Introducing Modajar


It’s another big win for Singaporean fashion entrepreneurs! I first discovered Modajar, a luxury boutique here in Singapore recently and have been stalking their online shop ever since, especially since they house some really cool cult brands that you can’t find elsewhere in Singapore. Origami Jewellery (my favorite!), House of Holland and Patrizia Pepe are some of the brands you’ll find at the store.


While Modajar is a physical shop (isn’t it gorgeous?!) – you know me, I’m all about online shopping! Their online website is easy to use and everything is photographed perfectly – my items arrived exactly how they were presented online. (They also do international shipping by the way). As you can see – I got a cool brick print tee from One.T.Shirt, a go-with-everything basic top from Patricia Peze; and my favorite, an Origami Jewellery necklace. I was deciding between the elephant and the dinosaur (love them both), but chose the dinosaur as they were my first loves! At 4 years old I saw Jurassic park and I have loved dinos ever since. Isn’t he beautiful? I named him Larry. ;)


Modajar launched earlier this year in July, with specially handpicked and sourced straight from the designers, resulting in a truly bold yet sophisticated shop. Oh, and before you think Modajar is just for women, don’t worry men, there are plenty of choices for you too. Modajar is set to cater to the fashion-forward man and women who loves uniqueness and a bit of “out there” style. I can only vouch for their online shop so far but as I mentioned, I enjoyed my experience shopping with Modajar. Other than the user friendly site, the delivery was pretty quick and in a sturdy, pretty Modajar box. I also have to say that I’ve been in touch with the people at Modajar and they are simply the friendliest, most helpful staff (shoutout to Shanti).

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Overalls on Adults – Crazy or Cool?

overalls dungarees adults trend

Why yes, there’s another new fashion/beauty trend and it’s time we talk about it! This time round, I’m seeing overalls (or dungarees) making a big comeback… on adults. I used to wear them a lot as a kid, but I wonder – what do you think of this new trend on adults? It’s been all over the runways and street style blogs, so whether you love or hate this trend, it’s here to stay. At least for now.

I kinda like them. There is a child-like, casual-ness to it and it’s so easy to wear. I used to have a favorite one in 5th grade from Guess. It is so well made and “tough” that I’ve actually kept it all these years; and if only I didn’t grow like, a foot since then, ’cause I actually still fit it but I’m way too tall for it to hook. Oh well! I might find an adult version.

But what about you? Do you like overalls/dungarees?

Shopping Guide: Donut Fashion by Kate Spade!

kate spade darcel donut collection

Buy this cute sweater here.

I was browsing around the Interwebs the other night (or, as I tend to every night before going to bed), and one of my favorite places is the Kate Spade Tumblr page; which is full of fun color, girliness and… it’s just so much fun! While my personal style is very much the basic tees and jeans, I like to add some trendy bits to it; and Kate Spade’s new collection is right up my alley. And probably the first thing I noticed about their new KSNY x Darcel collection, is that it was full of one of my favorite things: donuts!

donut fashion shopping items

I believe the collection is already in Singapore for some time (this is in no way a sponsored/PR driven post) but I thought it would be fun to share on the blog. The Kate Spade x Darcel collection features tons of fun ways to add a bit of donut fun into your daily fashion pieces. (But be warned, they are such a conversation piece you’ll find yourself saying, DONUT TOUCH ME. Ha!):

  1. Kate Spade Coin Purse (buy here): A fun way to keep all your small change. In a hot, bright pink color so you won’t ever lose it!
  2. Kate Spade Resin iPhone 5 Case (buy here): I always like bright handphone cases ’cause I always tend to misplace them! You’ll never forget your cellphone with this cute, loud case full of New York street bites!
  3. Donut Belt (buy here): Add a pop of fun quirkiness to your outfit with this donut belt. My donut belt will probably go with all my denim shorts.
  4. Darcel Donut Bangel (buy here): Talk about an instant conversation starter…
  5. Darcel Davie Cosmetic Case (buy here): Store your daily makeup and beauty must haves in this spacious, fun case.
  6. GOOEY Flats (buy here): Another way to add a more fun, spontaneous piece to your wardrobe.

Want more? Shop the Look:

Anyone remember my donut necklaces? These take it up a notch and I gotta get my hands on that sweater, coin purse and handphone case! :)

What are your favorite foodie things in fashion? Cupcakes? Donuts? Macaroon?

Shopping Guide: Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard


If you know the song “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard, then congrats – you are officially in my good books. And if you remember when it came out, then congrats too – you are indeed very old, and like me, your youth is slowly slipping by… sigh. But seriously – this classic song (and album) came out in 2003, and to celebrate its 10th year of release, Yellowcard has put out an acoustic version of the album, and ugh does the nostalgia hit hard with this song:

So since Ocean Avenue is one of my favorite songs, and it’s the perfect anthem for summer; I thought it would be the perfect inspiration for a little fashion and makeup guide. Here are my picks for an “Ocean Avenue” summer: beaches, parties, being young and having fun.


The perfect summer outfit (in my mind, at least) goes like this: your go-to denim shorts you can throw on, a comfy band tee, a comfortable pair of shoes (Vans are still, and will forever be my favorite), and a perfect leather handbag (my current favorite handbag label is Liebeskind. You can buy the bag shown above on Shopbop). Accessorize with a cool wrap watch (I pretty much love any by La Mer Collections) and a hat.

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