The Benefit POREfessional Event + Review!

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

As mentioned 2 weekends ago, the Benefit POREfessional event was a total blast! Benefit Cosmetics had a special event for their Facebook fans in conjunction with their POREfessional product release. There were 8 Benefit Singapore Facebook fans chosen to receive complimentary makeovers from beauty bloggers in Singapore, goodies and much more! Here is a little photo diary of the event, as well as a review on the POREfessional. Also, read on for a very special treat for Beauty Fool readers. ;)

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

The bloggers were put into 4 teams (with 2 fans each), me with the beautiful Andrea Chong (who you might recognise as the co-host of That F Word) and I was really excited as we both wanted to be paired up together! We even co-ordinated our outfits for the day (black and white), only to find out we got to wear the fun Benefit trench coats. Love! After meeting our two winners, Aminah and Cheryn, we went outside at the Benefit pop up store for a special treat.

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

Yep: Benefit vespas, Spygals, flash mobs and lots of dancing! Benefit really created a buzz on Orchard Road and there was a HUGe crowd gathering watching the flash mob and wondering what the general commotion was about. How cute are the vespas? I WANT ONE!

The whole event was about the POREfessional; a pore-hiding product. It was also a treat for Benefit’s FB fans to get complimentary makeovers from us bloggers, meet their favorite bloggers, and have a nice afternoon with cupcakes, drinks and goodies!

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

All the bloggers gathered to listen to our makeover “mission”!

I was really happy with our winners. Aminah and Cheryn both said they were readers of my blog so that made it extra special. :) Andrea and I decided to work on one girl individually, I worked on Cheryn and Andrea worked on Aminah. This is Cheryn:

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

Cheryn wanted a natural look; so I used the Neutral Eyes palette and lined her eyes with a brown eyeliner (instead of black) and coated it with a lot of They’re Real! mascara (which we all loved). Her blush is Danelion, a new favorite of mine, and her lips were a sweet pink color. I also added a hint of the WattsUp highligher near her cheekbones and brows.

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

For Aminah, Andrea asked if I could do the eye makeup as she wasn’t experienced in it and I thought it would be fun to add some color on Aminah. Animah was game for anything, and I thought purple would compliment the nice, natural makeup Andrea did for her elsewhere. They all really loved the purple! And of course, the POREfessional was used! I too finished Aminah’s eyes off with They’re Real mascara; and I am so envious of Cheryn and Aminah – they both has crazy long eyelashes! I enjoyed applying mascara on them, ha! Their before and after photos were posted on the Benefit Facebook page with the other ladies, where voters voted for their favorite looks.

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

My beautiful team!

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

Afterward, the event was all about mingling, having TV interviews, stuffing our faces (OK, just mine?) with cupcakes, drinks and general makeup talk! Some quick tips I learnt from the Benefit beauty advisors: if you’re looking for that all-over glow fix, check out their famous Benetint, a rosy stain that can go on the cheeks and lips. If you’re more into an orange tinge (as I am), the Cha Cha Tint is the way to go. Their most popular mascara, I remember using was Bad Gal, but now they have a new one, cheekily named “They’re Real!”; meant to give you the longest lashes with their special innovative brush that reaches every lash.

Personally, I have a few favorite Benefit products. (Did you know that the very first post I wrote on Beauty Fool, almost 6 years ago was about Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer?!) Yep, I’ve been using Benefit throughout the years, but after this event and learning more about the products I think I’m gonna stock up and try more! Some other favorites, other than Boi-ing, is Dallas, Dandelion and (recently the Hoola) blushes. Their blushes are my favorite, I think. I am also in love with their perfumes (I have So Hooked on Carmella, a sweet, caramel-vanilla scent), as well as Bad Gal mascara and eyeliner.
benefit cosmetics professional review

And now for the star of the event! The POREfessional is a quick fix-it balm that minimizes the appearance of your pores – it can be used pre or after makeup and will literally make your open pores disappear (the secret is that the balm “fills” the holes in to reveal a smoother, flawless skin). I’ve tried it, and it works, and my mom loves it as well… in fact she is obsessed with it, she stole the one I received. Pfft. But I really love it and I know where she keeps it and I will steal it back, obviously.

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

The balm is just that – a smooth, creamy balm that spreads evenly and smoothly. There is a slight jelly-like texture to it, which I really like – it’s so easy to apply. And as much as I love the idea of products to quickly fix our beauty concerns, I was a little skeptical about this product, but whoa. It’s really very nicely done. Just Google “before and after” pics and there are tons, and the results are extra-ordinary. Really impressed with this! I’d definitely recommend this product, and you can be sure you’ll see the POREfessional featured in my “monthly favorites” posts, it really is fantastic.

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

Beauty Fool Reader Promo

And now for the reader special! For the month of August, Benefit Singapore would like to offer Beauty Fool readers a complimentary brow waxing voucher with any purchase of Benefit products from the following Benefit counters:

  • Robinsons @ Raffles City
  • Sephora Ngee Ann City

A few things to take note of:

  1. Complimentary brow vouchers are redeemable with any purchase of Benefit product (no minimum purchase).
  2. Readers need to quote your respective names to our Beauty Advisors on duty, i.e., “SpyGal Renee” “Renee from Beauty Fool” etc, to redeem the voucher.
  3. Appointment booking for the complimentary brow service is necessary, and only valid at Robinsons Raffles City or Sephora Ngee Ann City.
  4. Voucher redemption is valid from 1 August 2013 onwards at selected counters only.
  5. While stocks last only.

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

All the beauty bloggers and the winners!

And so, after about 5 hours of beauty fun, it was time to say goodbye! Benefit really made such a fun, girly event – what girl doesn’t love a little beauty shopping on a Saturday afternoon?! – and it was a huge success. There were tons of people along Orchard Road and I think our two lovely winner, Aminah and Cheryn was happy with their look! I am really glad to have met them and they were such cool, sweet young women. My readers are seriously the best!

benefit cosmetics professional review and event

I hope you enjoyed my little photo diary of the event! I had such a great time and to be honest, I didn’t really know how fun it was to apply makeup on others… Benefit, let’s make this an annual thing, yes? ;) Anyway, I shall end this post with the a picture of the awesome Benefit team! Well done on a fabulous event and thank you for a very fun afternoon.

If you’d like to see more photos, stories or more info about Benefit, check out their Facebook page. Benefit is a really quirky, tongue-in-cheek fun beauty brand and you’ll surely to fall in love with their products and beauty philosophy. 

10 responses to “The Benefit POREfessional Event + Review!

  1. These pictures are great, it looks like you had a lot of fun at the event! I have always wondered about Benefit’s Porefessional.

  2. That looked like a fun event! Gonna check out this POREfessional balm. I have some serious open pores on my nose. Hehe!

    • Open pores I find are hard to get rid of. I’m actually not sure there is much you can do. Good, clean non-oily skin is a good start though. those two green jackets in the first pic! Awesome.

      • It’s true they are very hard to get rid of, I find exfoliating regularly helps a lot, as does Retin A! This slowly exfoliates your skin and since your pores are in a V shape, the more you exfoliate the smaller they look. Also, makeup tricks definitely help as well. :)

        And thanks Lara, I love those jackets as well!

  3. May I ask how much is a tube of this POREfessional,balm? Thanks

  4. Great photos! I’m a big fan of a lot the Benefit product ranges. I’ll check this POREfessional balm out.

  5. Hey Renee, I got hold of this balm! Very very excited, an amazing product!!!! I could hardly believe my eyes when I applied a thin layer on my nose (where there’s many open pores, yucky!!)! The pores instantly shrunk, the smaller pores completely vanished!!! It was truly amazing. LOVE IT!!!!!!

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