Beauty Companies That Do Not Test on Animals 2013 List

beauty brands companies that do not test on animals list 2013, cruelty free beauty

Whew, we are around that time of the year again. I like to do these list mid-year just in case any of the info changes. But anyway, I’ve been doing a “beauty companies/brands that do not test on animals” list since 2010; for those of you who might be new. I am an animal lover and since I have a blog, a big part of what I want to do with it is to spread messages and hopefully use this platform for good.

Animals (such as bunnies, mice, primates, dogs and cats) should not have to suffer for the absolutely unnecessary vanity of human beings. They do NOT deserve to be locked up in cramped cages and have chemicals rubbed into their eyes or forced down their throats so we can have “safe” cosmetics. It is completely disgusting and unacceptable to me. Animals are innocent, kind, wonderful creatures that deserve to be treated with respect.

Here is the updated 2013 cruelty-free list:

beauty brands that dont test on animals list 2013

PLEASE SHARE IT! I urge you to please spread the word! Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and email (the sharing options are underneath the title of this post, and right at the end. The list above is an image, so please Pin it!). If you’ve not gone cruelty-free yet, I urge you to start today.

And since this is a “hot topic”, to say the least, so just to hopefully prevent any arguments (I got my ass handed to me in my 2010 list); here are my disclaimers, if you will:

  • The “foundation” behind my research is from PETA’s list of companies that do not test. Read the full list here. I also visited individual company websites to see their policy on animal testing, and in some cases, emailed them to ask point-blank if they test on animals. Those who did not reply automatically get the “hmm that’s fishy” card and are not on the list. So this list is my personal research and findings from the Internet. For comments I am anticipating from people questioning me, saying I’m a liar, I am wrong, I have a “hidden agenda” (what exactly could be my agenda?!) etc – I am merely trying to show what I learned and trying to spread the word. That is all. Any personal attacks will be ignored and deleted… basically please don’t be a jerk, I am doing this with good intentions.
  • That being said, I cannot know for sure that the information here is 100% correct. I assume a few companies could be lying about it; and at the time of posting this, things may change as the beauty industry changes rapidly. Nor is this a complete list, I just chose brands that I am familiar with and have an international presence.
  • Two years into starting this blog was when I vowed to make it as cruelty-free as possible. So if you see mentions of companies that do test on animals, it will probably be around 2008/09 (although I have deleted most of those posts.) Today, I can’t say for sure that Beauty Fool is a 100% cruelty-free blog (like I said, I can’t know for absolute sure with some companies) but I do try my absolute best.

Update: Good news in the China and its required laws to test on animals. PETA reports that China is slowly (but surely) opening up to the possibilities of alternative testing; so let’s all keep our fingers crossed! I reckon if this law ends in China, a lot of the formerly cruelty-free brands that went to sell in China will go back to being cruelty-free. I’ll keep you all updated!
Thanks for reading, and to my readers who support this cause. As always – if you have any comments, thoughts or more information, please let me know!

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  1. This is good to know! I have to admit that I don’t really check this before making a purchase, but I do think it’s a BIG plus when brands don’t do animal testing.

  2. Thanks again for taking the time to research this and to really dig in and have a snoop around. No one can know for sure if these companies do test, but knowing you, you really tried to put it down to those who you’ve properly researched. Ignore any hate, a lot of people have a stick up their ass that they’re just too comfortable to remove, after all, ignorance is bliss. Thank you. :)

    T. xx

  3. Renee I like to see this kind of post, because they make you have a better option of what stuff buy; however I don’t think you can consider Benefit a cruelty-free brand since it’s sold in China and all of us know that to sell a product there animal testing is required.

    You should take a look of this site:

    • Hey Eftain; could you send me a link to where it says Benefit sells in China? Not that I’m questioning you, of course, just to double check. Because last year when I asked Benefit if they tested they said that they don’t; and on their official website they say that they don’t either; so I added them to this list. xx

      • You can look in two websites:

        -Sephora China: They appear in their list of brands, also check this website to look to other brands.

        -Benefit Cosmetics China: They have their official site for China.

        Also a good lecture about the topic:

        Truth be told, I buy products that aren’t cruelty-free; but with this kind of list I like them to be completely true. xx

        • Thanks Efrain. Well, like I said, it’s tough to give a complete 100% accurate list as the info out there is all over the place; and I did the best I can. I don’t think anyone can give a “completely true” list as a lot of companies are hiding information, etc. We can just do the best we can with the resources and information out there. I will write to Benefit ’cause having a Benefit China website is really fishy when they say they are cruelty-free.

          As for the link you sent me; she is not 100% correct as well… NARS does test on animals. So you see, it’s tough to find a perfect list; although I think PETA is pretty legit so that’s why I based my list off theirs.

          Curious though; if you don’t use cruelty-free products; what makes you so invested in the topic?

          • I know it’s tough to make a list of this topic because information isn’t very clear, but yes is really fishy being in China and say they’re cruelty-free.

            About Nars, I had to investigate because it was almost impossible for me to think that NARS wasn’t cruelty-free since she stopped using MAC and MUFE when they started to test in animals. In their site they say they don’t test on animals

            I don’t use cruelty-free products because in Mexico is pretty difficult to find them or they are expensive and I can’t afford them, also many brands only have stores in the capital but I don’t live there. However if I have the opportunity of choosing between a cruelty-free product and one tested in animals, I’ll try first the cruelty-free.

            • Ah OK, I understand.

              Yeah, it’s a shame that many drugstore brands or the more affordable stuff are not cruelty-free. I have been avoiding drugstore makeup since I found out that 99% of them test. However I know Bourjois, Revlon, Wet n Wild and NYX do not test so perhaps those are some to look out for?

              Thanks for the info about NARS. I could’ve sworn I saw it on PETA’s list a year or two ago but it seems to have disappeared… which is good news! :) I would write to ask them but the last time I did, they ignored me! Nice to see a big brand cruelty free though! Phew.

              • Your welcome Renee, and yes now I’ll search more for cruelty-free products. In fact I think it’s more difficult to find cruelty-free skincare than cruelty-free makeup.

              • Cassandra says:

                Hi Renee, thanks for this post! I’m always overjoyed to see promotion of ethical practice in the ugliness of the beauty industry. Information sharing is one of the reasons why the internet is so great! I wanted to stop by to say thanks for fighting the good fight (and looking gorgeous while doing so!) but also to say that Revlon is not cruelty-free. PETA have gone so far as to buy shares in Revlon in order to be heard at shareholder meetings and speak out against animal testing:
                As for Bourjois (who own Chanel, not the other way round), the jury is still out on that one.
                Thanks again : )

          • nars test on animals because they are owned by shisheido and shisheido tests on animals as they market to china so if you buy nars you support cruel animal testing

            • Not necessarily. A lot of cosmetic companies are owned by parent companies that test on animals/sell in China but manage to keep the cruelty free one still CF &/pr out of China.

              If you try to buy only products that are CF & owned by CF companies then you’ll be spending a lot of money, time on research & eventually waste it all because big wig companies love to make more money & everyone has a price (if they don’t their company will probably go under against all the competition).

              So technically, you don’t support animal testing just because a parent company owns the CF one but some people do choose to shop that way & that’s fine but in my personal opinion, it’s ok if you don’t. Because, really, only rich people can afford to be 200% cruelty free.

  4. Thank you for this updated list. I totally support this cause and have avoided using brands that test on animals for a long time now.

  5. Hi ! I’ve actually read that a few of the brands listed above have actually started selling in china. And to sell in china it is a requirement by law that animal testing must be done. I know urban decay and NYX is now on the naughty list. The body shop doesn’t promote animal testing but their parent company is loreal ! Who is the worst offender for animal testing. To me if a parent company tests on animals it is just as bad .

  6. It is just so great that this list is growing. Totally unacceptable that these beautiful, wonderful and innocent animals have to suffer for the sake of ‘safe’ cosmetics. Thank you for this update!

  7. thanks for this list. glad to see the brands i use are in there.

  8. I thought the body shop was owned by l’oreal? Or am I crazy? Also, I read that revlon did test on animals? But I might be wrong..

  9. Very surprised at this list. I thought NYX and ELF were made in China, at least the products I’ve seen from them (in Target and Ulta) are. Doesn’t that mean they do animal testing then?

    • Products can be made in China and not sold in China. Confusing as hell, no? Right now both companies are made there but not sold there. By the time I press send to post this reply, it may have changed…

  10. What darn products are not made in China nowadays?

  11. Thanks for sharing this! If you don’t mind, I will share on my blog (, crediting you, of course! Thanks for researching!

  12. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    This list and all your information has been so helpful and up to date… Trying only to buy cruelty free products can be extremely confusing! Thanks again your site is very helpful. Keep up the great work :)

  13. Oh, man… about half the listed companies including PETA are not cruelty free. PETA kills about 80% of their rescuses a year. It is on public file you can google the legal paperwork on that. The FDA does not regulate what cruelty free means in cosmetics or personal care items. Literally, it there is no rules. Cruelty free is a huge selling add on that a lot of companies use for no other reason then they can. It is like a car salesman saying, “that car has never been in an accident… there is no need to look it ip and do your own research.” Same thing with cosmetics cos and peta. A huge part of PETAs revenue comes from companies wantjng to be in there list of cruelty free and because the FDA has no rukes about labeling as such it is really only the companies that have been caught on the public eye that not being cruelty free that are on the cruelty lists.

    Cosmetics companies like TooFaced and The balm and many others use animal or insect ingredients but lie and say they don’t. But look up carmine it is in most eyeshadow palettes and is made of tiny crushed beetles for red dye… I am looking at you! So, what I am trying to say here is while it is nuve to have a list someone else made and I would suggest Leaping Bunny and to start out it is way more important to do your own reasearch and not be taken in by big company lies. I hope this helps.

  14. the body shop now have no bunny on their products, just that they are against it. plus on a foundation i bought today (before finding this all out) it had NOTHING. not even that they were against it. but then, they are with loreal now so i shall no longer buy their products. and urban decay sell in china and you know their rules! disgusting

  15. oh and if the products don’t have the bunny on them, i will not buy. that’s the only way you can tell!

  16. Hi. I don’t think Prada should be on this list, as they make clothing from animal products (reptile skins, fur etc.) Just letting you know. ^-^ Most of the snakes used to make boots, bags and so on, are cruelly skinned alive.

    I mean no disrespect by this. I think what you are trying to do here is excellent. Keep up the good work!

  17. Hi Renee. Awesome you’ve compiled this list. Arbonne has been cruelty free from the beginning over 30 years ago. The interesting thing about some companies is that they may be cruelty free (ex: Aveda), but their parent company may not (Estee Lauder). The other thing is that while they may not test on animals in some markets, they will in others. For example, in China they are REQUIRED to test on animals (hence the caveat “not tested on animals unless required by law). So you want a company that has a strict anti-cruelty policy (a company like Arbonne will simply never distribute in China until that law changes). PETA does a very thorough job of compiling a list that considers all of these factors. A company also cannot be truly cruelty free if they aren’t certified vegan.

  18. I would just like to say first of all great to see somebody with such dedication, it does seem that we are fighting a losing battle as every day there are news stories withing animal rights that are horrific and unimaginable. I was shocked to see The Body Shop on this list, though they do say that they are a stand alone company and do not test, nor do they use ingredients that test on animals, in 2006 the company was sold to l’oreal. I am sure anybody who is passionate about stopping animal cruelty would boycott The Body Shop due to their double standards.

  19. thanks for posting this list but many brands on there that you listed are not cruelty free like smashbox that does animal testing for markets like china and aveda etc and body shop is owned by l’oreal so they are no longer cruelty free because if you buy from body shop that does not do animal testing you line the pockets of l’oreal that tests on animals daily.

  20. Janina Marie says:

    Bumble and Bumble does still test on animals when required by law.

  21. I thought the same about Body Shop/L’oreal but PETA have Body Shop STILL on their list on their website. It’s pretty weird really. Maybe we should ask them why?

    • PETA lists brands that do not test on animals but are owned by big companies that DO. They add a little asterisk. If you ask them about anything incorrect, they will not reply.

  22. Eileen Conrod says:

    I don’t trust cosmetic products that come from China .
    If it wasn’t for China I bet a lot of us would all be naked ..
    Or have no dishes to eat from etc.

    • Hi Eileen, over the last 10 years I have freed myself of about 90% of the things I own are not made in China…I feel their is a lot of evil in that country. It take a little research but we can stop buying from China…Every year it kills me when the unsafe lead paint toy list comes out for Christmas time, you would think our Gov. would not let this happen time and time again.

  23. I was going to buy L’Oreal foundation tomorrow at a really good price @ Walgreens but not now. I found out they test on animals. Um, a big hell no! Physician’s Formula does not and their makeup is really good. They will get my money and my business. Shame on L’Oreal and Lancôme.

  24. I don’t see Arbonne a 35 + year old company on this list besides never testing on animals they are vegan certified and gluten free. I have been using these products for a very long time and within the last year also started selling them. My home is a 100% full of products that were never tested on animals. Products that I grew up on and loved till I found out they were tested on our beloved animals all went in the trash sometime ago.

  25. Animal testing is now illegal within the EU.
    Watch Wayne Goss (makeupartist) talk about it on youtube –

  26. Benefit Cosmetics isn’t cruelty free.

  27. Hiya. Some of this list is now outdated already a year later.
    But I can give you links?
    Benefit has also changed their FAQ to say they test when “required by law” They are not on any cruelty free lists anymore…
    Here are some really good lists/bloggers that keep on top of all of this. They must have a crazy amount of free time or energy. Or both. My Beauty Bunny and Logical Harmony and Hitoshi. All do their own research and update update update.
    Bumble & Bumble
    Nars & Bare Minerals :Owned by Shiseido who sells in China
    Stila: (ALSO see their FB and Twitter where complaints are rolling in)
    There may be more on your list no longer correct, but not brands I am familiar with enough.
    I would like to see an end to by law testing in China which seems to be on the horizon…but I won’t buy from those American brands who chose money over morality even when they are “cruelty free” not by any effort or morals of their own.

  28. Alicia Lopez says:

    Bad news but Tarte has now been sold to a company that DOES test on animals. They are trying very hard to keep this under wraps but they are not cruelty friendly anymore. Getting rid of all my Tarte stash.

  29. CatherineR says:

    Urban Decay sells it’s products in China, therefore, is not cruelty free.

  30. This list is very, very, very wrong. As an expatriate that lives in China, plenty of these companies are sold all around me. Also, a lot of these companies’ parent companies are pro-animal testing. This list is misleading and hurting more than it is helping. I noticed it is the same with your 2012 list. I know it may seem all nice to copy a list from PETA and accept it as fact without doing ANY of your own research, but it isn’t.
    You should be listing companies that only sell in cruelty-free countries and also listing their PARENT companies. Tarte recently got sold to Kose. Urban Decay is owned by L’Oreal. The list goes on. Please update or take down.

  31. Kiki Cliff says:

    I am very surprised not to see the Body Shop on here. It is a very large chain, and very popular, and not only are they against animal testing but they promote cruelty-free actively. All their products are cruelty -free and so are a company very worthy of support. Also pro fair trade.

  32. Hi
    I agree with Lindsay. I have read that for Bodyshop to sell their product in other countries, then their product has to be tested on animals. So we all have to find out the truth of the company before we buy.


  1. […] Animal Abuse- many cosmetic industries test their products on animals. This may include rubbing chemicals into their eyes, force-feeding the animals these chemicals and seeing how much causes them to die. And all for you to look beautiful… however there are companies that do not test on animals. […]

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