beauty Tips for Long Flights

Image: Unknown

I travel back to Denmark almost every Spring (I’m half Danish), and that is a long 14 hours flight from Singapore (and then back again!). As a kid I’d just wear my pajamas and slather on some hotel body lotion all over my face (don’t ever do that, by the way, unless you want serious breakouts) and head to the airport, not caring how disastrous I look. (Isn’t it great being a kid?)

Now that I’m older, though, I have to look somewhat more presentable, and heading to the hotel and sleeping for 12 hours after the flight is not an option anymore! Here are some beauty tips I’ve gathered over the years, especially if you have business to do after your flight.

Before Boarding

Moisturizing is key. With the dry, stuffy cabin air, skin can itch and worst of all, peel. First and foremost, moisturize your bare face before boarding a flight (I think it should be common sense that you’re not wearing makeup on a long flight, right?). What I like to do is double moisturize – that’s two layers of moisture on the face, and normally that is enough for the next 12 hours.

Next, while getting dressed for your flight, remember to moisturize your body as well. Moisturize your legs, collarbone, neck, and arms before flight. Soothing (and very thick) body lotions such as the famous body butters by The Body Shop can aid to calm and relax before your flight.

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Italian Makeup Brands

Greetings from Italy! I’ve been in Milan for almost a week now, one of the fashion capital of the world – and wherever there’s fashion, there’s makeup! Here are some Italian makeup brands that I’d like to introduce, if you don’t know them already.

I’ll be on the lookout for more – before writing this post, I realized that I could not name ONE Italian beauty brand (except Dolce & Gabbana makeup?!) and that is appalling!

Pupa Milano

“Pupa’s makeup line is a constant surprise,” says their website, and so it is! I had vaguely heard and seen this brand a few times and it seems now there is a skincare line, mineral line, accesories line, and a suncare line. Very impressive! They pride in making ultra-modern products for women that are top quality, high on comfort filled with multitude of colors and innovative textures. It seems to have some great eyeshadow colors as well, create for experimenting with bold looks!

Kiko Make Up Milano

A professional makeup line for women who love color, Kiko lives up to fashion capital’s Milan creativity and glamour.

With Kiko, they represent color; colors and textures for every look, trend; whatever’s hot, Kiko translate into their new color and production concepts, texture; agreeable and soft, and quality; maximum quality, attractive price. The brand consists of two lines – Front line, which is the main makeup line that is updated regualry, and doesn’t change. The second is the “One Shot” collections, which are the trendy collections that suit the fashions in season. I’ve never heard of any makeup brands doing this before, and I think that’s a great idea – really brings the world of fashion and makeup together.

NOUBA Professional Make Up

Created by makeup artist Rosy Armanini, NOUBA has been in existence since 1982, a fabulous makeup line that has been setting trends ever since. NOUBA was chosen in honor of the NUBA, an ancient population of central Africa that paints their faces and bodies with extraordinary colors and designs to celebrate and experience rituals and daily events.

The line includes a range of products, all packaged a little like something we’ve seen before, no? I’ve been reading a lot about this brand online and so far it’s all been raves, hopefully I can find this line soon!

One thing I’ve noticed with all the makeup? Cute names, lots of color and promises of great quality … I’m definitely gonna look out for them.

Has anyone tried products from these brands, or recommend any other Italian beauty brands that I should look out for?