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A Night With Zardoze at the Audi Fashion Festival!

Two weeks ago, I remembered it was time to do something I haven’t done in awhile: really get dolled and dressed up to the nines.

For the highly-anticipated Zardoze fashion show at Audi Fashion Festival, us blog ambassadors (me, Dawn, Silver, Vanessa) got a chance to dress up in Zardoze gowns we chose. I chose a simple black and gold piece, which was velvet on the top, and had a very sexy halter-neck-slit cutout going on. I really loved it, and got many compliments on it that night. I paired it with my Cole Haan flat sandals (I know sandals and a gown seems weird, but no one could see my shoes and I wanted to be comfrotable – it was a long night!) and a DKNY gold clutch.


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Sunday Morning with Tyra Banks!

Tyra Banks in Singapore

This morning, I actually woke up before 8 am (anything before 8 am is always ungodly, but in the weekend? Unheard of!) to attend the Asia’s Next Top Model press conference at Resorts World Sentosa, starring none other than the creator of the franchise, supermodel/mogul Tyra Banks!

I’ve always had great respect Tyra Banks – I first knew her because of ANTM but became a huge fan of her talk show, The Tyra Show. She was in Singapore to lend support to Asia’s Next Top Model (airing in November) and the press conference was for media. I went with my friend Faz, and it was kinda surreal as this was my first press conference! Here are some soundbites:

Tyra Banks in Singapore

On what she thinks of Singapore: Tyra was “flabbergasted by the architecture”, saying that she thinks the buildings here are what architect students would dream up.

On the rise of Asian models: “It’s a beautiful thing.” She did, however say that she hopes it is not a “fad” because all ethnicities should be represented all the time.

On her weight loss: A reporter asked her how she managed to lose 30 pounds to which Tyra said it wasn’t that much, but was “a considerable amount.” She explained that she and her colleagues (of ANTM no less!) were in Brazil and all talking about how unhealthy they were, and decided to have a “Get Healthy” challenge among their friends and then see who could do it first. Tyra said she is very competitive, so she “ate a lot for 3 weeks so for the first weigh in I could start with a lot, and then lose a lot.” And she did – she won out of out all her friends! She did, however, admit that she “lost too much” and has since put some weight back on.

On her favorite model of the moment: “Karlie Kloss!” She said that she mentors Karlie and what she loves is that Karlie is 6’2″, so she’s breaking a mold in modeling as well – as she says, “models are usually 5’9″, 5’10″”.

Tyra Banks in Singapore

On whether she worries if people will get tired of ANTM, since it’s now in it’s 19th season and has 22 international editions: Tyra says that contrary to popular belief, she is not the “big boss” of ANTM, and it was her boss who called her one day during business school and said they needed a major change; hence the new line up of judges and the new social-media savvy format. Tyra quoted something she learnt from a professor: “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.” She finishes it off with “I am always 10 steps ahead”, hinting at more surprises in the future to keep audiences engaged.

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Glasses – Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

Do you wear glasses? I do. Unfortunately I was one very dumb 9 year old, because when my older friend got glasses, I would play around and wear them, just to see what they were like. Fast forward a few months later and my eyesight suffered from it, and needed glasses. Very dumb of me.

I was very self conscious about wearing glasses, because I was one of the few at school who wore them, because 9 years old is quite young to start wearing glasses. You can bet I got a lot of teasing from it, so I really hated them. It also didn’t help that it was the 90’s and those nasty Coke bottles frames my only option. Eeks! I got contacts and have been wearing them since I was 13 (again, too young, I know) and I was SO happy – I felt like myself again!

Today, I’m totally fine with wearing my glasses. I finally got over being self conscious about them when I was around 18 years old. I’m not sure when I got over them, but I just realized that tons of people wear glasses and it’s really no big deal. I am also sure the fact that my glasses were no longer big Coke-bottle frames helped! Also, the few times my friends did see me in them, they all said such nice things – for example, on the very last day of university I wore my glasses (I just couldn’t be bothered, school was over forever!!!) and a few guys commented on how sexy glasses are on girls. I couldn’t believe it! I still obviously prefer not to wear glasses, but I’m OK with them now and am not shy to wear them out and let everyone know I wear glasses.

Do you wear glasses? Have you ever felt self-concious about them? If you still feel self-concious about them, please don’t be! They are so trendy and sexy, try to embrace them and see it as an extra accessory you can sport. ;)

Ugg Boots – Crazy or Cool?

You may be wondering what the heck I am doing wearing Ugg boots, because 1) I live in Singapore, which is a tropical island, and 2) you think Ugg boots are as big a fashion sin as Crocs. Which is fine, and me wearing Ugg boots is kinda crazy. However, I have to say I’ve been wanting to try them out for ages because they looks so freaking comfortable!

These ones I got are from Whooga, a fast-growing European boutique brand of Ugg boots. I jumped at the chance at trying them because like I said, I’ve always wanted to see what Ugg boots are like. And you know what? I love them. I probably won’t wear them out in public because it’s far too hot and ridiculous, but in the evenings and hanging out in my cold room (I blast the air-con all the time!), it’s absolutely perfect. My floor is wooden and gets very cold with the air-con, so the Uggs warm my feet – especially while I’m at my desk, where my feet freezes the most (my air-con is right above my desk). And I was right about one thing: they are so comfortable. Damn it feels good wearing them! I’ll definitely be bringing them when I go to Europe for sure, but for now, it’s my at-home comfy shoes.

What do you think of Ugg boots – do you love them or hate them? If you love them; even though I haven’t tried any other brands, I’d definitely recommend Whooga – super fast shipping, great prices and ridiculously comfy.

Is Fashion and Beauty Nothing But Shallow and Superficial?

The other day, I wrote on my Facbook status something along the lines of, “Don’t ever look down on fashion magazines again! You may just flip through the pages in seconds but there is a LOT of work that goes behind it!” I wrote it because as you may know, I have started working in a magazine and it is a ridiculous amount of work.

This, of course gained tons of comments from my photographer friends and all those in the industry, agreeing that indeed, the behind-the-scenes of magazines are a lot of hard work. Of course, I had one person who claimed that just because something is a lot of work doesn’t validate it and that all this adds “little to society”. It lead to a full blown argument, but I wanted to bring it up here because I want to know what you think.

What do you think about fashion and beauty – is it all really that superficial? Am I totally superficial and contribute nothing to society because I enjoy having a beauty blog? I want to ask, though, since he is male: what about men who read car magazines and obsess over the appearance of their car? Are they not superficial, too?

My argument to my friend is that fashion is a form of art and gives us identity. Fashion, makeup and the whole “superficial” thing allows us to express ourselves and if someone takes pride in their appearance, more power to them.  It is also well known (and has been proven) that those who dress up well and take care of their looks do well in life. Take an interview setting as an example – you may have the best resume but if you turn up without some kind of pride in your appearance (showering, combing your hair, looking presentable), do you really think you would get the job?! It’s very sad, but in settings such as the corporate world, looks and presentation does matter. Sad but true.

I also said it is OK if someone wants to work in an industry that is “superficial” – who cares? You may not agree with it, and yes, it may seem silly to you, but it is their life – who are you to judge, right?

Would love to know your thoughts on this! Is the fashion and beauty industry, especially fashion magazines, totally superficial and useless? I say hell no.

Circle Contact Lenses – Crazy or Cool?

There has been a craze in Asia lately (by lately I mean the last few years) about circle contact lenses, made to make your iris’ look larger, and therefore give you a wide-eyed look. And no – Lady Gaga in the above picture is not wearing them, but sometimes I see some girls who do circles lenses so over the top it reminds me Lady Gaga’s digitally altered look. :/

Whilst looking for images on circle lenses, I also stumbled upon this article from the NY Daily News that shed some light on how dangerous these circles may be:

Circle lenses, which make eyes look bigger by covering not only the iris but part of the whites, can reportedly cause serious eye problems, or worse, blindness, says the U.K. Daily Mail.

“There literally is potential for somebody to lose their vision within 24 hours from an infection,” Dr. Assumpta Madu of the Montefiore Medical Centre in New York told the BBC.

The circle lenses can deprive the eyes of oxygen because they cover the whites of the eyes, according to Yahoo! News. The specialty lens can also scratch the cornea of the eye and leave permanent damage if not properly fitted by an optometrist.

Circle lenses often do not come with guidelines on their longevity or use. Therefore, users may injure their eyes by wearing them daily. Improper care in cleaning and storing the lens may also cause eye damage, reports Yahoo! News.

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Personally, I think they are fine but I see some girls who take the ‘doll’ look a little too far – making them look like possessed dolls! So for those who do it over the top, and with the potential risk factors, this is a definite ‘crazy’ for me.

So, I want to ask – what do you think about circle lenses? Crazy, cool, ridiculous or the best invention, like, ever? Also, have you used them personally? I’d love to hear from those who have. :)

Jeggings – Crazy or Cool?

It seems the fashion gods have heard Singapore’s prayers: denim, minus the weight! I’m not gonna lie… I’m all over this. I never wear jeans in daylight here because Singapore is so freaking hot and humid, so I’m SO excited by the thought of this. I’m no fashionista, but I’ve been seeing denim coming back in fashion and thank God, because I love denim! I’ve forever been in love with skinny jeans and believe that wearing jeggings is about as skinny as you can get….

I’m going to town ASAP to try some on, though I have one great worry with leggings as pants: what if you sit down and it splits? Eek! Still, I’m totally loving jeggings, so this is a big COOL from me.

What do you think? Are jeggings crazy or cool?

What’s In My Bag?

I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers doing ‘What’s In My bag?’ type posts recently and I don’t like feeling left out, so I’m inviting myself to join in. ;) I also actually really like these types of posts… I’m not really sure why, but I guess I’m just curious and it does say a lot about a person and a peak into their daily lives.

So let’s get started! My Valentino Le Maison bag was a gift from my dad on my birthday. It’s the perfect bag for me – everyone who first saw the bag kept saying it’s so “me”. I love it so much I named it Rocco, ’cause it looks so rock and roll. Geddit?

Here’s what else is in my bag…

Sunglasses – My favorite accessory, ever. I’ve lost several sunglasses in the past so I am SO careful about these ones because they are perfect! As you may remember, I was in Europe last summer and bought these Armani glasses from a really great sunglasses shop in Milan my friend brought me to (check out my post from that trip, Italian Makeup brands).

Wallet – The Prada wallet is almost 3 years old but you would never know it, right? I had wallets before that would last 9 months max before it fell apart, so that year, for my birthday, I splurged for something more ‘solid’. I picked this timeless, classic design.

Gadgets – My phone and iPod are the first things I check before I leave the house. Especially my iPod – I am a huge music buff and need my music. I’d give up my phone forever instead of my iPod. Well, until I got a Blackeberry, that is. I was never a phone person until recently: I’d never answer phone calls and for days at a time I’d leave the thing under my bed, collecting dust… until now. I mean, WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I can do everything on my phone now.

Makeup – I don’t carry makeup around with me (shock! horror!) but I carry lip balms. I just buy them and dump them in my bag and restock my supply every year, I think. Nivea and Maybelline are great, but Rosebud? Best. Lipbalm. Ever.

Business card holder – My dad’s friend gave him this cardholder from Korea. Pretty, no? My dad gave it to me – I plan to fill it with Beauty Fool business cards, hopefully I will get some printed soon.

Hair stuff – Singapore is so hot, I have to have hairbands with me. I normally put some on my wrists but as you can see, I always have backup! I don’t know what the hairbrush is doing there, though. I never use it and it is OLD. My mother put this in my elementary (!!!) school bag years ago because she says my hair is always in a mess. “But it’s my look, Mom!” I cried for years. “IT’S CALLED BEDHEAD!” She doesn’t get it. Somehow this brush has been transferred to all my bags after all thee years.

And that’s it! I forgot to add my keys but then again you probably know what they look like.