Are BB Creams Worth the Hype?

Ah, BB creams. Loved by so many… giving confused looks to so many. And now with CC creams, the apparent “new generation” of BB creams, these BB creams, a huge fad in Asia, are now all over the world.

In my post, What Are BB Creams, I interviewed an expert about it, and as we probably know by now, stands for Blemish Balm. They are, in a nut-shell, a makeup foundation with a countless skin-care benefits; so it’s touted as a makeup and skincare all at one. They include whitening properties, sunscreen, anti-aging ingredients, skin soothing properties… you name it.

BB Creams worth the hype

But are BB creams worth the hype? Personally, I’d say yes. A huge, fat YES.

I love tinted moisturizers, so if I can get one with a very high SPF, and other anti-aging benefits and skin benefits, why the heck not? Some of the very first BB creams were ashy and gray, giving skin a mask-like, dull appearance (especially for those with darker skin tones), but today, BB creams have come leaps and bounds and are, in my opinion, a superstar product. Today, there are creams for every skintone, every skin concern, and every SPF imaginable.

So I want to ask – are BB cream worth all the hype? Do you use BB creams, and which ones are your favorites? Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. When BB creams just starting entering the market I tried the ones from Skin Food and Etude House. They were good, but my skin was oilier that time so they didn’t work very well on me, then they just dropped off my radar for a while. I do agree that they seem to have come a long way since then, though! I LOVE the Bobbi Brown BB Cream. I still do use my sunscreen (Marie Veronique Organics Moisturising Face Screen) underneath and use the BB cream as a light foundation, but it works very well! I also love how my skin seems to feel softer and smoother after washing my face at night too, something I did not and did not seem to get from using foundations :P

  2. Worth the hype for me (: it’s part of my daily routine- i like Dr. Jart’s the best.

  3. Nope, not worth the hype for me. I prefer to stick to different products to do different things because I don’t believe in an all-in-one anything. If I do use a BB cream, I use it as I would a foundation, albeit a light one.

  4. Since I’ve never liked the idea of foundation (I prefer something more natural), BBcreams are absolutely worth the hype for me. Though I don’t like the Western/Dutch ones, I buy mine through eBay and the best one so far is Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream.

  5. I started jumping into the bb cream bandwagon when it was the hype in Korea. I remember a friend introducing me to this Korean brand “Lioele” and boy, that thing makes me look ghost white! But that didn’t stop me from delving into the bb cream world. Later on I learnt that some brands tend to offer two shades (light and natural beige) instead of one, and Japanese bb creams tend to be lighter in texture and more on the yellow side (which suited us Asians just fine!). Even now, I am still looking out for tons of brands that I never heard of, just to try out their bb creams! Well what can I say? There are just so many out there and most are relatively inexpensive. Plus, the coverage of bb cream is somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation, so it’s nice to have that natural look for everyday wear. The only downside is, I still wear my usual morning moisturiser, sunscreen and primer underneath the bb. But then, at times when I get lazy and skip some of these steps, it’s nice knowing that at least I still get some sun protection and moisturising properties out of the bb cream. So yes, for me bb cream is a definite thumbs up item in my make up bag and worth the hype =)

  6. I love BB creams! I use the Lioele Beyond the Solution one religiously, it matches my skin better than any foundation every has, covers my pores/redness beautifully, and leaves a lovely finish to the skin. The only downside is that it doesn’t withstand the heat in Delhi very well, so I can only really wear it once the weather starts cooling down. Some other BB creams are hit or miss for me, the Skin 79 one was great but it broke me out after I used it for a week (and my skin is usually pretty resilient, so that’s not such a good sign if that happens!). I definitely want to try others and see if I can find one which is better for my oily skin + the hot climate here, because I think they’re fantastic and so much easier for daily wear than foundations are!

    • Hey Kassia! Oh I understand about the heat – Singapore is hot, hot, hot! And sticky, and humid and everything haha. Have you tried the one by Bobbi Brown? It’s on the pricy said but I am very surprised that I don’t need loose powder after, it was very matte and held up on my skin very well.

      I also had a look at your blog and it’s so cool that you’d in India! Are you there for work? I also seem to have an influx of new readers from India… how did you find my blog if I may ask? :)

      • Hi! Yes I read your review on the Bobbi Brown BB and it definitely sounds good, but it is gasp-worthily expensive for a BB cream! But I know Bobbi Brown is nearly always worth the price, so it may be worth picking up once I’m back in the States over Christmas. Thanks for the recommendation!

        And yes, I work in Delhi, studied here earlier, and my life is pretty settled here now – I plan to stay “indefinitely” as I tell people. :) A trip to Singapore is high up on my list, since it’s so close – and since you have a much much better + more diverse selection of brands and products available than we do! I found your blog through someone who followed me on Twitter and had been Tweeting with you – Meghna I believe? One of those random trails. But I’m very happy I did! :)

  7. I love BB creams! I have the Garnier one and the Collection one :)

  8. I use Maybelline’s BB Cream, I love it! Before I used to wear foundation everyday but now some days I feel great just with my BB cream and a bit of mascara :-)
    I use medium and it helps even out my skin tone which is a big issue with me and my looks as I sadly suffer from poor circulation!
    The best this about Maybelline’s BB cream is that its relatively cheap as well :-)

  9. I’ve been dying to try some asian BB-creams, everyone seems so much more thrilled about those than about European ones! I use the new Garnier one now, which works pretty good for me :)

    • Hey Linde! :) Oh is there an online shop in NL that sells Asian BB creams? I read a few Dutch beauty blogs and I remember seeing it on someone’s (though I can’t remember unfortunately!).

  10. I haven’t really paid them much attention. They’ve always struck me as slightly heavier coverage tinted moisturizers with SPF (although I know some don’t have the proper SPF they claim on their packaging). I have some samples from Dr Jart but actually have yet to use them. I’m also kind of concerned about them breaking me out. LisalisaD1 on youtube has raved many times about the CC cream, and after reading the Rachel K interview, I think if I were to try one of these BB/CC creams, it’d probably be the CC Cream.

  11. Which bb cream is your favorite? I think the Missha M and Garnier BB cream are my top picks! I want my bb cream to give the coverage of a foundation, but feel like a tinted moisturizer!

  12. I really want to get into BB creams, but for now I’m going to stick to tinted moisturizers until I can find a more affordable brand that doesn’t test on animals! At the drugstore Maybelline and L’oreal have some, but I refuse to even think about buying them. Does anyone have any affordable, cruelty-free suggestions?

    • Hey Vida, oh yes I understand your concern! Drugstores unfortunately; most of them test on animals, except, from what I know/research, Revlon, Bourjois. I don’t know if they make BB creams but I know The Body Shop just came out with one! (That I want to review at some point, ahhh so many BB creams!)

  13. To be honest, I’m still quite confuse between the different of a TM and BB creams. Some TMs also offer other benefits no?

  14. I love my BB Creams but only the Asian ones, the best by far is Skin 79!!

  15. I love BB creams! Ever since I started to use them since years ago, I’ve stopped using foundation. It gives me the natural glow which I’ve always sought after. Currently my favourite has gt to be ettusais’s BB cream. It gives a matte, smooth finish and has lots of skincare properties which I absolutely love!

    With so many in the market, we are all so SPOILT for choice!

  16. I’m currently using the old Garnier one but I’m dying to try the new Oily/Combination skin one I saw in stores! I’m finding it really hard to find a good BB cream that suits my skin tone because most of them are way too light and they make my skin look ghostly grey. Guess this is when being tan is not a good thing. I’d check out the Bobbi Brown but the price is putting me off majorly.

  17. Hi Renee! I love the coverage I get with THEFACESHOP’s Power Perfection BB cream but if I use these products for more than a day in a row (i.e. once a week is OK, but not twice or more) I break out horribly. I use a day cream with SPF and that’s usually no issue, and have tried using an SPF free day cream then applying the BB, but no luck! Not sure if you or any of the readers have any hints on this…

  18. I love BB creams too. They are great for men who need a little extra help with their skin but obviously might not want to wear a foundation.
    Out of the ones in your photograph, I’ve only tried the Clinique one, which I really wasn’t keen on.
    Ginvera do a great one though. My new current favourite though has to be the Sanctuary skin perfecting BB!!

  19. Yup BB creams are really worth the hype! It’s really humid where I live and my skin is very oily so foundation always ended up streaky by noon. I’ve been using Skinfood Aloe BB cream for about 2 years now and i loooove it. It’s lightweight, gives just enough coverage, doesn’t streak and i don’t break out from it. On top of that, using BB cream overtime has improved my skin texture.
    I’ve tried other brands but i always come back to Skinfood :)

  20. Just wondering if you’ve tried Estee Lauder’s BB cream?

    I’m tossing between Bobbi Brown or Estee – and can’t seem to reach a conclusion!


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